Resep Soto Padang Daging Sapi

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Indonesia is known as a country that is rich in various possibilities. Starting from the culture, the language, the nationality, to the culinary delights spread in all corners of the country. Starting from Sabang to Merauke, each has its own characteristics.

Resep Soto Padang Daging Sapi

Resep Soto Padang Daging Sapi

And it is no longer a secret that in the past colonialists were very tempted by Indonesia. The many types of spices that Indonesia has is something that is sought after by many places. It is no surprise that these spices can produce many delicious flavors in local specialties.

Resep Soto Babat Dan Paru Kuah Kuning Yang Gurih Berempah

Every region in Indonesia has typical food that is rich in flavor. Although they sometimes have names that are almost the same, each region definitely has unique flavor strengths that are not the same as every other region.

The simplest example is Soto. From West to East, Indonesia has many types of soup. However, if you look at it, Padang soto and Makassar soto will have many different recipes, tastes and ways of serving them.

The above summary is an example of typical local food in Indonesia. Want to know what other local special food recipes there are? Let’s see the recipe below.

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This is one of the typical local food recipes, that is the recipe for Soto Padang. This soto has a characteristic salty and delicious taste. This is an example of a typical local food recipe, good luck trying it.

Menilik Akulturasi Budaya Dari Semangkuk Soto Padang

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