Resep Soto Lamongan Asli Jawa Timur

Resep Soto Lamongan Asli Jawa Timur – Indonesia is rich in soupy food like soto which has a delicious and fresh taste. Each region also has its own soto recipe with flavors that are no less delicious than each other. Starting from Betawi soto, Padang soto, to Lamongan soto.

Soto Lamongan is one of the most popular of the three. This is because the sellers of Lamongan soto are scattered in various corners of the country. Besides, Lamongan soto also animated the flavor variants

Resep Soto Lamongan Asli Jawa Timur

Resep Soto Lamongan Asli Jawa Timur

One ingredient that should not be missing in Lamongan chicken soup is koya powder. Without koya, soto Lamongan would lose its authenticity. If you are a fan of Lamongan Chicken Soup, don’t worry, you can make it at home by following the recipe below!

Cara Membuat Soto Ayam Lamongan Lengkap Dengan Koya Yang Gurih

Soto Lamongan is very rich in flavor, so make sure you don’t miss out on all the ingredients used to make the soto. The following are the ingredients you need to prepare 6 servings of Lamongan Chicken Soup:

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Thank you for reporting abuse that violates the rules or writing style on GNFI. We continue to try to keep GNFI clean from content that shouldn’t be here. The original Soto Lamongan is a typical Indonesian culinary dish from Lamongan, East Java. The delicious taste of the soup is able to make those who taste it addicted without being bored. Once you eat it, you are guaranteed to want it again and again.

Kuliner Dan Resep Soto Banjar Balikpapan

Not only in Lamongan, Soto Lamongan has spread throughout the archipelago and is easily accepted by Indonesian people.

Although there are many Soto Lamongan vendors in your area, from street vendors to restaurants. However, the original Soto Lamongan recipe can’t be beat.

This original Soto Lamongan is made with spices that produce a delicious taste on the tongue. These spices are cumin, lime leaves, pandan leaves and lemongrass. The original Soto sauce Lamongan also has a distinctive characteristic, namely a yellow brown color.

Resep Soto Lamongan Asli Jawa Timur

To enjoy this original Lamongan soto, you don’t have to go far to Lamongan. You can try the original Lamongan soto recipe and make it yourself at home. Because the ingredients are easy to find in the nearest supermarket.

Resep Soto Ayam Jawa Timur

So what are you waiting for? Come on, let’s try to do it! Because below, we will write about the ingredients and how to do it.

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4. Heat the oil, then sauté the shallots and garlic until fragrant. Add ground pepper, salt, granulated sugar, pandan leaves, bay leaves, orange, ginger, lemongrass, coriander powder and cumin powder. Stir until well mixed. At first glance, the soto menu, which is now well known outside East Java, is no different from ordinary chicken soto with yellow sauce. However, there is actually a difference, you know.

Soto ayam Lamongan always uses a little bit of koya, which is made from pieces of shrimp crackers, so the sauce will be thicker if mixed with the koya.

This Lamongan chicken soup can actually be made at home because it is quite easy to make. The following is a recipe for Lamongan Chicken Soup from Cookpad user Seruni Puspa Indah.

Resep Soto Nusantara Lezat Untuk Menu Sehari Hari

Finally, put the rice in a bowl, put the vermicelli on top of the chicken and top with the shredded cabbage. Then pour the sauce and add shredded chicken, chopped boiled eggs and other accompaniments.

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Resep Soto Lamongan Asli Jawa Timur

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Resep Soto Ayam Santan

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