Resep Steamboat Pedas

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Resep Steamboat Pedas – Delicious? If you’re planning to stay home this weekend, you can enjoy this dish with this easy-to-fool recipe.

Of course, it would be an interesting choice on a rainy day like now. Eating this dish at home with your family will definitely add to its flavor. On weekends, restaurants are usually full, so there’s no need to go out or wait in line.

Resep Steamboat Pedas

Resep Steamboat Pedas

2. Stir-fry the garlic until fragrant, then add the ginger. Stir-fry again. Then add the roasted spices to the broth and also add the onions. Season with soy sauce, sugar, and salt and adjust to taste.

Resep Mala Hot Pot: Sup Pedas Dengan Rasa Aromatik Ala Devina Hermawan

2. Stir-fry the washed shrimp with garlic until the shrimp turn red, then add water equal to the amount of tom yum goong. After boiling, strain the sauce to prevent foaming. separately

3. Mix the spices for the tom yum (shallots, garlic, red pepper, coriander seeds) and add a little oil.

5. Prepare a hot frying pan. There is no need to add oil as ground spices already contain oil. Stir-fry the spices until fragrant, then add the lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal. Stir-fry over low heat until thickened.

10. Add the white mustard greens and add lime juice little by little until you reach the desired sourness. Cook until boiling and serve.

Resep Steamboat Yang Cocok Untuk Hidangan Imlek

5. Add water to the ground seasoning and add salt, brown sugar, pepper, and mushroom broth. If it’s not spicy enough, you can add whole red pepper powder. Check the taste.

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* Is it true or a hoax? If you want to know the truth of the information being spread, please enter the keyword you want to fact check and contact us via WhatsApp on 0811 9787 670 Hello haha ​​this time I want to share a recipe using instant spices and it is really delicious, everyone. Jump straight to the step-by-step process.

4. Fish balls (I purchased 400gr of Dolphin brand and only used half a pack)

Resep Steamboat Pedas

1. Since there are shrimp, you need to clean them first (remove the black part of the back and the sharp part of the tail). I don’t throw away leather just because I like it.

Resep Tomyum Kuah Pedas Enak Terbaik Dari Bamboe Indonesia

3. Cut off the bottom part of the enoki mushroom (the dark part or root part, not the bottom part that ties the stem of the mushroom) and wash it thoroughly. (separated)

4. Cut each sausage stick into four pieces. Then cut one side of each piece like a plus sign (+).

5. Slice the fish meatballs into + or x (cross) shapes on the front and back. The goal is to give it a nice appearance, just like a sausage, and allow the sauce spices to absorb into the interior.

6. Cut off the bottom of the bok choy and divide it in half between the leaves and stem so that it is not too long. Then wash the vegetables thoroughly.

Resep Egg Tofu Saus Asam Pedas Simple

2. Prepare clean water again and boil it until it boils. Then add lime leaves and bay leaves to the boiling water (for this bay leaves, it is up to you whether you use bay leaves or lemongrass).

7. The final step of the ingredients is to add bok choy vegetables. Boil it for just a moment to prevent it from wilting. Don’t forget to correct the taste first.

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Resep Steamboat Pedas

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Resep Steamboat Pedas

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Resep Kuah Tom Yum Mudah Anti Gagal, Bisa Buat Hot Pot!

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Mencicipi Hangatnya Bakso Talas Dalam Gerabah

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