Resep Sop Kikil

Resep Sop Kikil – Try making a warm and delicious soup dish by following the beef leg soup recipe below, Mom.

The combination of spices and vegetables in the beef leg soup gives it a very delicious taste.

Resep Sop Kikil

Resep Sop Kikil

Not to mention the many toppings like tomatoes, fried onions and chili sauce, moms may want to add when eating pork soup.

Just My Ordinary Kitchen…: Soto Bening Kikil

Like Mom @hilmi_fitriani87’s beef chili soup recipe below, the combination of different spices makes beef chili soup very enjoyable, especially when eaten at night with the family.

As mentioned before, different from the pork soup soup from East Java, there is also the pork soup that comes from Madura.

According to Moms Endah, what is special about this Madurese pork soup is the mixture of green beans.

Are you curious, Mom, what’s it like? Check out the following recipe for Madurese beef leg soup to make at home.

Sop Kikil Yang Enaknya Paling Gokil Seantero Surabaya

Different from the usual soup, this time the recipe for beef stew made by Mama @julieromzi is a beef stew cooked in a gas stove or on an open fire.

In fact, the spices in the beef leg soup cooked in a wood-burning oven give off the flavor and aroma.

Besides that, Mom also knows that it takes a long time to make beef leg soup until the kikil is soft enough to eat.

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Resep Sop Kikil

By using a wood-burning stove, moms don’t have to worry about running out of gas because the cooking time is over two hours.

Tempat Makan Soto Kikil Di Palembang, Dagingnya Yang Empuk Dijamin Ingin Nambah 1 Mangkok Lagi!

Different in Java, different to beef trotter soup in Jakarta. The taste and flavor of beef trotter soup in Jakarta seems to come from a combination of coconut milk and milk.

Now you don’t have to worry, mothers can try this recipe for beef leg soup with milk and Betawa sauce by following Mama Ratna’s recipe. Good luck!

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