Resep Soto Tauto

Resep Soto Tauto – Besides being known as the city of Batik and famous for its megono rice, the city of Pekalongan also has a typical food that can probably only be found there.

Have you ever heard of tauto? This typical Soto from the city of Pekalongan has a very unique taste because the combination of spices used in its preparation is also unusual.

Resep Soto Tauto

Resep Soto Tauto

Tauto uses tauco spices in its mixture, so it is called tauto. Tauco is a household product in Pekalongan that is a testament to China’s culinary adaptation to local food.

Resep Soto Daging Enak, Empuk Menggoyang Lidah!

Tauto sauce has a red color with a savory and slightly sour taste that comes from tauco. The filling is usually beef or chicken with the addition of vermicelli and a sprinkling of green onions so the aroma is very tempting.

The sour taste of tauco makes the taste of this soto very distinct and relatively new from the soto taste we usually taste. This tauto is very suitable to eat with hot white rice as a very “married” couple.

A small bowl of tauto is priced at IDR 25,000.00. If you add a plate of rice, chips and sweet iced tea, the price for the portion will be IDR 40,000.00.

For some, this price is considered cheap, but for some, it is considered expensive for one serving. However, with new tastes and sensations on the tongue, the price paid will be worth it

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Tauto Asli Khas Pekalongan Praktis Dan Istimewa

Later, if you have time to go to Pekalongan, while you are shopping for batik, don’t forget to try tauto too, you will definitely fall in love with the taste! Tauto is the name of a typical Pekalongan soto that uses tauco spices. This cooking sauce is red and has an appetizing aroma. For those who are curious or miss Pekalongan’s typical tauto cuisine, you can cook it yourself at home with the following recipe.

Quoted from the book ‘Traditional Indonesian Food’ (2017) by Eni Harmayani, Umar Santoso, Murdijati Gardjito, soto tauto contains slices of beef and vermicelli topped with fried onions and celery.

The original tauto recipe does not use beef, but buffalo meat with giblets, so the tauco seasoning aims to reduce the aroma of the buffalo meat, which is not very popular. However, choosing beef instead of buffalo meat is no less delicious.

Resep Soto Tauto

The tauco used in Pekalongan is different from the tauco of Cianjur. The soybean grains are larger, the resulting tauco is reddish in color and has a sweet and slightly salty taste. Apart from rice, tauto can also be combined with lontong or ketupat.

Resep Tauto Khas Pekalongan

Cited from the book ‘668 Typical Indonesian Recipes from 33 Provinces’ (2008) by Yullia T and Astuti Utomo and the book ‘A Collection of Hit Recipes on Instagram: 100 + Mainstay Recipes from Dapur Bunda Nina’ (2017) by Dapur Bunda Nina, here are the recipes- Pekalongan soto tauto recipe which is practical and easy to try.

2. Put it in the meat cooking water. Add the beef pieces, salt and sugar. Cook over low heat until the meat is tender, remove from heat.

3. Arrange the vermicelli, stir-fry and lungs in a serving bowl. Add the egg slices, drizzle with tauto sauce and the meat. Sprinkle with sliced ​​spring onion, celery and fried onion. Add lime juice

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4. Add sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper and granulated sugar. Lower the heat and continue to cook until the chicken is really tender and the spices are absorbed.

Resep Tauto Jamur Tiram, Mau Coba?

Pekalongan tauto Soto Tauto Pekalongan tauto recipe Tauto recipe Tauto soto recipe How to make Pekalongan tauto How to cook Tauco Delicious breakfast recipe Easy to make Central Java cooking Aduch..Sorry friends who are waiting for a new recipe Give. It’s true…I’m annoyed with my internet connection at home…huhu. I haven’t been able to post pictures since this morning..after the afternoon I tried again..only got two..after that it didn’t want to post anymore, so I was really bored. Yes, that’s it… instead of waiting for the recipe… it’s better… upload it first… even if it’s just a little, friends. I also feel sorry for Ms. Ida Maylani who sent this Tauto Pekalongan recipe…because there are only two pictures…with the tauco sauce, luckily it has been posted…hihi. I have tried the recipe…it’s delicious sister…I like it…!

What are you replacing? The internet connection is as fast as *The Flash..hihi. The feeling of credit being topped up all the time but how about that…everything is possible…online. Maybe there are so many people who use it, friends. I’ll post it later at midnight…lol. OK… this lunch menu… let’s try the typical Pekalongan menu…! His name is Tauto Pekalongan. Originally I used buffalo meat… but if you don’t have it, using beef is also delicious. I once ate original Tauto in Pekalongan… using buffalo meat. Wow… I really miss going to Pekalongan to buy batik…hihi.

Well…it was quite appropriate yesterday that I received a recipe from Ms. Ida that is originally from Pekalongan..I am so happy that I can eat Tauto Pekalongan again. The soto is very unique and distinctive, because it uses red tauco chili sauce.

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Resep Soto Tauto

Ms. Ida said, Tauto is a menu that has a lot of childhood memories, friends. They said that when I was little, this lady liked to play and hide from the Tauto salesman, she was afraid of being told to go home by her parents when she was playing…hihi. So… because I often play and see how Tauto is made at the Tauto stall… Miss Ida often sees how it is made. Wow… that’s exciting. At first I didn’t like Tauto… because I often found the typical tauco scent in the stall… so I like it Ms. Ida… hihi.

Resep Soto Taoto Khas Pekalongan Plus Rekomendasi 3 Warung Makannya, Dijamin Gurih Dan Seger Untuk Menu Makan Siang!

Tauto is unique, because it uses spicy tauco chili sauce and is bright red in color, so when you mix it with Tauto soto sauce… Soto will also be red. So it’s like a fried chili sauce, friends, the color of the sauce…although it’s soto, friends, and doesn’t use coconut milk. The Tauco sauce is what makes Tauto unique and different…delicious…! I used Tauco from a regular greengrocer. Ms. Ida said, the delicious tauco in Semarang is sold in the new alley market. Ok, someday I will look for delicious Tauco in Alley Bar… 🙂

Arrange the ketupat, vermicelli, fried shallots and chopped spring onions and celery in a bowl, add a little soy sauce and red tauco chili sauce to taste, then pour in the sauce.

To keep the sauce hot, you can also put a slice of ketupat in a bowl and then pour the sauce over and over so that the ketupat becomes hot. I don’t want to make it complicated…so I steamed the ketupat for a while…hihi. So the sauce and the ketupati are both hot.

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