Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur

Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur – A famous Indonesian sop buntut (ox tail soup) that tastes as good as what you find in some of the best Indonesian restaurants. You just need some oxtails and surprisingly other easy-to-find ingredients to recreate this iconic Indonesian soup.

Ingredients to prepare Indonesian sop buntut (ox tail soup): oxtail, carrots, potatoes, shallots, garlic, ginger, onions, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, salt, sugar and white pepper.

Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur

Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur

Indonesia has many iconic dishes, and if you ever visit Indonesia, I truly believe that one simply must make an effort to try sop buntut (ox tail soup) at least once.

Seruput 5 Kehangatan Sop Buntut Di Mall Hits Jakarta

If a restaurant serves buntut soup at all, it will be really hard to miss as this soup is probably the most expensive dish among the many dishes available.

That’s why I rarely make this soup, even though I love them to death. And when I go out for a bite, I will treat myself to this maybe once a year, haha, since the next cheapest dish in a menu can easily be half the price of this soup. I kid you not.

For the soup, you will need oxtail, carrots, potatoes, shallots, garlic, onion, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, salt, sugar and white pepper.

For the accompaniments, you will need tomatoes, scallions (Indonesian: daun bawang), Chinese celery (Indonesian: daun seledri), lime juice (Indonesian: air jeruk nipis), and fried shallot (Indonesian: bawang goreng).

Sop Buntut Paling Enak Di Jakarta Buat Disruput Pas Lagi Hujan

And don’t forget the chili sauce, which is a simple combination of bird-eye chilies (Indonesian: cabe rawit) and sweet soy sauce (Indonesian: kecap manis).

I usually serve buntut soup in individual soup bowls, with the garnish, accompaniments, and chili sauce placed on the dining table. This way, everyone gets to customize their soup with their favorite garnishes. The soup is almost always served with steamed white rice.

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This soup tastes great days or even weeks after you cook it. If you plan to finish your soup within a week, store leftovers in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur

If you make like a really big batch, you can store the leftovers in an airtight container in the freezer, and freeze the soup.

Tempat Makan Sop Buntut Di Jakarta Paling Maknyus

To reheat, you can put the soup (simply chilled or completely frozen) in a soup pot and heat on medium until the soup boils. It will taste exactly like the day you make it.

(grilled oxtail soup). These places claimed that they first grilled the oxtail, presumably with some spices, and made the soup from the grilled oxtail.

If you have a grill, you can try it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the taste is really superior to the traditional one, after all, it’s no secret that the broth made from grilled meat should be better than the non-grilled one, right? ♥

: One of my dear reader, Alex, reported back that you can replicate the famous sop buntut bakar at home like this:Saya sdh lama dengar tentang sop buntut cafe bogor yang katanya enak banget. Sayang belum perah sempet utk ke cafe bogor, hotel borobudur di jakarta pusat. Tapi di pim 3 ada cafe bogor, yg di managed oleh borobudur hotel.

Resep Sop Buntut Sapi Empuk Kaya Rempah, Bisa Hangatkan Tubuh

Utk appetizer, kita order martabak buntut. Martabaknya enak sekali, bukan hanya isi dagingnya yang banyak banget tapi rasanya pas, dan nggak terega tebal.

Utk main course saya pesan sop buntut bakar legendary. Buntut yang dibakar semita sudah di marinat dgn saos kecap yang cukup manis. Bumbunya kerasa dan pas banget dengan kuah sup yang gurih. Tapi sop buntut yang regular (buntut rebus biasa) lebih authentik dan enak, celeteh coba sup yang dipesan ayah saya.

Secara umum porsi makananya pas, tdk terjama sedik dan telalu banyak. Suasanannya bisa lbh baik, karena tempat restaurant di pim agak sempit.

Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur

Kesini karna sebenernya bingung mau makan dimana karna tereki banyak tempat makan disini dan papa emang suka sama makanan indonesia juga sop yg di hotel borobudurnya. Letaknya selantai sama Union dekat TGIF. Tempatnya sendiri ga tereja luas sih tapi cukup nyaman untuk makan bareng keluarga.

Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe

Menunya ini is varied, ada indonesia but ada westernnya juga. Yang spesialnya udah pasti sop buntut, papaku pesan yang grilled. Kalau aku pesen Panfried Meatloaf and mamaku pesen Cheesy Chicken Cordon Blue. Untuk sop buntutnya emang enak banget sih, porsinya pun banyak dan dagingnya juga banyak kalau ga salah 400gr (including tulang ya) this sop buntutnya ini even though it is grilled but ada sopnya juga yang ga kalah seger. Untuk meatloaf punyaku sih porsinya sangat banyak, meatloafnya ada 3 potongan gitu dengan saus basla lalu ada mashed potatonya juga dan virangan. Meatloaf ini daging yg diolah gitu dan semperita seperti tawar yg besar gitu. Rasanya menurutaku sih biasa aja untuk meatloafnya tapi mashed potatonya enak, tembut, ga terega asin, dan kerasa juga kentangnya. Nah aku sendiri lebih suka cordon bluenya. Sama kayak meatloaf, ini disajinnya bareng sama mashed potatoes and vegetable. Potongan cordon bluenya ada 3 dan besar, daging ham dolamannya sih ga tereya banyak tapi hehe. Cordon bluenya enak banget, crispy diluarnya dan daging ayamnya itu tembut dan rasanya pas selegi pas dapet ham sama cheesenya haha. Selain itu kita juga pesen Tahu Pongnya, porsinya sih ga banyak dan kecil-kecil tahunya tapi enak pas dimankan sama bumbu kecapnya. Untuk minum aku pesen Hot Earl Grey, kaget sih pas dateng minumannya di gelas minuman dingin hahaha kan usually kalau hot di cangja gitu kan. Tapi suka karna isinya jd banyak haha ​​​​dan bisa mili again loh, disediain juga gulanya elahida. Satu lagi lupa banget namyana apa tapi ini campusan jus sirsak this strawberry. Kalau yang ini sih harus kupasin gula lagi kayaknya hahaha even though it is mixed with sama sirsaknya, strawberrynya ini pur banget jd kayak msh agak pahit gitu.

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Pelayananya sangat sangat ramah (maybe ditrained di hotel dulu?) Dan bisa silakan dengan baik makanan2 yg kita tanya. Harganya sih sebenernya cukup mahal ya tapi terbayar dengan porsi yg super banyak. Kenyang banget sih disini.Bahkan even though buka resto sop buntut juga, rasanya tetep otentik loh. Super luv sama sop buntut & buntut bakarnya ❤️

Cobain plays yuk guys! Btw ini aku mampir ke Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe di Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall ✨

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Resep Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur

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Pilihan menu vastat beramang, sop buntut rebus, sop buntut goreng, sop buntut bakar. Nasi goreng buntut, tahu pong, martabak buntut, etc.

Sop Buntut Melegenda Jadi Andalan Hotel Borobudur Di Ramadan Ini

Kami finally weighed 1 sop buntut rebus dan satu lagi sop buntut bakar. Tadinya saya mau pesan sop buntut goreng, kata Mba pekininya enakan yang bakar. Ya udah jadinya pesen yang bakar #mudahterpengaruh

Rasa kuahnya itu very smooth, ga

Sop buntut borobudur, sop buntut recipe

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