Resep Soto Daging Lamongan Bening

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Resep Soto Daging Lamongan Bening – Soto kwali is one of Solo’s typical culinary delights. The word “kwali” comes from the name of a vessel made of clay, which is still traditionally used for preparing this culinary dish. This clear soup soup uses chunks of beef that usually come from the sengkel section.

This meat, which comes from the upper front of the cow’s leg, is suitable for use in soup because it is low in fat and dominated by muscle. If soto is generally served with fries or crackers, soto kwali is served with chips. Making soto kwali is not difficult. You can try it yourself at home because the ingredients are easy to find.

Resep Soto Daging Lamongan Bening

Resep Soto Daging Lamongan Bening

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Resep Pembaca: Resep Soto Seger Boyolali Berkuah Bening Yang Gurih Enak

Cook the beef over high heat until all the foam and dirt floats. Discard the cooking water and wash the meat.

Heat some oil. Fry ground spices with lemongrass, galangal, ginger, bay leaves and lime leaves until fragrant. Remove the stir-fry and add it to the meat stew. Stir well.

1. To get a clear soto kalli sauce, the beef must be cooked twice and the cooking water must be replaced.

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2. Meat becomes tender faster when cooked with a Vicenza pressure cooker VP 308/8L pressure cooker (see Lazada DISCOUNT). With a steam and heat pressure control system, this pressure cooker not only tenderizes food quickly, but is also very safe to use.

Resep Soto Ayam Lamongan

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