Resep Silky Puding Buah

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Resep Silky Puding Buah – , Jakarta Its sweet taste and soft texture in the mouth make the pudding a favorite dessert for many people. Especially if the content is fresh and healthy fruit.

Fruit pudding is included in the group of nutritious foods, because it contains many vitamins and nutrients. Using frozen fruit, you can make delicious and healthy fruit pudding.

Resep Silky Puding Buah

Resep Silky Puding Buah

Here are a number of fruit pudding recipes cited from the Fruit Pudding Recipes Instagram account. If you like mango, lychee, grapes and kiwi, you should really try it at home.

Manis & Lembut‼️silky Pudding Strawberry Taro

The sweet and fresh taste makes anyone addicted when they taste it. The pleasure of mango fruit can be multiplied when processed into silky mango pudding.

You can make an unusual pudding like this lychee moss pudding. Just mixing it with lychee fruit.

Each type of fruit has a special taste. Therefore, combining several types of fruit in a pudding mix can give a rich and delicious taste. Curious? Here is a rich mixed fruit pudding recipe.

Want to be more practical to get a wide selection of fruit pudding, you can search at This platform is here to help culinary fans easily find different orders (PO) of food from all over the archipelago and can order instantly.

Puding Buah By Nisa ❤️

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Six+ 01:39 VIDEO: Princess Diana’s iconic red and white sweatshirt goes up for auction with an estimated price of up to IDR 1.2 billion As a mother who loves to eat and loves food, I also love to make food easy at home. However, since the pandemic hit, culinary tourism activities have automatically decreased. Health and food hygiene factors should be given more attention. This time I want to share my experience of tasting modern pudding, which is very practical in its preparation.

Resep Silky Puding Buah

Artist Jessica Iskandar chose mom’s silky pudding recipe, you know. I became even more curious and immediately bought it at Alfamart near my house. When there was a JSM promotion on Sunday, the price 17,000 Rp., – reduced to 12,500, – just for the box. I wanted to buy all the varieties but the only flavors available were taro and chocolate.

Puding Sutra Dapoer_selawe, Lumer Di Mulut

Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding is an instant milk pudding with a smooth texture. Silk pudding has a composition of sugar, soft skimmed milk, carrageenan, vegetable cream and cocoa powder (11%). Carrageenan is a compound extracted from seaweeds from the Rhodophyceae family, such as Euchema spinosum and Euchema cottonii.

There are several variants of Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding such as chocolate, taro, avocado, bubble gum flavors. Two new flavors have been launched, namely Peach and Biscuits. These two variants are in line with the #silkyeveryday campaign where mothers are invited to get creative in making Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding as creative as possible.

It only takes 5 minutes, Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding is ready. Very practical, right? We can also expand it with fillings and mixes. Especially if the silk pudding is served in a beautiful dish, of course the appearance of the pudding will be even more charming and delicious. But if it is very beautiful, sometimes it is a shame to eat it hehehe, it is enough to look at it for a long time.

Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding has a box packaging with an attractive image. It says BPOM RI MD 804931327020 and the MUI halal logo on the front. Net weight is 155 grams with a serving size of 31 grams. The production code and expiry date are also marked on the back of the box. Nutritional information with percentage of nutritional sufficiency shows energy requirements of 2,150 kcal, namely energy 130 kcal (6%), fat 2.5 grams (4%), saturated fat 2.5 grams (13%) and sodium 35 mg (2%).

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Resep Puding Coklat Cup Yang Lembut Dan Enak!

Currently, Mom’s Recipe Pudding Silky can be found in various supermarkets, minimarkets, traditional markets and official stores with prices ranging from IDR 12,500 to 17,000 per box with a net weight of 155 grams.

Friends, this was my first experience making delicious and fluffy pudding from Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding. When you want to buy another variant again, ah. Come on, you can do it at home too. Very practical, feels good. It is suitable as a nutritious snack for the whole family Mango Pudding Recipe – Have sweet mangoes at home and tired of eating them like that? Just try making a mango pudding bun recipe. Families will love it!

How to make a delicious mango pudding recipe with a soft texture is quite simple and practical. The ingredients used are also simple, so anyone can make it whenever they want.

Resep Silky Puding Buah

(without taste). By using liquid milk, the resulting mango pudding becomes smooth and chewy, like Lumer Silky Puyo Puyo Recipe and Puyo Puyo Recipe, the recipe of which I shared some time ago.

Yuk, Coba Resep Silky Puding Cokelat Yang Manis Dan Lembut Di Lidah

To add to the flavor of this mango pudding made from real crushed mangoes, here we will also use sweet flakes made from granulated sugar, UHT milk and cornstarch. The sweet flan goes perfectly with the delicious mango pudding. What else if you enjoy it cold, wow great!

This is not enough, to make it look more attractive and complete, here we will also use pieces of fresh fruits as filling such as mango, strawberry, kiwi, longan, as well as basil seeds if you want.

Now, to add to the creations of homemade mango pudding recipes, this time we will share 3 mango pudding recipes at once. The first is a UHT Milk Mango Pudding recipe, the second is a Coconut Milk Mango Pudding recipe and the third is a Mango Silk Pudding recipe.

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Instead of being curious, let’s just check out the 3 mango fruit pudding recipes below.

Mom’s Recipe Silky Pudding. Camilan Tepat Untuk Segala Kesempatan

If Thai-style dessert is synonymous with coconut milk, Mom. Starting from fruits mixed with coconut milk, vegetables cooked with coconut milk, rice cooked with coconut milk, Mango Sticky Rice recipe and cassava mixed with coconut milk, such as Cassava Coconut Milk Recipe. But somehow Thai food is always unique and delicious.

So this time, there is Thai Dessert Mango Coconut Jelly Cubes (Woon Mamuang), which in Indonesia is known as coconut milk mango pudding recipe, which is delicious and really delicious. Let’s try it! – One of the foods that fans never run out of is pudding. Children and adults love this food.

Its mild and sweet taste is always the right choice in different situations. Whether it’s the rainy or dry season, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy pudding.

Resep Silky Puding Buah

Pudding is also a practical solution when you want to eat but don’t want it to be too filling. Guaranteed, the mood can be even happier if you eat pudding.

Resep Puding Susu Yang Lembut Dan Manis

In addition to the delicious taste, pudding also has many benefits for the body. Starting from improving digestion to preventing some serious diseases.

This makes the pudding even more of a favorite dish for many people. Moreover, making pudding is also very practical. You don’t need many tools, you can already enjoy this food.

What is no less interesting is that lately there is more and more talk about silken pudding. Yes, this food with a very soft texture has started to be sold in different countries.

So, for those of you who are curious about silken pudding, let’s try making it ourselves in your kitchen. You can also be creative with different ingredients for dishes at home.

Silky Puding With Fruits (9 Cup)

Then stir and wait until the hot steam goes away. Then pour the jelly pudding mixture into a glass, cup or jar. calm down

Beat the egg whites, add the salt, after it has foamed, add the sugar, beat them until they are added, then add the pudding mixture and mix well.

Add the cornstarch that has been dissolved in 2 tablespoons of full cream milk. Stir it well and let it boil for a while.

Resep Silky Puding Buah

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