Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem – Semar mendem is different from lemper. It is more delicious and tasty because it is wrapped in a thin omelet. Come on, try it!

Semar mendem and lemper have something in common, which are moist cakes made from wild rice cooked in coconut milk. Then, stuff the chicken that has been cut up and done. In contrast, Semar Mendem is wrapped in a crust made from an egg-wheat dough mixture.

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

Another item is the lemper wrapped directly in a banana leaf. Semar mendem has more flavor from the skin. At this time, the lemper is wrapped in a banana leaf so that it has the flavor of the leaves associated with the rice. Between the two, which do you prefer?

Resep Brownies Jagung

Both of these cakes are found in market snacks that are served in tampah. Generally, for many types, all wet balls are softened and made in small quantities. In order for the rice to cook too long, the rice must be soaked first. This method is also used in foods made from rice, such as lemper, uli, or wajik. Try this recipe for a meal at home,

Clean the sticky rice. Leave the water for 30 minutes, then drain. Steam in a hot steamer for 15 minutes or until half cooked. Pregnancy.

Boil coconut milk with Royco Mushroom Broth and pandan leaves, remove from heat, pour into rice pan. Put it on the heat, stir and cook until the water is absorbed into the rice. Simmer for another 20 minutes until the rice is cooked, remove from heat. Transfer the frozen rice to the plate.

Seasoned Chicken: Season Bango Indonesian Culinary Seasoning Opor Ayam Khas Cepu with cumin, bay leaf and galangal until fragrant.

Resep Masakan Pemula Nusantara: Pancake Durian

Ingredients: Stir all the ingredients until combined. Heat a frying pan, make thin pancakes. Pregnancy. Repeat the same process with the rest. Split up.

Prepare the crust smeared with oil, take 2 tablespoons of the rice mixture, flatten. Put 1 tablespoon of the fried chicken in the middle. Close, make a square with pressure, and in the end, the lady in the house ordered a birthday cake for her first child. The son of Ms. make 2 birthday cakes. One to take to school, the other to the extended family.

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I am happy to be able to make 2 tart cakes. The original plan was to make only 1 cake tart because the budget was limited. Sis immediately gave me a few rupiahs for the cost of the tart cake and asked if I could make 2 birthday cakes. I answer: of course you can, sis, it’s enough to cover the costs of materials and electricity.

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

The original cake uses the rich Surabaya layer but is made entirely of chocolate. Fill and cover with butter. Decorated with DCC, cut out, red cherry, and the words “happy birthday novi”

Bolu Kukus Ketan Hitam Pandan

The basic cake is yongky sponge cake. The filling uses ganache polish. With a ratio of 1:2:3 for mixed silk powder:milk/ice water: DCC

Can’t believe you’re already 4 years old, kid. Her mother always knows how to make decorated cakes. Dea can’t wait to see her birthday cake. Hello Kitty themed. Nice to see you happy, kid.

After trying it many times, tried the omelette skins. The latter has the right material, in terms of design and thickness. Sorry, I didn’t include the recipe.

Well…finally on my blog. Sorry… this time the blog posted pictures of the cake orders. It is intended for web sites.

Luisa Cake Jogja: 2014

Pressed while still warm, cannot be removed from the box. I’m afraid it will fall… The brownies have a solid texture when they’re cold.

I can’t comment on the taste yet, but after reading about it from bloggers who have tried it before, they all say it’s delicious. That means it tastes good. The food has been tested by other chefs.

5. Place in a 30 x 10 brownie pan, line with parchment paper. Pour the remaining DCC, make a river motif, sprinkle with lots of chocolate chips.

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

6. Bake for 30 minutes. Do not over cook. Place in a container and cool. When cool, remove, cut into pieces and serve.

Kue Lapis Singkong

I have wanted to try a homemade mayonnaise recipe for a long time. I’ve done it before, but when I did it I didn’t know it was published. Uploaded on blog, share with friends.

How to make mayonnaise. Only one step is different, everything else is different. For those who have not made mayonnaise, the main task is when adding the oil. Slowly add 1 tsp of oil, shake until smooth and a little thick, a little… then add another 1 tsp of oil, beat again. So don’t keep pouring. Afraid that you will fail. Just be safe, right?

1. Mix together the flour, milk and water. Then cook on low heat while continuing to stir until cooked.

Tip: When cooking flour, milk and water, the flour tends to clump together. Don’t worry, keep cooking by continuing to stir. Most importantly, it doesn’t stick and doesn’t get hot.

Resep Ketan Talam Pandan

Tip: When preparing the dough, I think it’s better to use a blender than a mixer. Because if you use a mixer the results will not be as good as using a blender, which is more common. Besides that, using a mixer requires a lot of mixing time.

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3. When the mixture is smooth, add the mixture with egg yolk beaten until white. Then stir and clean.

Tip: Mayonnaise is actually an emulsion. So you can mix oil (oil) with water, you need egg yolk as an emulsifier. So the mayonnaise will be more stable, the oil and water will not separate if stored for a long time. What you need to pay attention to when separating the egg yolk from the white, it must be as clean as possible. Because egg whites can block the emulsion process when making mayonnaise.

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

Tip: This is an important step in making mayonnaise. When pouring the oil into the mixture, you need to do it a little at a time. I recommend adding one teaspoon-one teaspoon. Then give a time between each pour. First check if the first pour has mixed well with the flour, if so, then pour the next oil. If you add too much oil too quickly, the oil will not mix with the mixture (an emulsion will not be formed) and the mayonnaise will fall. If you want it to taste better, use expensive vegetable oil, the more regular the oil, the better the taste. But because I want to save money, I just use regular cooking oil… hehehe 😛

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5. Once well mixed, add mustard, salt and sugar one by one until it is well blended (like sweet). If you think it is not sour enough, you can add more vinegar.

6. Once the flavor is to your liking, put it in the jam jar. Leave it in the refrigerator for one night. Mayonnaise is ready to use.

Tipis: With the measurements in the table above, you can usually make up to 3 jam bottles full of mayonnaise. Because there are many consequences. I recommend keeping the mayonnaise in separate places. So that the mayonnaise does not spoil quickly because the bottle is opened too often. Finish the previously opened bottle, then open the next bottle. To store, seal the bag tightly and keep it airtight. Always store mayonnaise in the refrigerator when you use it.

Last May 8, 2014, the celebration of the birth of my elder brother. Sir, I request you to make 3 delivery cakes. The result is like the picture below. All three are used in a soft sponge cake base.

Aneka Camilan Gurih Yang Mengenyangkan

Mrs. Mrs. to steamed chocolate brownies. Liem, but I forgot I didn’t post the recipe. Last done about a week ago. Looking through the instructions in the smart books took a long time to find. Forget where it was saved. No search on the blog. Not yet published. The flour is changed, using mocaf flour 100 gr, 25 gr wheat flour, other things stay the same. The results are always delicious. Yesterday I entered a mocaf making contest.

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As the name suggests, “Steamed Decorated Brownies”. This brokus was ordered by my brother. Gift for her lover. So the sweat… I dressed up in a dark forest style.

This browkus is the original cake. Covered with a thin layer of meat, enhanced with chocolate bar, red cherries and chocolate shavings. Don’t forget to wish DCC and WCC a happy birthday.

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

1. In a container, add oil, margarine, chopped DCC. Melt using a double boiler, stirring well until dissolved. Split up.

Tertarik Membuat Semar Mendem? Berikut Resepnya!

6. Pour 1/2 of the mixture into a D.22cm round tin or 20x20x7cm square tin greased with margarine, line with baking paper, spread with margarine and sprinkle with flour. Steam for 10 minutes on high heat.

7. Pour the mixture mixed with IV ingredients, steam for 5-7 minutes, then add the remaining mixture. Bake for another 30 minutes until cooked.

My first plan was to make a tiramisu cake. After traveling around Jogja all day, enjoy the bike ride, go out and out of shops and malls. The mascarpone can’t be found. Not sure what to replace. The only way to change the layer is to make a cake that is covered with fruit cake.

The result is like the picture above. The basic cake is 3 layers of vanilla sponge cake, using Yongky Gunawan’s sponge cake recipe. Fill with ganache. Covered in a special potato sauce, the sauce is homemade, using Mom Ricke’s recipe. Decorated with a solid chocolate base (and at the same time try a new chocolate mole, the results are really beautiful …) Finally, filled with strawberries and canned oranges. A beautiful cake.

Aafiyah Catering Booklet

A few days ago, I stopped at a magazine & tabloid seller. Look around for a while, you can find serving tables and delicious tables. Unfortunately, this is not the Delicious Tabloit Entrepreneur Edition.

I was interested in buying the Tabloit Serving Edition 292, because there is a picture of Lapis Surabaya on the front cover hehe… Read the title of the recipe and it turns out to be “ECONOMIC Lapis Surabaya”. Wow, that makes sense…

Actually, I have collected some Surabaya map training materials. If I remember correctly, I did it to fill the food boxes. Not photographed 🙂

Resep Semar Mendem Ny Liem

Today at home is a regular week. My mom reminded me 1 week before to make 1 recipe. It’s time to try the food. The choice fell on the table for “Economic Surabaya Lapis” tabloit Saji edition 292.

Snack Box Premium, Call 0812 1141 8621, Snack Box Terdekat, 45% Off

The shape is like a lapsur full of fruit. Wood, when cut there is no waste. Natural hill. In this recipe, you use whipped margarine. The main thing is taste. The end result appears to be satisfactory. Of course … it is very difficult to make a rich lapsur … but I am satisfied! Those who don’t want trouble can order from me… Hahaha.. also advertise…

A few days ago, the spirits were prayed for in that place. At the end of the week, you will receive a box of food. It has 3 fillings, one of which is blueberry streusel cake. Try one bite. Mmmhh.. How does it taste?

It’s a cake type. For the topping, definitely use streusel.

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