Resep Sifon Cake

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Resep Sifon Cake – Chiffon cake is a very light cake made from the main ingredients of wheat flour, eggs, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, baking powder and flavoring. When making it, we make two types of dough, namely flour dough and foam dough (egg white whisk), and then mix it before baking.

The advantage of this chiffon cake is that it has a very soft texture and does not dry out/harden when stored for a long time or refrigerated. As the name suggests, this chiffon cake uses pandan paste and pandan extract as coloring agents as well as flavoring.

Resep Sifon Cake

Resep Sifon Cake

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Resep Kue Chiffon

Original Pandan Extract: Mix pandan leaves and water. Then weigh and discard the remains. Refrigerate for at least 1 day and leave. Separate clean water. Take the precipitate to become the original pandan extract.

Egg Yolk Batter: In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar until thick and slightly pale. Add thick coconut milk, pandan extract, canola oil and mix well. Add sifted flour. Mix gently with a whisk until smooth. set aside.

Egg White Batter: In another bowl, beat the egg whites and salt until foamy. Add sugar in 3 steps. Mix the dough again on high speed until the dough is shiny and stiff. Turn off the mixer.

Fold the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture in 3 steps. Mix again with a spatula until it becomes a homogeneous dough.

Resep Sifon Cake Rasa Kopi Yang Dapat Dibuat Oleh Para Pemula

Pour the mixture into a 20 cm chiffon cake tin. Previously, it was not necessary to grease the pan with anything. Press the pan gently to get rid of excess air.

1. Choose fresh eggs so that the cake expands perfectly without additional ingredients like baking powder/cream of tartar.

2. Pay attention to mixing the mixture of egg white and yolk. Mix slowly using a backward mixing technique so that the batter does not run out. This runny batter can cause the cake to not expand perfectly.

Resep Sifon Cake

3. Use a hand mixer to beat the egg white mixture, such as the Airlux Hand Mixer HM-3060A (See Lazada DISCOUNTS). The price is very reasonable with the basic features packed with quality. One of the advantages of the Airlux Hand Mixer HM-3060A is that it has 5 speed levels that can be adjusted to suit your needs.Chiffon cake. A cake that always turns me into a reluctant, reluctant, lazy, fearful, athletic soul whenever I try it. I don’t know how many attempts ended in failure, from the cake bending, the cake hanging down, waist-high, the cake expanding and rising out of the pan until it’s shaped like a giant mushroom, until the cake bursts. steamed sponge cake. All this sparked my interest in making a chiffon cake. Why try? Investing materials, time, effort and thought into a cake that ultimately fails is a failure. This energy can be used to make other super simple cakes and the results are sure to be amazing. Even JTT readers’ encouragement to give it another try didn’t deter me that much.

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Chiffon Cake 50 Resep Rahasia Dari Dapur Chef Ternama

Is it because the purpose of making this cake is considered noble, or because I have taken many lessons in making chiffon cake before, or because there is so much literature about the process of making chiffon cake, what is clear? The process of making this chiffon cake is super smooth and the results are amazing! When the cake expands beautifully in the oven, I am still pessimistic, because previous experiences have been like that. The cake rises successfully in the oven and cools down successfully outside the oven. However, when I turned the cake tin upside down on top of the baking powder and after two hours there it still looked firm and hadn’t shrunk at all, I could have done a happy dance in the kitchen. I think I’ll be brave enough to write a new post on JTT this time, and it’s about chiffon cake!

If you think about it, making a chiffon cake is almost like making a Japanese cotton cheesecake. Chiffon cake dough is usually divided into two parts. The first batter or main batter is usually made with egg yolks, oil, water/coconut milk/liquid milk and flour (plus baking powder or not).Especially for Japanese cheesecake, cream cheese is added to this main batter. The second batter is egg whites, beaten with sugar until stiff, and sometimes a little cream of tartar is used. The first dough usually has a dense and thick texture, but when the meringue is added and mixed, the overall dough becomes light and fluffy.

According to Wikipedia, chiffon cake is a very light type of cake made from vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder and flavors. This cake is a combination of shortbread and sponge cake. Vegetable oil is used as the oil, which is different from traditional cakes that usually use butter. But vegetable oil is difficult to beat, so that air bubbles can enter the dough, so in order for chiffon cake, for example, angel cake and other types of foam cakes to have a soft texture, you need to beat the egg white until stiff and stiff. then mix them into the cake batter before baking. The cake base batter, which contains butter, is first mixed with the other ingredients before the meringue is mixed in. This cake really relies on the egg whites and yeast ingredients being beaten to the max to help them rise properly.

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The high fat and egg content in chiffon cake makes for a very moist cake, and because the butter remains liquid even at room temperature, this cake does not harden or dry out like a cake with butter as an ingredient (butter cake). Compared to other types of cakes, such as cream puffs or ice creams, this makes chiffon cake perfect for adding layers of filling or frosting that must be refrigerated in advance or even frozen. Chiffon cake is also lower in saturated fat compared to butter cake, so it is considered “healthier” compared to cakes that use butter/margarine as the main ingredient. One weakness of this cake is that since it does not contain butter, chiffon cake also has a less kicky taste than butter cake, so other ingredients like chocolate or fruit should be added to this cake. Lemon or orange chiffon cake usually contains grated lemon zest, orange zest and fruit juice. Meanwhile, pandan chiffon cake uses pandan extract or pandan paste as flavoring.

Resep Chiffon Cake Pandan Gluten Free, Sederhana Lembut Anti Gagal

As a side note, this cake was first created in 1927 by California insurance salesman Harry Baker, who later changed careers and became a caterer. Baker kept the recipe a secret for 20 years until he sold it to General Mills. At that time, the name of this cake was changed to “chiffon cake” and in 1948, a collection of 14 recipes and their variations were published in a booklet by Betty Crocker.

Now let’s move on to the process. The most important thing when you want to make this cake is to use a special chiffon cake springform pan with a hole in the middle. Usually this pan is also equipped with legs on the edge of the surface. Do not grease or flour the baking sheet or cover it with parchment paper. An ungreased or ungreased baking sheet is designed to help the dough stick to the sides of the pan while baking and to prevent the cake from sinking as it cooks. The hole in the center of the pan allows the hot air to circulate properly so that the heat from the oven reaches the center of the cake. When the cake is baked and comes out of the oven, the cake pan should be rotated as quickly as possible. If the pan is not equipped with legs, the surface of the cake is still in contact with the open air, usually used as a support for a glass or other tall container. Immediately rotating the cake pan is intended to prevent the cake from shrinking, shrinking and losing volume.

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Now we will talk about the materials used. The first is the egg. The egg should be separated between the yolk and the white. To make this easier, use cold eggs from the refrigerator. The cold conditions harden the yolk and prevent it from breaking apart when you separate it from the white. Place egg yolks and whites in separate bowls, cover tightly and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes. This condition of room temperature can thin the egg whites and allow them to expand optimally when beaten with a mixer.

Resep Sifon Cake

You can beat the egg whites and add a little cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is in the form of white flour, which has acidic properties and has the function of stabilizing the beaten egg white and is able to hold the whisk well. Cream of tartar is made from wine or the crust formed during the winemaking process. Even though it doesn’t contain alcohol, some question its integrity, so I’ll leave it up to each of you to make up your own mind. If you don’t want to add it to the egg whites, skip this ingredient or replace it with 1/2 tablespoon lime juice.

Banana Chiffon Cake

Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks (the tip of the beaten egg whites will form weak peaks when whipped and sink to one side), then add the sugar and beat the eggs until stiff peaks form. beat again until it is (when the whisker rises, the whisk peaks appear stiff, not set at all). At this point, the egg white batter will look shiny (shiny), opaque (dark/opaque), and very stiff. This part is the most important and important process in making a chiffon cake and is usually the source of failure: it is difficult for the chiffon to keep its shape when it comes out of the oven. Therefore, turn off the mixer and try it several times and

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