Resep Srikaya Telur Santan Pandan

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Have you ever tried Srikaya Palembang, friends? Already good. Yes, Srikaya is one of Palembang’s surviving delicacies from the bingen era (bingen = really old times). Usually, Palembang people eat this cake dipped in sticky rice or even plain bread. I prefer to eat it right away.

Resep Srikaya Telur Santan Pandan

Resep Srikaya Telur Santan Pandan

Stay strong, my brothers. Not only because it doesn’t use flour or other solid ingredients, it only uses egg sugar and thick coconut milk, but also because its sticky and sweet taste means most people can’t eat it. I use at least 1 small srikaya fruit, maximum 2.

Laju Sumatera Selatan

Besides the fasting month’s favorite foods, this food is almost always available and easy to find in Palembang. Many places provide Srikaya. This can be done in traditional markets such as Kuto Market, Cinde Market, Perumnas Market, Lemabang Market, Plaju Market and other markets. You can also do this at many Pempek outlets in Palembang. If you want to do it yourself, it’s easy. This snack is very easy to make. When I’m in the mood to cook and during Ramadan, I lend a hand by sharing the recipe. Please, this recipe is taken from an article on my blog titled Srikaya Palembang Yang Kaya.

Srikaya is very easy to make. It is so easy that anyone who is not from Palembang or is new to cooking can do it as long as they know how to do it. The ingredients are easy to find. Below is a recipe for small portions of Srikaya. This recipe can yield about 25 srikaya berries in a small bowl, perfect for one or two devourings. If you want to make more, just multiply the recipe volume. Chekidot huh…

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This is Srikaya’s recipe. Try mango, it is guaranteed to work and produce delicious, tasty and delicious srikaya. In order for Srikaya to truly become rich as its name suggests, it would be best for your neighbors to share in the taste of Srikaya while breaking the fast. Happy fasting to those who observe this. I don’t want to try it, I just want to buy it, let’s go to Palembang, hehe. Palembang’s culinary delights are rich in many and varied types.

That’s it guys. Please try to break your fast later. If you want to use it as stock when you go home for the holidays, that’s okay too. When the evening adhan is recited, open the lunch box, take the srikaya, and sip…

Resep Srikaya Pandan Cup Enak Dan Mudah

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