Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan

Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan – Yes… finally *continue*… tried traditional menus from other regions all over Indonesia… not just Jowo dishes… hehe. Thank God. Some time ago I received a message from Ms. Gina about WA. He is originally from Java… and married from Kalimantan. So… Ms. Gina said that she never learned to cook before her marriage, so after her marriage she learned to cook from her in-laws who are originally from Kalimantan and on my website this is a menu of Javanese dishes.

So… Ms. Gina was kind enough to share a favorite recipe of her in-laws that she taught Ms. Gina… it’s called cassava soup. Wow… it feels like I’m getting a treasure trove of new, valuable recipes… for whatever reason… because this recipe was taught to me directly by my mother-in-law. So happy…I can taste the taste of this cassava soup. Yes, although there are many recipes from all over the archipelago that are discussed everywhere, but I am more and more interested in trying recipes that I inherited from my mother or my in-laws, like this one, because… It’s safe .. the recipe has its own historical value..and a recipe for love..hee hee..*excited*

Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan

Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan

Yes… many of the recipes on my website, especially the Javanese ones, are dishes I learned from my mother… so the recipes are made with heart… and there are even more nostalgic stories like this. Anyway, it’s different and more satisfying to cook like this…hee hee. Earlier, after trying Ms. Gina’s cassava soup recipe…wow…it’s really unique…and it tastes delicious…fresh and delicious. It turns out that cassava is also suitable for making soups. While I enjoyed the warm cassava soup that was flaming due to the spicy cayenne pepper chili sauce, I thought about hosting a special event at the end of this year and at the same time sharing a little happiness with my friends… Thank God all my efforts are on track good this year. .and also income from the internet like advertising etc. Thank God it’s not bad. So…it’s time again…GIVE A GIFT, OK…!

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Uniknya Sensasi Singkong Dalam Sop Daging Di Kopi Ko Acung, Bikin Mang Osa Dan Amel Speechless!

Well, this time it was just spontaneous. I held an event. It was easy. So for friends all over Indonesia who have a unique menu The family’s main menu, it could be from the mother or in-laws or from the grandmother, grandmother, etc., please share with me. Just send me the recipe and I will try to cook it, take photos and publish the selected recipe on my website. Because I am sure… every family definitely has a favorite and basic menu… which is unique and delicious… which is typical of different regions of Indonesia… because it is the family that defines the taste of a… . favorite dish is created.

Recipes must be unique and have never existed or been published on the Internet before, as well as typical menus from the area where you live or come from.

A staple recipe or a family heirloom that may come from your mother, in-laws, grandfather, grandmother, etc., often cooked at home and has become a family favorite. It is important that the recipe is an authentic family recipe and not a cheat sheet, for example from a cooking magazine or website. Free menu from all over Indonesia… from Java, if I didn’t post it, that’s okay too.

Tell us a little about the food, for example…why it’s so popular at home, or where it comes from, etc., so that it can also serve as a source for the story in the post I’ll publish on this website Of course citing the source of the recipe from friends.

Rahasia Bening Dan Lezatnya Kuah Soto Banjar

The recipes that will be selected and published on this website, every day for a month… starting… from Monday morning… When recipes are submitted, I will immediately execute the interesting and selected recipes.

Friends, you can send me at least one or more recipes, later I will choose the most unique one to try.

The winner will not be chosen by me, but by the readers. Therefore, the recipe that receives the most likes on Diah Didi’s Kitchen page on FB will be the winner and will be announced every Sunday.

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Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan

There will be two winners each week. Well, pricing is a quick and easy process. So there will be two winners every week. The two recipes with the most likes on the page will receive Rs 250,000. I transfer it immediately to the winner every week. You don’t have to wait too long. .hehe.

Resep Sop Ubi Khas Makassar

The problem is yesterday’s experience… if the gift is in the form of goods, why do I bother sending it and waiting for addresses from friends? When it comes to money, it’s practical, you can just transfer it straight away. Not bad for buying a pressure cooker, friends…hehe.

OK… I’m waiting… for friends who want to take part in the give away event at the end of this year… from me, please send the recipe and a little story via WA to 089654712500, or EMAIL to bundadidi@gmail .com or FB INPUT: Diah Didi, INPUT PAGE: Diah Didi’s Kitchen. Don’t forget to like the page first…for those who haven’t liked it yet. 🙂

Hopefully many people will join in… so we can learn about traditional menus from other regions of Indonesia and find out… what family and friends’ favorite menus are like at home. Come…share…and love the variety of Indonesian menu, friends.

So, this time… for the first recipe… a typical cassava soup recipe from Kalimantan, sent by Ms. Gina. I added a little spice to make it taste better… Ms. Gina’s doesn’t use granulated sugar, so I added it myself.

Makanan Khas Banjarmasin Ini Wajib Kamu Cicipi, Dijamin Bikin Nagih

Cassava Soup Recipe Recipe Source: Mrs. Gina’s mother-in-law Ingredients: 1 medium cassava 600 ml water 3 cloves fried garlic, crushed until minced 1/2 teaspoon chicken stock and salt to taste 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper 1 teaspoon granulated sugar Sprinkle and Complementary ingredients: Enough fried shallots, enough chopped celery, enough fried anchovies (But I forgot the anchovies..hihi..sorry Ms. Gina..but without anchovies it’s delicious too..soup) Soun brewed to taste Sambal Bring the cayenne pepper and soy sauce to the boil to taste. Preparation: Steam the cassava until it is half cooked so that the soup does not become cloudy. Cut the steamed cassava into pieces according to your taste. Bring water and all spices to the boil. Add the steamed cassava. Cook until the cassava is slightly softened, but do not oversoften it. The cassava adjusts the taste. Serve. Cassava soup with complementary ingredients and toppings. Serve warm..inhibitory..fresh..unique and delicious..! Note: If you want it tastier, you can replace the water with chicken broth. Choose cassava that is soft and soft so that it absorbs the spices more easily. Offering typical West Kalimantan samba cuisine, this restaurant is a real eye-catcher. The offer of cassava soup with beef sauce and egg rice is only 17,000 IDR.

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The Sabang area in central Jakarta is known as a culinary area. Among the many rows of shops, there are some that attract attention because they offer culinary specialties from Sambas, West Kalimantan.

Because so far it can be said that culinary places offering Javanese, Sundanese and Minang cuisine are springing up like mushrooms. If you want a different dining experience, Kopi Ko Acung Restaurant could be an option.

Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan

This restaurant first opened in the Bintaro area in 2021. Subsequently, a second branch was opened at Jalan H. Agus Salim, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Resep Kare Daging Sapi Kuah Kental Untuk Makan Malam

J L. H. Agus Salim No.16A, RT.3/RW.1, Kb. Betel, District. Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta Special Capital Region 10340

Visiting Kopi Ko Acung restaurant for dinner, around 7pm to be exact, is quite busy. Most of the customers there are workers in the Sabang area.

As the name suggests, Kopi Ko Acung is a culinary company owned by a man named Ko Acung and his wife Sofia. The man and woman are from Sambas, West Kalimantan.

Kopi Ko Acung Restaurant continues the Peranakan concept, especially in the interior of the restaurant. The area is decorated in a combination of bright colors, namely turquoise green, brick red and white.

Menu Khas Peranakan Kalimantan Barat Wajib Coba Sambil Menikmati Sajian Mandarin Night

When dining at Kopi Ko Acung Restaurant, you can choose between a non-smoking and a smoking area. The waiter will serve you, from walking you to the dining table to serving you a menu.

One of the main dishes here is cassava soup with beef sauce (45,000 rupees). This soup contains misoa, cooked cassava and sliced ​​beef. Then anchovies and fried peanuts were served in another container.

All these spices are combined with a delicious broth. The taste is different, not too salty as this restaurant doesn’t use MSG. Drizzled with Songkit orange juice or small oranges creates a fresh note.

Resep Sop Singkong Kalimantan

A waiter there said that the beef cassava soup was made using a recipe passed down from Ko Acung’s family. “This is a mainstay as the recipe has been passed down through the family for generations,” he said.

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