Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah – Fried cassava is a timeless snack that still tastes delicious. Moreover, preparing fried cassava is easy: the only ingredients are garlic and coriander.

First, steam the cassava until it becomes soft. Then soak the steamed cassava in ice water with spices so that it bursts when fried.

Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

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Cara Membuat Singkong Keju Yang Renyah Dan Merekah, Perhatikan Tips Mudahnya

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Resep Singkong Goreng Bumbu Ungkep Yang Renyah Buat Teman Ngopi

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Your information will be used to review your account when you need assistance or when unusual activity is detected on your account. – Cassava-based dishes are often hotly debated because they taste delicious and are filling. Additionally, cassava is known to have many health benefits. According to, cassava is rich in vitamin C, carbohydrates, various minerals and so on.

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You know, cassava can also be used to prepare various delicious dishes. For example, sponge cake, layer cake, saut, talam cake, Thai cassava, croquettes, combro, lemet, cakes, binka and even fried foods. Roasted cassava is definitely a favorite among food lovers, especially if you do it right.

Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

If you fry it casually and just like that, the cassava may still remain hard and less crunchy when eaten. If you still fail frequently, it looks like it’s time for you to try making the fried cassava that netizens shared on your kitchen’s YouTube account here. Apart from the cassava, the other ingredients needed are also simple: just salt, pepper and garlic.

Resep Singkong Goreng Empuk Merekah Tanpa Baking Soda

“It blooms very well, it blooms beautifully, just use 3 ingredients,” he explained, as quoted by YouTube Dapur Sobati on Tuesday (August 15).

Originally, salt, pepper and minced garlic had to be dissolved in water first. So, the key is that before it can be used to soak the cassava, this spice solution must first be chilled in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.

Also, prepare the cassava. Cassava must first be cleaned and washed until completely clean. Then cut the cassava into pieces and boil in boiling water. Use medium heat to cook the cassava.

YouTube account owner Dapur Sobati said just boil it for 15 minutes and the cassava will bloom. However, he decided to continue the boiling process for another 5 minutes to make the cassava really soft. Thus, the total cooking time is 20 minutes.

Cara Membuat Singkong Goreng Renyah Dan Merekah Yang Lezat

After boiling, the cassava can be removed and transferred to a spice solution cooled in the refrigerator. There is no need to soak the cassava for too long, just soak it for 10 minutes and then the cassava is ready to fry. Be sure to preheat the oil for frying.

While frying, you can turn the cassava from time to time so that it cooks evenly in all parts. If the cassava is crisp and brown, it is ready to drain and serve.

How about this, you’re already drooling, have you seen that fried cassava? Taking a look at the comment column of your kitchen upload on YouTube, many netizens said they were enthusiastic about trying this fried cassava recipe. This video has also been viewed more than 480 thousand times.

Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

“Because of its drool-inducing shape, cassava is very juicy. You can eat it hot with a cup of coffee,” said YouTube @belajar_bareng_masguru.

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Resep Singkong Goreng. Super Gurih, Super Nikmat, Super Mantap

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Tanpa Harus Direbus! Inilah Resep Singkong Goreng Kriuk Di Luar, Pulen Di Dalam Moms, Yuk Bikin

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Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

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Resep Singkong Goreng Merekah

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Resep Singkong Goreng Agar Lembut Dan Mekar Ketika Digoreng

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Easy to Stir Fried Noodles Recipe Ingredients Needed: Mama noodles Pork loin (optional) Cabbage (optional) Green onions/cilantro 1/4 whole onion Seasonings include: Mama seasoning packets Pinch of salt Oyster sauce (optional) ) cooking steps: 1. Soak the noodles in warm water, then pour the seasoning packets into a separate onion. 17 likes Roasted cassava is a simple snack that goes well with coffee or tea. However, often the texture of the fried cassava that we prepare ourselves at home is very different from that sold on the street.

Commercial fried cassava typically has a soft and flaky texture. Although we haven’t tried it, we already know that the taste of fried cassava is very tasty and mild.

Resep Singkong Goreng Renyah Merekah

So, you don’t have to worry anymore, here’s a soft and flaky fry chef style fried cassava recipe that you can try.

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1. First peel the cassava, cut it into pieces, then wash it. If size

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