Resep Soto Tauto Pekalongan

Resep Soto Tauto Pekalongan – Oh my…sorry friends who are waiting for a new way to give. Seriously…I hate the internet at my house…huhu. I couldn’t upload photos since the afternoon I tried again..I only got two..after that it didn’t want to upload anymore, so I was very tired. Yes that’s it… instead of waiting for the recipe… it’s ok… raise it first… even if it’s small, friends. Apologies again to Miss Ida Maylani who sent the recipe for Tauto Pekalongan…because there are only two pictures…it’s the tauco sauce, luckily it’s been uploaded…hihi. I tried the recipe…it’s delicious sis…I love it…!

What do you replace it with? The internet connection is fast like *The Flash..hihi The feeling of credit being at the top all the time but why…everything is slow…the internet. There are probably many people using it, friends. I’ll post it sometime around midnight…lol. OK…this lunch…let’s try the Pekalongan menu…! His name is Tauto Pekalongan. Originally I used buffalo meat… but if you don’t have it, using beef is also delicious. I once ate the original Tauto in Pekalongan… using buffalo meat. Wow…I really missed going to Pekalongan to buy batik…hihi.

Resep Soto Tauto Pekalongan

Resep Soto Tauto Pekalongan

Well…it was fitting yesterday that I received a recipe sent from Mrs. Ida, who is from Pekalongan..I am very happy, I can eat Tauto Pekalongan again. Soto is very unique and different, because it uses red tauco sauce.

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Kuliner Pekalongan Di Pos Bloc Jakarta

Mrs. Ida said, Tauto is a series that has a lot of childhood memories, you know, friends. He said that when I was young, this woman used to play and hide from the Tauto seller, she was afraid of being told to go home with her parents while she was playing…hihi. So… because I often play and see how Tauto is made at the Tauto stall… Miss Ida often sees how it is made. Wow… that’s interesting. At first I didn’t like Tauto… because I often smelled the good smell of tauco in the barn.

Tauto is unique, because it uses spicy tauco chili sauce and it is very red in color, so when you mix it with Tauto soto sauce… Soto is also red. So it’s like a fried chili sauce, friends, kind of a sauce… even though this is soto, friends, and they don’t use coconut milk. Tauco sauce is what makes Tauto taste so special and different…yummy…! I used Tauco from a regular green grower. Mrs. Ida said, the delicious tauco in Semarang is sold in the new alley market. Well, next time I’ll check out the delicious Tauco at Alley Baru… 🙂

Arrange in a bowl, ketupat, vermicelli, fried shallots, and chopped spring onions and celery, add a little soy sauce and tauco red sauce to taste, then pour in the sauce.

To keep the sauce warm, you can also put the cut ketupat in a bowl, then pour the sauce repeatedly to keep the ketupat warm. I don’t want it to be complicated…so I heated the ketupat for a moment…hihi. So soup and ketupat are both warm. Apart from being known as the city of Batik and famous for mango rice, Pekalongan also has a special food that can be found there.

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Soto Tauto, Hidangan Khas Kota Batik Pekalongan

Have you heard of tauto? The local soto of Pekalongan city has a very special taste because the mixture of spices used in making it is unusual.

Tauto uses tauco spices in its ingredients, hence the name tauto. Tauco is a home business in Pekalongan that is a testament to the evolution of Chinese food into local cuisine.

Tauto soup has a deep red color with a sweet and slightly bitter taste from tauco. The filling is usually beef or chicken with the addition of vermicelli and a sprinkling of green onions so that the flavor is very tempting.

Resep Soto Tauto Pekalongan

The bitter taste of tauco makes the taste of this soto very different and fresh from the taste of soto that we usually taste. This tauto is best eaten with hot white rice as a ‘marriage’.

Kuliner Khas Pekalongan

A small bowl of tauto costs IDR 25,000.00 If you add a bowl of rice, chips and sweet tea, the price is IDR 40,000.00.

For some people, this price is considered cheap, but for others it is expensive per unit. However, with new flavors and sensations on the tongue, the price paid will be worth it

After that, if you have time to go to Pekalongan, you are going to buy batik, don’t forget to try tauto, you are guaranteed to love the taste!

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