Resep Soto Tangkar

Resep Soto Tangkar – , Jakarta Recently, the unpredictable weather has made many people prefer to stay at home. To make the atmosphere warmer, let’s try to mix one of Betawi’s typical culinary dishes, which is soto tangkar.

It has existed since the Dutch colonial era, tangkar itself comes from the Betawi language which means cow’s ribs. Known for its savory flavor and richness of spices, this soup dish is guaranteed to warm the atmosphere in your home. Don’t be confused to find the recipe, one of sellers mamabee_homecooking will share the recipe to make at home.

Resep Soto Tangkar

Resep Soto Tangkar

2 coconuts for coconut milk (divided into thick and thin coconut milk), can also be replaced with 400 ml of instant coconut milk diluted with water.

Yuk Coba! Soto Tangkar Di 4 Kedai Daerah Bogor, Terkenal Lezat Dan Nikmat

1. Boil the ribs and beef briefly to remove the blood and dirt. Drain the water and replace with fresh water.

3. Boil the ribs, meat and red beans again using the method of boiling for 10 minutes, resting for 30 minutes, boiling for another 10 minutes, and another 30 minutes. The time calculation starts from the point of boiling water and the pot must be tightly closed. This method can save gas and speed up the cooking process. In addition to this method, it can also be replaced by using a pressure cooker.

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4. When the meat is tender, cut the meat according to taste and put it back in the pan. Add thin coconut milk, stir continuously until the coconut milk is hot. Add the thickened coconut milk, stir again until the coconut milk is cooked but not broken.

5. Serve warm rice and accompaniments, such as red tomatoes, fried onions, melinjo chips, green onions, chili sauce, lime, and pickles.

Spot Makan Soto Tangkar

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