Resep Soto Semarang Bening

Resep Soto Semarang Bening – The typical food of Semarang is not only lunpia, but also semarang chicken soto. The sauce is clear with a fresh spicy taste that makes many officials addicted!

Visit Semarang, you will be spoiled with a variety of delicious culinary choices. If you are a fan of soto, do not miss to taste the typical semarang chicken soto.

Resep Soto Semarang Bening

Resep Soto Semarang Bening

Unlike soto ayam from other parts of Java, typical soto ayam in Semarang has a clear sauce. It is served in a small porcelain bowl that at first glance resembles Soto Kudus.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Soto Bening

The typical chicken soto in Semarang always attracts the interest of travelers because this soto is delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of the popular places for a soto snack is Soto Ayam Khas Semarang Pak Man.

The name Soto Ayam Khas Semarang Pak Man might be familiar to many people. The reason is that the number one person in Indonesia visited this place to eat soto.

In 2018, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and his wife Iriana visited Soto Ayam Khas Semarang in the morning. Jokowi then chose chicken soup with satay and fried tempeh for breakfast.

Apart from Jokowi, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and BUMN Minister Erick Thohir also tasted the delicious chicken soup prepared by Pak Man. This can be seen from their second Instagram post at the end of March 2021.

Terbuat Dari Kuah Abon Tanpa Santan, Ini Dia Resep Soto Butek Yang Enak Biiiaaanget

Erick Thohir describes the chicken soup here as having the right portion and great taste. “One of the favorite and regular soto in Semarang city,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Sri Mulyani revealed that Semarang’s typical chicken soto is one of her favorite dishes since childhood. “Soto (Semarang) is very unique because of its numerous and delicious trifles, such as perkedel, tempeh and clam satay,” he boasted.

Detik (5/4) interested in directly proving the deliciousness of Pak Man’s chicken soup. We went to the outlet at Jalan Veteran 26, Semarang.

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Resep Soto Semarang Bening

The building is like an old house with a large dining room. As soon as we entered, we were immediately greeted on the right side by a soto bowl, which is his trademark.

Resep Soto Daging Super Nendang Lezatnya, Temukan Tips Kuah Bebas Keruh

At this moment, an employee of Soto Ayam Khas Semarang Pak Man prepares the customers’ orders. You can see that there is a large steamer filled with soto broth that is constantly heating up.

Porcelain bowls with soup additions were lined up next to him. The filling includes vermicelli, chopped free-range chicken, sliced ​​scallions and celery, and fried shallots.

Later, chicken soup is added with a little salt, spices and slices of fresh tomatoes. Only then pour hot broth from free-range chicken. For rice, you can choose to mix or separate.

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Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Soto Kudus

So, this time I want to share another Soto recipe. Just a recipe for Soto Clear..imitate Soto Clear in Soto Sedep style at a famous Soto food stall near my house..hihi. The result is a fresh and mildly tasty Soto. Yodha prefers this type of fresh soto over the soto with thick gravy. It’s really more suitable for a children’s menu. but the old man’s bolts are really tasty…especially if you add spicy chili sauce, and extras like perkedels etc…hihi.

For this kind of Soto, choose meat that is not fatty, so that the sauce is not thick, my friends. The plugins are actually free. At my regular Soto store, it only contains rice, sliced ​​meat and bean sprouts, fried onions and celery. Well, if I still use vermicelli, because Yodha loves vermicelli. OK, let’s get straight to the point, here’s the recipe, friends. Good luck…if you like it…

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Cook 500 grams of beef on low heat until a clear broth flows out, cut the meat into pieces, strain the broth and measure out 800 ml. How to make clear soup, see HERE

Resep Soto Semarang Bening

Saute the ground spices until fragrant, add the soup and other spices. Cook until absorbed. Adjust the flavor until it tastes right. Place the additional ingredients for the soto in a bowl, cover the soto with the sauce. In the afternoon…I was thinking about what to do with the soup…Budhe’s vegetables are on vacation…I looked in the freezer, there were still some stocks of roosters…wow, it looks fresh for soto…i thought. But look at the stock of other ingredients, how come it’s not complete? I immediately thought of making a clear soto in Yogya style… more precisely, it imitates the Kadipiro soto style… hihi. I’m just copying…not this Soto Kadipiro recipe…I don’t even know what their recipe is. I just like that Soto Kadiprio is clear…there are minimal ingredients…but the taste is fresh and light.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Soto Kudus ( Resep Baru )

So I made my own version of clear soup…lol. This clear soto draws on the naturally sweet flavor of traditional free-range chicken stock. Well, I don’t… I have a dick… that’s not bad. The results are also fresh. In order for the color to be a little brown like the clear soto soup in Yogya and to have a slightly sweet taste, I add only 1 tablespoon of soy sauce to the soup. It’s delicious… fresh and a bit sweet… like clear soto in general. I also imitate the Kadipiro soto on Jalan Solo Yogya…the cabbage version is fried first until wilted…so it’s delicious…not unpleasant…and smells like raw cabbage…although I like raw cabbage in the soto too …lol.

I just made some soup..just for us two and Yodha..because my husband doesn’t like to eat soto at complete satay etc. he said..hihi. For me and Yodha… only fritters are delicious… at the most, add a fried egg for Yodha and you’ll be happy or bake sausages. For my husband, let’s cook again later…lol.

Clear Soto Ingredients: 800 ml of clear stock from 1 male chicken. How to make a clear soup, see HERE 2 lime leaves 2 cm galangal, crushed 1 stalk of lemongrass, crushed 1/2 teaspoon chicken stock powder and salt to taste 1 teaspoon granulated sugar 1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce Ground spices: 3 red onions 2 garlic cloves 1/4 teaspoon of granulated paprika 2 cm of turmeric just roast and crush…without mashing so that the color of the sauce is not too yellow. Method of preparation: Simmer the ground spices until fragrant, add the soup and other spices. Cook until absorbed. Taste correction. Arrange the complementary soto ingredients in a bowl, cover with soto sauce. Toppings: Enough white rice, 1 piece of fried chicken, cut into pieces, enough fried onions and chopped celery, enough bean sprouts, enough cabbage, fried until wilted, enough bird chili sauce, enough lime, enough lime. I am… refuge I haven’t been able to find an authentic recipe… if you make it yourself… Maybe it’s just different in the broth… well… this clear soto brings out the spicy flavor of the chicken or meat stock… it doesn’t stand out the amount of spices used…that’s why…if you make it yourself, it won’t be as tasty as this soto snack. Well…if you make it yourself…at most use only 250 – 500 grams of meat…in the meantime…if you cook soto shop like that, you will cook a lot…automatically I will use a lot of stock…that’s why it really has the taste of natural broth made from free-range meat or chicken. ..*my analysis sich..hihi..*

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In the past…when there was no Soto Sedeep branch in Banyumanik…I really loved eating clear soto like this in Boyolali. Sometimes…if you want to go home to Yogya, ask your husband…to just take the Solo route…so you can eat this soto…even though it’s further…lol…sometimes you’ll curb your hunger first …don’t have breakfast…then you can have breakfast with this fresh sauce…hihi. There are some delicious clear soto stalls like this one in Boyolali..there is Mbok Giyem’s fresh soto,..which has a cool atmosphere, a real ndeso soto stall like this one with long wooden benches in rows of old fashioned ones…and a table full of snacks and soto side dishes. .it’s really exciting.. there is Soto Sedeep… which now has a branch in Semarang… there is also a first class restaurant… Soto Elang… pure soto is also really delicious.

Resep Soto Ayam Kuah Bening Yang Segar Gurihnya Juara

Well…do you want to try looking for breakfast outside from your friends in Semarang and surrounding areas…let’s try to drop by this soto…cheap and tasty…the place is also clean…good for relaxing I spend a sunny morning… (although I haven’t been in the shower before..hihi…)

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