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Resep Siomay Mm Juice – Yes, mmm juice is already a type of comfort food, like noodles or grams. The difference here is that I often order dumplings and fried rice. Dumplings are always delicious but this time the fried rice was a bit salty. And the feeling of more and more expensive price.

I also went for MM Juice again at Puri Indah Mall, this time I didn’t buy Siome but juice, this time they used plastic cuter cups but the juice was not as good as before. Anyway there are pluses and minuses.

Resep Siomay Mm Juice

Resep Siomay Mm Juice

I bought orange juice, its price is 31 thousand excluding tax. Fresh sour, slightly sweet. Add little sugar this time.

Mm Juice Restaurant

They have a variety of oranges, regular oranges like what I ordered, pureed oranges, and sunkist purees. The prices are also different, pure orange 40 thousand, sunkiest 45 thousand, as I remember. Avocado is also 39 thousand net.

But Sunkist is a bit expensive, 50 thousand net. So at this point I’m more surprised by the dumplings than the juice.

MM Juice actually doesn’t just sell juice but also dumplings. For the price, going to the mall is a bit expensive but not bad for the taste. The juice I ordered is a blend of 2 fruits so it cannot be elevated. I ordered sunkist + carrot. The sunkist has a sour sensation, and the carrot is still thick in juice. But overall delicious + healthy.

Because after eating, I just bought juice. Order orange + carrot juice without sugar and without ice for 33K. For the price, it’s still reasonable … I think it’s because it’s real, it’s like that, but it’s okay, because I really want something healthy.

Mm Juice Bintaro

I have eaten at MM Juice Siome since it was still open in front of Hero Puri Mall until it finally opened in the food court. I always love these dumplings even though you can say the price is a bit expensive if we order each dumpling. So I suggest ordering a package.

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I really like siome because the chewy texture is just right, the taste is also salty and delicious, it really fits with the peanut sauce. Apart from ordering the usual syomei, I also love the tofu flower dumplings. Basically, it is a plain dumpling covered with bean curd on the outside. But still delicious.

The snack is perfect, the fish dumplings are delicious, the taste of the meat is really good, the peanut sauce is also very good, yes, it’s just crushed, really, the dumpling shop is recommended.

Resep Siomay Mm Juice

Was playing in this area, and was looking for lunch, finally walked into the food hall and found a food court on the 2nd floor, and chose this place because there was a promo. ha ha

Mm Juice Promo Hampers Special Christmas & New Year

I bought 2 dumplings, 1 cabbage and 1 tofu for a total of 30k and I think it’s expensive. The taste is also normal, thought it would be really good. Also, the service was really bad, the lady was not friendly, I hadn’t finished talking yet, she already cut it off. He poured the soy sauce and sauce without first asking if he wanted to use it or not and how much he wanted. Quite disappointed in terms of price and service. I will not order now

One of my favorite juices. Mm offers a wide range of healthy and fresh juices at very affordable prices. I often go to their Sikajang branch to get siome and other food. I really like the dumplings and juices, fresh, good and tasty tofu, the spicy chili salt is very good, a little salty, but if you eat it with rice, the salty taste is not too strong.

Menu Ordered: T/O Oxtail Soup, Grilled Brain, White Rice, Watermelon, Hot Tea with Sugar, Lead Rice, Salted Fish Bean Sprouts, Salted Chili Tofu, Avocado Ice Cream Chocolate, Cold Tea No Sugar

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The taste of the food here is very familiar to most people’s mouths, as their style of cooking is home style and the menu variations that people know very well make it an option to eat with family.

Mm Juice, Cempaka Putih

Stuffed with fried rice, chicken and meatballs, grated carrot and served with crackers. Its taste is quite good and not too oily

I don’t like chili sauce, chili sauce is not spicy and use basil leaves, if they are not spicy they can try Ayam Penyet here.

If you want to invite parents who don’t like today’s food, mm juice may be your choice because apart from not cooking too long, the price is not too expensive, the taste is still very good.

Resep Siomay Mm Juice

The outlet at Green Pramuka is quite large. Looks very different from other outlets. Before being a cold pressed juice, MM Juice was quite popular for its various juice variants. I really like the juice detox.

Mm Juice, Puri

Currently, the food menu at MM Juice is quite extensive. Here, the system is to order and pay directly to the cashier. This time, stop and buy the Xiaomi B package, which includes

I love the Siome in MM Juice, it’s delicious and guaranteed to clean. I also like the peanut sauce because the sauce is not too smooth, still lots of peanut chunks, delicious. Next time, I will definitely be back to try out more of the menu. I think many are familiar with this place to eat. MM Juice has been around since the 90s. He is already 27 years old. The branch I have known for a long time is located in Block M, Melawai area. It still exists today.

Even though it has been a long time, maybe there are still many who have never tried to stop by their outlet? Come on, show your hands, who hasn’t tried the MM Juice menu before?

There are many MM juice outlets. Starting from Block M, Karavsi, Sennen, BSD, Melawai, etc. It seems that in almost every shopping center, there are MM juice shops.

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Restaurante Siomay Bandung Pemuda, Mojokerto, No

Although the name is MM Juice, the main menu is not just juice. There are many other menus. In addition to light snacks like Siomae or Pempek. Recently, MM Juice has continued to innovate so that other menus that are appetizer plus can be enjoyed at any time, not only at leisure, but also emerged at lunch or dinner time. .

Oh yes, MM Juice currently has a cheap promo menu. I tried the Paneer Pempek which costs only 16,666. The pempek was delicious, the garlic sauce was delicious. Pempek Paneer MM Juice features dry vermicelli and spicy green chili sauce. The sensation is very different.

MM Juice Cheese Pempek is the taste of fish and cheese. It doesn’t taste fishy at all, but the combination of fish and greens blends perfectly to make pempek that is soft, not hard, easy to bite and tasty. The combination of garlic, tamarind and soy sauce in the sauce also seems to add up to create the right mix of sour and sweet flavors.

Resep Siomay Mm Juice

I also ordered Siome Bandung for the kids. The dumplings are soft, you can even taste the fish. The peanut sauce as a dumpling mixture is quite light so it doesn’t make you feel bad.

Daftar Harga Dan Menu Mm Juice Terbaru Lengkap Dengan Gambar

How about juice? Therefore, the matter of juice has become a specialty of MM. Various delicious juice variants are the specialty of MM. I tried durian copier juice which turned out all white. The durian flesh that is mixed in this juice feels very good. It seems that a lot of durian flesh is used as juice. No wonder the price is a bit expensive. Match between price and taste :).

The kids tried the Orange Juice Float which is a combination of orange juice and vanilla ice cream. The sweet and sour taste of oranges is quite obvious, the characteristic of real oranges is that they are made of juice, not concentrate :). The vanilla ice cream that floats on top of the juice feels soft and melts in the mouth.

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