Resep Sop Buah Kekinian

Resep Sop Buah Kekinian – Fruit ice is people’s favorite takjil which is always sought after during fasting month It is not only fresh but also contains many vitamins from the fruit Besides, the price is also affordable, the ingredients are easy to find and the way to make it practical is perfect for enjoying alone with your family or as a selling idea.

For those of you looking to increase your income during the fasting month, here are 7 contemporary fruit ice recipes for sale, sure to sell well!

Resep Sop Buah Kekinian

Resep Sop Buah Kekinian

Hong Kong or Jimilu Fruit Ice is unique, i.e. it does not use milk or coconut milk, but the taste remains fresh. The filling is a mixture of fresh fruit such as watermelon, mango, watermelon and grapes, and jelly shaped like ramen. Are you interested in how to prepare it? Check out the recipe below:

Dijamin Seger! Es Buah 🤤

The next recipe is fruit ice cream Perfect for those of you who love ice cream, the combination of healthy fruits and cold ice cream can refresh your mouth. For ingredients, you can use a combination of dragon fruit and sandalwood This

Sweet, refreshing and good for digestion, it is a complete package to break the fast No need to wait, here is the recipe

For the ice balls, we usually use milo as in the previous recipe, now we replace it with Nutrisari. The ingredients are very simple and you can definitely find them around your home Below is a complete explanation

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Those are 7 contemporary fresh fruit ice recipes that you can try at home and as a selling idea during fasting. Good luck trying it out and hope it sells well! Cut the fruit according to your taste Mix, water and vanilla syrup, stir well then add fruit and ice cubes, serve.

Resep Minuman Sop Buah Selasih

Contemporary fruit ice recipe is very easy and practical, isn’t it? So, for those of you who love fruit ice, you can easily make it at home And as we know, fruit ice is a drink made from different types of fruits which are then blended together This drink usually contains various fruits such as watermelon, avocado, mango, dragon fruit and other fruits. In addition, fruit ice is usually sweetened with sweetened condensed milk and liquid sugar. For those of you who want to make fruit ice, there are several tips for choosing the fruits you use so that the fruit ice will taste better and look more attractive.

It is no secret that Indonesia has many types of fruits This is because Indonesia’s land is very fertile, making it suitable for planting and growing a wide variety of fruits.

The first tip for choosing the type of fruit to be processed as fruit ice is that you need to choose fruit that is fresh and ripe, but not too ripe or even small. Because if the fruit used is overripe, the fruit usually softens quickly and loses its texture when mixed with water or other additives. On the other hand, if the fruit used is too small, it will destroy the flavor of the fruit ice because it will become too sour or bitter.

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Resep Sop Buah Kekinian

A second tip to make your fruit ice more interesting, it’s a good idea to choose fruit based on color Different colors can make your ice cream look more interesting For example, add dragon fruit or strawberries for bright red, green kiwi, yellow mango, coconut for white or apple.

Resep Es Buah Segar

Apart from the fresh fruits mentioned above, there are many fruits that are often added to fruit ice Examples are palm fruit and gram seeds The raw form of palm fruit must first be processed before being processed and mixed into other foods or beverages. Meanwhile, the besan is the seeds of the besan mixed deliciously into the fruit ice, adding a more varied texture.

Apart from the fruit, the part that is no less important in fruit ice is the sauce Typically fruit ice sauce consists of a mixture of sugar syrup, water and sweetened condensed milk. Sometimes mixed with liquid milk or other fruit flavors You can actually buy sugar syrup at the supermarket, but if you want to get creative you can make your own sugar syrup from a mixture of sugar, water, vanilla flavoring and pandan leaves. By making your own sugar syrup, you can determine the flavor, strength and consistency you want For example, making pandan sugar syrup, which is a mixture of sugar and fresh pandan leaves that are cooked in liquid sugar. In Indonesia, fruit ice is the main item for breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan Especially when you are thirsty and hungry after fasting all day, this menu can be perfect for breaking the fast

Although it is a specialty of Ramadan month, fruit iced menu is busy selling on weekdays except during Ramadan month. If you want to drink or have an idea for this creation, you can make it yourself at home and customize it with your favorite fruits.

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Nowadays, there are many fruit ice recipes that already exist and you can follow them easily Starting with the normal fruit ice or fresh fruit ice, then the modern yakult fruit ice, and the end of the month fruit ice is also perfect for those of you who want to create a creative fruit ice menu but only have what ingredients you have. You have or when money is tight

Resep Minuman Legendaris Yang Selalu Dicari Saat Berbuka Puasa

All these can be creative ideas at home and can be enjoyed with the family You can also make this recipe into a menu which is perfect as a sale idea during Ramadan or outside of Ramadan.

Here are some easy and delicious fruit ice recipes that are fail-proof You can also focus on picking fruits, let’s check it out! 1. Fresh Fruit Ice

This is an easy and delicious fruit ice recipe In fact, fruit ice is known as a refreshing food, so when you drink fruit ice there will be a refreshing feeling and also health benefits. The ingredients used can also be adjusted according to your needs and preferences, such as fruit you have at home and serving it is also practical. You can turn these recipes into creative ideas or ideas for opening a business in the culinary field

Resep Sop Buah Kekinian

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