Resep Stik Singkong

Resep Stik Singkong – – Who doesn’t like cassava? Many people like this dish because it has an excellent taste. Besides, cassava is also rich in nutrients, you know. According to, cassava contains high levels of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, fiber and much more.

Cassava can also be used to prepare various dishes, you know. Such as boiled cassava, cassava cake, cassava croquettes, cassava and fried cassava. Well, if it’s fried cassava, surely everyone will love it, right? The spicy taste of cassava and the crunchy texture will really make you addicted.

Resep Stik Singkong

Resep Stik Singkong

You don’t just have to fry it straight into thick slices, but you can also make sticks out of it, you know. However, this processed fried cassava stick sometimes fails because the texture is still hard and not delicious. One of the users on the Bunda Dish YouTube account has a trick for making tasty cassava sticks.

Resep Olahan Singkong Yang Praktis Dan Enak Untuk Camilan Di Rumah

According to him, cassava does not actually need to be boiled or soaked in salt water before frying. However, the results can still be crisp and long-lasting. So, what’s the trick?

Originally, cassava had to be cut into pieces and first steamed. The steaming process does not need to be too long, just until the texture of the cassava is slightly soft or only half cooked. Since it is steamed, it is guaranteed that the cassava sticks will not be hard after frying.

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Then, instead of bothering to cut cassava into small sticks, the owner of the Mother’s Dish YouTube account decided to shred it. Shave the cassava one by one and then put them in a container.

“We shave it with a razor. It’s easy, there’s only two ingredients, it does a lot, you know,” said YouTuber Bunda’s Dishes, quoted on Wednesday (4/26).

Snack Stik Bawang

If all the cassava is shaved, proceed to prepare the pan and oil. Use enough oil to fry these cassava sticks so that they are evenly crispy. Heat the oil on medium heat, when it is really hot, add the cassava and fry until brown.

When the cassava sticks are cooked, crispy and browned, they can be removed immediately. Do not forget to drain the cassava before serving. When cassava are without oil, they can be served sprinkled with any powdered spices to taste.

Wow, this trick for processing fried cassava sticks is really practical, isn’t it? For those of you who like crunchy treats, this is a must try at home. Looking at the comment column when Mother’s Dish is uploaded on YouTube, many netizens are excited to try it. This upload was viewed more than 12 thousand times.

Resep Stik Singkong

“Wow, I added more knowledge, that’s a great idea, you can snack on cassava sticks with your coffee.” There are many practical and inexpensive snacks that we can prepare as an accompaniment to tea or coffee while relaxing. One of them is crunchy sticks made from cassava.

Resep Stik Tela Tela Singkong Enak Dan Mudah

We usually use potatoes, but this time we replaced it with cassava. The delicious taste is not much different, here is a recipe for crispy cassava sticks that are easy and cheap.

Take the cassava and peel the skin, then cut lengthwise into sticks. The size and quantity can be adjusted according to taste. You can also use a special grater to cut potatoes to make it more practical.

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Don’t forget to remove the center or wick. Then wash the cassava pieces with water until they are really clean. Set aside for a moment.

Place the cassava pieces in the heated steamer. Then steam the cassava for about 30 minutes or until soft and cooked. If so, lift and transfer to a container, set aside for a while.

Resep Stik Keju Gurih & Renyah Untuk Camilan Di Rumah

Put the flour in a container and cover it with water. Then mix until well mixed and a wet dough forms. Heat enough cooking oil in a pan to cook the cassava evenly.

Roll the stewed cassava into the wet mixture, put it in a pan filled with hot oil. Fry the cassava on medium heat until it is cooked and turns brownish yellow. Lift and drop.

Put the fried cassava in a glass and sprinkle with pepper. Then shake until the cassava is evenly mixed with the spices. Crispy cassava sticks are ready to be enjoyed with a cup of hot tea.

Resep Stik Singkong

The above recipe for crispy cassava sticks is very easy to implement, right? You can try this as a reference for relaxing snacks at home. Good luck!

Resep Stik Bayam Kacang Hijau, Renyah, Enak, Dan Mudah Dibuat

Cooking, writing and exercising… Do your part and all you can and let God do His part and finish it

IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. The author is fully responsible for all written works created. This time we will talk about how to make salty, crunchy and delicious cassava sticks. Cassava sticks, namely a delicacy made from cassava which is cut into sticks, fried and seasoned.

1. Cassava is cut into 10 cm lengths, peeled and washed under running water, then soaked for 15 minutes.

4. Then put the cassava in the refrigerator for 6 hours (it can be up to 24 hours) so that the cassava is dry and does not stick when fried.

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6. Heat the oil and then fry it until the cassava sticks are golden brown. Don’t forget to stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn.

8. Then shake the cooked cassava sticks with instant spice. In the market, we can use instant seasoning for fried potatoes. Beat cassava with hot pepper in a well-sealable container.

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Resep Stik Singkong

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