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Resep Soto Sapi Bali – The combination of two menus for one portion of food is nothing new in this country. In addition to warm pecel and rujak ice cream, there are other culinary delights to whet your appetite. One of them is Soto Bakso, who you can find on the Island of the Gods. Wow, I’m wondering where the Soto Bakso is in Bali, right? Come and check out the list of restaurants in Bali below!

The first place to offer Meatball Soup was No.1 Jalan Gunung Merbabu, Pemecutan, Denpasar. The portion is actually a soto, which includes chunks of beef, some meatballs, and chunks of celery. A pinch of chips also spoils the tongue. Well, this menu is usually served with filling warm rice. The place is simple but the taste of this delicious cuisine is extraordinary. Many loyal customers indeed.

Resep Soto Sapi Bali

Resep Soto Sapi Bali

You will not only find this Balinese cuisine in the Denpasar area. There is also a food stall in Kuta that offers meatball soup called Warung Nyoman. Where in the No. Thatre street food can 1 is quite popular as it has been legendary since the 80’s. The menu they rely on is tripe soup, but the meatball soup is just as tasty. A portion consists of beef chunks, tripe, and some meatball kernels. The broth has a delicious taste. Complete with a sprinkling of celery.

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Resep Soto Daging Sapi Sederhana Untuk Menu Lebaran

For more soto meatballs in Bali, head to Kuta Market. There is one more place that is best known for its meatball soup. Its name is Warung Wijaya, which is located around Kuta Market. Like the others, the soto bakso menu here consists of beef cuts, tripe, kikil, plain bones and meatballs drenched in spiced sauce. In addition to Soto meatballs, there is also a menu with mixed rice and fresh vegetables. The price is really quite affordable.

There is plenty of good food in Bali. You can try Sate Lilit, Betutu Chicken and even delicious snacks like milk tarts. However, a vacation on the Island of the Gods won’t be enough if you don’t try Soto Bakso at the same time. One of them is Bakso Soto Thambah Lagi, which is so delicious it leaves you wanting more. Well this place to eat is located on Jalan Gunung Talang IA. pamecutane. Not far from Soto Bakso Merbabu store. Curious about the taste, right?

Are there any plans for a vacation to the Island of the Gods in the near future? So don’t miss the Meatball Soup in Bali! You certainly won’t regret it after trying it. Bali is not only known for its pork dishes. There are also different types of food whose main ingredient is beef. One of them is soto bakso, a combination of soto and meatballs. A must-try Soto booth spot that is very legendary in Bali is Warung Soto Sapi Nyoman Kuta.

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This Soto shop is well known among the local Balinese people. Its existence is legendary as it has existed since 1987. What is interesting about the existence of Warung Soto Nyoman Kuta is the fact that the location where the stall was built has moved three times. However, the change of location did not calm things down at this stand, on the contrary. Soto lovers in this store always come no matter where the location moves.

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At the start of the sale, Pak Nyoman, affectionately known as Pak Man, sold his soto with his wife in a small cart not far from Kuta’s traditional market. In addition, their business grew and Mr. Man decided to get an apartment on Jl. to rent. Kuta Theater number 2, just behind Bali Jaya Mart. The location has now moved again, not too far, namely to Jl. Kuta Theater No. 18.

Of course, if you look at the name tag of the Soto stand, the menu you can get here consists of a portion of rice with Soto sauce. However, Soto in Bali is different from Soto in other places. The reason is that meatballs are added to the soup on this island. Therefore, soup is also known as meatball soup.

The soup here is characterized by a clear broth with strong beef broth. It tastes very fresh and is very suitable for consumption in the morning or in the evening. When you order a portion of soto here, you get a bowl of soto sauce filled with beef, fat, tripe, meatballs, and radishes.

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Resep Soto Sapi Bali

Tourists who dislike certain fillings of the sati can also put it aside. In addition, many visitors to the soup stalls in this place often order soup without giblets and meatballs. So you only get one portion of soup with pieces of meat.

Resep Soto Tangkar, Jauhi Kolestrol Ganti Santan Dengan Susu

The price for a portion of soto bakso, which you can get at this humble stand, is quite cheap. You only have to pay 20,000 IDR to get a bowl of legendary Soto Bakso. The best way to enjoy soup here is to eat it directly at the stand.

You don’t need to worry about the atmosphere at the stand. Although relatively easy, Warung Soto Nyoman Kuta is kept clean. Therefore, visitors can comfortably enjoy a meal in it.

As mentioned, this Soto booth is located at Jl. Kuta Theater No. 18, Kuta. To order soup, you can’t just come straight to the shop. You can also make a convenient choice by ordering through the GoFood application.

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