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Resep Smoothies Buah Naga – It’s very hot today, isn’t it? I just finished my trip this morning, when I got home in the afternoon I felt very cool. During the month of fasting, I greatly reduce my activity during the day, especially driving in the hot sun. I’m afraid of being thirsty, haha!

Speaking of cool, I want to do something cool. Namely the smoothie (pronounced smoothie, not crushed). According to Wikipedia, a smoothie, smoothy, or smoothie is a drink made from raw fruits and/or vegetables using a blender. And when I say mix it up, I mean it.

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga

The best thing to make a smoothie is fruit. But there are also smoothies made from vegetables. Milk, yogurt or ice cream are usually added to smoothies to add flavor. There are also those who use honey, protein powder or other additives for taste.

Resep Olahan Buah Naga Jadi Dessert Yang Enak Dan Menyegarkan

When I was on the diet program (eciyee diet), I made smoothies for breakfast several times. Of course, with a special supplement blend to support the diet. I make smoothies for breakfast…delicious and quite filling.

Since it is the month of fasting, when you break iftar again, you can really make smoothies as a tajil menu. Drink fruit ice or iced tea instead. Smoothies that are denser and contain more fruit are definitely healthier.

This time I want to make a Dragon Fruit Smoothie. It is true that dragon fruit is very popular during fasting month. Maybe because he’s an idol for mixing fruity iced drinks (besides melons and friends). Last week I bought a kilo for 18 thousand. Hey, the price went up to 20k this morning.

Freeze fruit before blending for extra flavor. There are also those who mix the fruit immediately without freezing, there is nothing wrong with it. But if you don’t freeze it first it will taste like juice hehe.

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga Kurma Enak Dan Mudah

Well, since I just bought some dragon fruit this morning and didn’t have time to blend it… I’ll just use an old stock photo for this smoothie recipe. This is a smoothie I made with a mix of dietary supplements. Plain UHT milk or white milk powder can be substituted.

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To make it look different, I put it in a big glass that looks like a smoothie bowl. The title is the Dragon Fruit Smoothies Bowl. Cute, huh?

This smoothie is really fresh! If you want it thicker, you can also add oatmeal while mixing. So that it is fuller. Or do you want to mix in bananas too? Even if you add other fruits, wow it gets even busier Economic News Entertainment News Legal News Crime News International News Health News National News Sports News Football News Automotive News Education News Political News Technology News

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga

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Resep Dragon Mango Smoothies

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Dragon fruit is a fruit rich in benefits for the body. Some of the benefits of dragon fruit are skin tightening, maintaining skin elasticity, reducing the risk of cancer and more.

Usually, many people will work as several preparations in order not to miss eating dragon fruit. Some types of preparations are dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit ice and

This is a dragon fruit smoothie bowl recipe that you must try at home. The above recipe can be part of a diet menu or as a side dish for you. We hope our research can be useful for you and good luck!

Resep Smoothie Bowl Buah Naga Dan Mangga, Sarapan Sehat Buat Yang Lagi Diet

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Along with the awareness of healthy lifestyle, many people are flocking to consume healthy food, one of which is making smoothies. For those who don’t know, a smoothie is a thick and creamy drink made from fruit, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, seeds, or milk.

Usually, smoothies are topped with ice cubes to ensure a cold and refreshing end product. However, the main flavor profile of these smoothies depends on the ingredients they are made from.

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga

And how to make banana smoothies is really easy, you know. You simply put all the ingredients in a blender, then blend them until really smooth. If you want cold smoothies, you can use frozen fruits. But if you don’t have time to freeze, add about a handful of ice cubes.

Resep Smoothie Bowl Untuk Diet Sehat, Gampang Banget!

Don’t just throw it away, below are some tips for making banana smoothies according to Inspired Taste:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, use frozen fruit to make fresher smoothies that taste better. First, wash the fresh fruits and cut them into small pieces. Dry it, then put it in a container covered with a dry napkin, put it in the freezer until frozen, about two or three hours. If frozen, place in a portion-sized container to make smoothies.

What is a smoothie bowl? Namely, smoothies are served in a bowl and then sprinkled with seeds, granola, nuts or pieces of fruit that increase the nutritional value of these smoothies. It is not only healthy but also looks very attractive.

In a smoothie bowl, you can get fiber, protein from yogurt and milk, and good fats from seeds and nuts. The calorie content is also very low, so it is suitable for those on a diet program.

Resep Aneka Smoothies Aneka Bahan, Enak, Segar, Dan Menyehatkan

The bright purple color is really attractive, but the nutritional content is also high, you know. Dragon fruit contains vitamin C, vitamins B2 and B3, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron. The red color of the fruit indicates a high content of anthocyanin, a substance rich in antioxidants. 100 grams of dragon fruit also contains only 60 calories, so it is very suitable for those of you on a diet. Therefore, one of the best options to consume this fruit is to prepare this smoothie bowl. Quoting from Recipepedia, the recipe for a dragon fruit smoothie bowl looks like this:

Sour and fresh taste combined with sweet and soft banana fruits will be delicious. Its color is attractive with its rich nutritional content. Interested in testing?

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When mango season arrives, they are abundant and ready to prepare a variety of dishes. One thing you shouldn’t miss trying is how to make a mango smoothie bowl. It tastes sweet and fresh and contains many nutrients that are good for the body.

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga

While making a mango smoothie bowl, you can add a few spoons of yogurt to make it richer in terms of taste and nutrition. Let’s look at the recipe of What to Eat today.

Resep 1 Minggu Smoothie🌈 Bikin Celana Jadi Longgar

Smoothies are known as a diet pick-me-up because they are low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with nutrients. Eating a bowl of smoothie will fill you up, but with healthy nutrition.

Making a smoothie can be as easy as putting the ingredients in a blender and mixing them. Follow these tips from Wholefully to ensure your smoothies taste and look great:

Put the frozen fruits. This is essential to give a cold and refreshing effect when making cold smoothies without the need to add ice cubes, which will make the smoothies runnier when the ice cubes melt.

Avoid sweeteners as much as possible because instead of increasing fiber and nutrients, they can actually increase your calorie consumption, you know! You can use honey, maple syrup, milk or a little coconut milk for a delicious taste.##1 red dragon fruit#@ ##1 ripe Ambon banana#@ ##1 tablespoon honey#@ ##1/2 cup mashed crushed ice#@ ##1 cup plain yogurt#@ Toppings ##1 banana, thinly sliced#@ ##4 strawberries, cut into 2 pieces#@ ##1 tablespoon oats#@ ## Blueberries to taste#@ ## 1 kiwi, sliced ​​to taste

Sarapan Sehat Dan Enak (smoothies)

##Prepare the dragon fruit and banana and chop them finely.#@ ##Place the dragon fruit and banana pieces in a blender.#@ ##Add honey, crushed ice and plain yogurt to the blender.#@ # #Add to the blender. until the fruit is smooth and evenly blended.#@ ##Prepare a serving bowl and pour the smoothie into the bowl.#@ ##Top with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and oat flakes. Arrange neatly and according to taste.#@ ##Dragon fruit smoothie bowl is ready for serving.#@

Dragon fruit smoothie bowls are very beneficial for health because they are made from fresh fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition to their delicious and refreshing taste, smoothies can also provide a feeling of fullness and are good for the body.

If you have dragon fruit at home, it is better to make smoothies with fresh fruit additions. The recipe and how to prepare it is also very easy and quick. Don’t forget to serve smoothies cold to make them tastier. Good luck!

Resep Smoothies Buah Naga

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