Resep Soto Daging Betawi Santan Susu

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Resep Soto Daging Betawi Santan Susu – Soto Betawi Recipe: Soto Betawi is one of the most popular soto dishes in the Jakarta area. The distinctive feature of the Betawi soto recipe that sets it apart from other soto preparations is the use of liquid milk as the main ingredient. The flavor of the tasty liquid milk mixed with coconut milk and selected spices adds to the delicious flavor of the Soto Betawi sauce.

Apart from these characteristics, Betawi soto also uses pieces of beef with offal as stuffing, just like Madura soto and also Sulung soto. Not just offal, soto Betawi also often uses other organs such as eyes, torpedoes, and beef liver. Of course, the use of other organs in the soup depends on the buyer’s request. For example, if he wants to eat Soto Betawi Torpedo, the buyer must say that he wants to add Torpedo to the ordered Soto Betawi.

Resep Soto Daging Betawi Santan Susu

Resep Soto Daging Betawi Santan Susu

Quoting Wikipedia Indonesia, the term soto Betawi is said to have been present in Indonesian culinary delights around 1977-1978. The person who popularized and was the first to use the word soto Betawi was a soto vendor named Lie Boen Po at THR Lokasari/Prinsen Park, of course with some appealing characteristics of his own.

Resep Soto Betawi Enak Banget, Yuk Dicoba!

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t soto before that year. In fact, in previous years there had been many sellers of Soto Betawi, only they didn’t call Soto Betawi, but called Soto by their own name. For example, Soto Pak Kumis, Soto Haji Mamat, Soto Pak Bambang and also the name Soto Tanah Abang where they sell Soto Betawi. And the term Betawi soto began to spread into a general term when the soto vendor closed down around 1991.

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Generally, a slice of Soto Betawi sells for between 15,000 and 35,000 rupees. For the street vendor Soto Betawi style, it sells for just 15 thousand, we have the Soto complete with white rice. As for the processed Betawi grove that we eat in shopping malls or restaurants, of course the price will be more expensive.

Although the price of Soto Betawi is quite affordable, there is nothing wrong with making Soto Betawi at home from time to time. In addition to being cheaper, of course enjoying the Soto Betawi will make you feel more satisfied and it will stay cleaner better than buying it outdoors.

The process of making the Soto Betawi recipe is quite easy and not too difficult. The necessary materials are also easy to find everywhere. Whether it’s a traditional market or the supermarket closest to home.

Narasi Semangkok Kecil Soto Betawi Di Kedai Tjikini M Bloc

For those who want to try cooking the original Soto Betawi using milk with a super tasty sauce, here I will share the main Soto Betawi Susu recipe that is often prepared during social gatherings, family gatherings, Eid al-Fitr and other special occasions.

The tenderness of the meat served with a tasty milk sauce really whets the appetite of anyone to eat this Betawi soup. Let’s make buns!

Meat and beef offal can be substituted for chicken. This soto betawi creation with chicken pieces is called soto betawi chicken recipe. Then the use of coconut milk and milk can also be omitted, to be processed into a clear soto Betawi recipe. The hallmark of Soto Betawi Kuah Santan Susu is its thick and flavorful broth, especially when compared to other types of soto. Famous Betawi regional specialties include Betawi pickles, gado-gado, jengkol stew, vegetable pie, etc., but Betawi soto is the most famous. This Soto Betawi Kuah Santan Susu dish is similar to most other regional specialty soups in that it uses beef or chicken as the main ingredient. Not only meat is used, this soup also uses offal and various other parts of the cow. In its preparation, this food also uses coconut milk and milk, some add ghee to the broth, so that it makes the flavor of this traditional food delicious and tasty. The combination of coconut milk and milk that makes up this dish has a distinctive flavor. Coconut milk is a slightly thick milky white liquid that comes from shredded coconut soaked in water, then squeezed, then filtered. Coconut milk has a fatty flavor that can be used for cooking or flavoring, making the dish tasty. Milk is also one of the ingredients that makes this soup super creamy. Along with chunks of protein-rich beef shank. Not only that, chunks of boiled potatoes, tomatoes, and lime also complement this Soto Betawi Kuah Santan Susu. You can see the recipe below.

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Resep Soto Daging Betawi Santan Susu

After that, add the liquid milk, ginger powder, salt, meat cubes, and lemongrass. Bring back to a boil and make sure it tastes good.

Resep Soto Daging Santan Dari @dapur_dyna

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Resep Soto Daging Santan Kuning, Paling Enak, Gurih Dan Segar

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