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Resep Sostel Kukus – Sostel Egg Sausage Recipe – It’s safe to say that this snack is on the rise and a hit everywhere. Because currently there are many vendors selling them on the roads and in malls. Sostel or what can be called egg sausage / egg sausage / egg gas roll is a snack that has the basic ingredients of sausage and chicken eggs.

Actually, this egg sostel is very easy to make. Simply, the practical version has to be cooked using a sostel molding machine, which is quite expensive. So the selling price of this sostel egg sausage is quite expensive, from 7500 to 15 thousand per sostel satay. Hmm, and the price is pretty good. Moreover, children love snacks and it is impossible to eat just one sostel.

Resep Sostel Kukus

Resep Sostel Kukus

With this, I started racking my brain on how to make sostel homemade egg sausage without using a machine. Most egg sostel recipes circulating the internet are made by steaming them in plastic wrap. In fact, it is common knowledge that food is not good if it is steamed using plastic.

Resep Sosis Telur Untuk Ide Jualan Di Rumah Yang Praktis

Finally, look for another method that does not use plastic, namely by steaming it using a baking tray or an oval cake tin, an ice cream tin and also using a large sausage casing. The results are equally beautiful, long round curls that make everyone want to try them.

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Curious to make one? Come on, let’s take a look at the ingredients and how to make a sostel egg sausage recipe with vegetables as follows.

It tastes delicious when eaten warm. The result is similar to a roll, only the characteristic taste of beaten eggs. Suitable for children’s lunches at school or dad’s lunch box for the office.

If you want, you can steam it in banana leaves to get the aroma of the leaves which makes the sostel even more delicious. But you have to be smart about steaming it so it doesn’t leak. So it’s like an egg sausage.

Telur Gulung Sosis (sostel) Enak Dan Sederhana

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