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Resep Selai Nanas Ncc – It is a type of food that is preserved in the form of crushed fruit juice or then with added sugar and cooked until thick or semi-solid.

In general, jam is not eaten separately, but is often used as a spread on white bread and as a filling for sweet bread. In addition, jam is also often used as a topping for cakes, such as Nastar cake recipes, and as a sweetener for cold drinks such as yogurt and ice cream.

Resep Selai Nanas Ncc

Resep Selai Nanas Ncc

Speaking of jam, jam is currently divided into 2 forms, namely soft jam and stringy jam. If you want to make spicy jam, then in the process of making it, you just need to coarsely chop the fruit used. On the contrary, if you want to enjoy a soft jam, you can mix it until smooth.

Aneka Kue Lebaran Terbaru

The pectin in the fruit or fruit juice used reacts with the sugar and acid to make the jam thick. Fruits with low levels of pectin or acidity need to add pectin or acid to make the jam thick.

When preparing jam, it is better to use fruits that are easy to cook, but not too ripe and have a slightly sour taste. Examples include strawberries, blueberries, apricots, apples, grapes, pears, and figs. In addition, jam can be prepared from such vegetables as carrots and celery.

Because these fruits are hard to find, tropical fruits such as pineapple, lobi, srikaya, guava, nutmeg, and ceremai are often made into jam in Indonesia. Also, they often use peanut puree and then mix butter and margarine to make sweet and salty peanut butter or peanut butter.

For those of you who like to enjoy jam that accompanies white bread for breakfast in the morning, or for those of you who are engaged in the production of Eid cookies, then it is better to make homemade jam at home. Because, in addition to being preservative-free, being self-made keeps it clean and can adjust the flavor according to taste.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Tips Dan Cara Membuat Selai Nanas Sendiri Di Rumah

Well, while pineapples are in season, they are plentiful and cheap. Try making pineapple jam at home.

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By the way, I will share a recipe for premium pineapple jam, which is often used as a filling for Nastar cake with a wonderful sweet and sour taste.

Want to make homemade pineapple jam (pineapple jar) for nastar pastry filling that keeps for up to 1 month? Come on, try the following pineapple jam recipe.

Resep Selai Nanas Ncc

One pineapple jam recipe makes 500 grams of tasty and delicious fresh pineapple jam. For some durability of this pineapple jam, I tried to keep it in the refrigerator for only about 1 month and the results are still good and delicious NurulHidayah – Fatma Bahalwan Nastar Leaf Recipe Crispy and Delicious – well known. It tastes like a crunchy pineapple jam filling, of course, you can eat just one, it won’t be enough.

Selai Srikaya Homemade Manis Enak

When dosed right, this nastar puff pastry tastes absolutely delicious, it tastes crunchy and melts in your mouth, making this nastar a prima donna. For the nastar I made this time, it was in the shape of a leaf according to Fatma Bahalwan’s recipe.

Ms. Fatma Bahalwan is one of the founders of NCC, Natural Cooking Club, which has several groups on social media in Indonesia. A group is not one group but several groups with different cities.

In addition, Ms. Fatma Bahalwan has also written several recipe books that have been published several times. From various pastries, traditional cakes to Indonesian menu. So, this time I tried to digest Fatma Bahalwan’s mother’s recipe.

One of the recipes is a nastar recipe. But this time I prepared nastar in the form of a leaf filled with homemade nastar jam, which is of course very tasty.

Resep Selai Nanas Untuk Isi Nastar, Cuma Butuh 5 Bahan

Below is a crispy and delicious recipe of Fatma Bahalwan Nastar leaves that you can also try at home to snack on and even serve on Eid al-Fitr.

2. Then, beating with a mixer at the lowest speed, add flour and milk powder. Continue stirring with a spatula. Mix until everything is combined.

3. Before shaping, make sure that the nastar dough can be shaped. Prepare the pineapple jam, form small balls for the filling from the pineapple leaves. After that, shape the dough into a round shape, flatten it and fill it with pineapple jam, then shape it into a leaf, because this time I’m making cookies from nastar leaves. Do this until all the dough is used up and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Resep Selai Nanas Ncc

The recipe for Fatma Bahalwan Nastar Crispy and Delicious Leaves is not as difficult as you might imagine, provided the method of preparation is followed step by step as written above.

Resep Nastar Keju 1 Kg Empuk Dan Lumer Di Mulut, Mudah Dibuat

So, here I have also prepared a video tutorial on how to make nastaru leaves, but this time I made it using only ½ of the recipe. Here’s a video tutorial:

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You can also watch all recipe video tutorials on “Nurul Hidayah” Youtube channel, from various cafe drinks, fresh drinks, traditional dishes, cakes, brownies to modern dishes.

Nurul Hidaya Haaaiii, my name is Nurul Hidaya, I live in Gresik, East Java. Daily activities include teaching, writing articles and being a housewife. Passionate about cooking and always keeping up cooking activities and recipes on website and YouTube channel with various recipes of Nurul Hidaya. I hope that the recipe and video tutorial I made can be useful to everyone who reads and watches the video. Since many people ask for advice and recommendations on how to cook nastar so that it turns out to be round and beautiful, I try to share my experience, which is a little, well ? 🙂

The classic Nastar is generally round in shape, some add a clove on top, apart from the variations, it also imparts a distinctive clove flavor.

Resep Nastar Terbaik: Tanpa Ribet, Lembut, Dan Anti Gagal

In my opinion, the work of preparing nastaru requires a lot of effort, it is full of struggle, hehe… From the very beginning of making pineapple jam. Not to mention the formation of nastar, flat, jam-filled, rounded. Remove the unripe ones from the oven, brush them with egg yolk, and put them back in the oven. Huuuufffftttt… Dare to bet on cheap nastar??? Just do it yourself!! Hahahaha… 😀

Undoubtedly, every family has its main recipe for nastar. This time I used Ms. Fatmah’s recipe from NCC which can be seen here. Later, God willing, I will try again with another recipe.

It is a bit “complicated” to make the settings so that the results are beautiful. Hmm… Here’s some advice from me that may have a lot of flaws, please add or correct if something is wrong.

Resep Selai Nanas Ncc

1. Use palembang pineapple, which has more fiber, and/or pineapple that does not contain too much water. If you use subang pineapple, it has a lot of water, so it takes a long time to dry.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Selai Nanas Homemade

2. Cook the grated or pureed pineapple with a little salt, stirring until the water dries up (this takes quite a while and makes it very tough). After the water dries up, add the sugar. Keep stirring until it becomes dry and sticky like jam. Thus, the jam will turn out to be a beautiful red-yellow color. If granulated sugar was added from the beginning, the color of the jam will be dark brown because the sugar caramelizes during the cooking process.

3. Most nastaru jam recipes add cinnamon, but personally, I never use cinnamon, I just add pandan leaves, which are added when the pineapple is cooked (oh, reveal the secret, hehehe…). I myself do not really like jam with cinnamon 🙂

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4. If you can make the jam 1 day in advance and refrigerate it, it will help the jam set and reduce the water content. So the jam is drier.

1. Briefly beat the butter/margarine, powdered sugar and eggs in a mixer until the butter/margarine is soft. It is not necessary to beat until a white and lush mass. Later, the nastar will melt easily when baked.

Resep Selai Nanas Untuk Teman Makan Roti Dan Isian Nastar

2. Immediately add the flour and other ingredients, then mix well with a wooden spoon. Try not to mix with your palms because the heat of your palms will melt the butter/margarine in the dough and cause the pastry to become hard.

3. When forming the nastar, do not place the dough container/bowl near the stove, oven or refrigerator, again the heat from the stove/oven/fridge will cause the butter/margarine in the dough to melt.

4. With a large volume of dough, it is better to make 1/2 or 1 recipe first, so that the dough does not harden/dry out while waiting for the formation of a layer or placing in the oven. You can also make a dough with butter and margarine first, then take half of it and mix it with half of the flour as well. Set aside 1/2 of the remaining oil/margarine mixture, cover with plastic and keep away from hot/warm areas.

Resep Selai Nanas Ncc

5. Take some dough, flatten it, fill it with jam. Don’t overfill the jam, just enough. Filling too much jam is also one of the factors that cause nastar to crack easily.

Resep Dan Cara Membuat Selai Sarikaya Homemade, Mudah Dan Tahan Lama

6. Round it again, cover your hands with plastic gloves, besides it is more hygienic, it can also make the surface of the rounded dough smoother, hehehe… Gently round it without pressing hard on your palms. It can come out later.

7. Put it in a thin form, it is not necessary to grease it with margarine. Don’t worry, it won’t stick. My experience is that if you spread the margarine on, the nastar will spread a bit more. Space them out so that the heat each cake receives is evenly distributed. Bake in the oven at 140-150 degrees. Don’t overheat, besides it will burn quickly, it can also crack later (there are many reasons for cracks, lol…). Bake without smearing with yolk.

8. Bake for 20-30 minutes. Then remove from the oven, brush with egg yolk. Bake again until the glaze turns red-yellow. This will prevent the varnish from overbaking, so it can turn a reddish yellow. If you polish from scratch, the polish will usually be brown and a little dark because it takes too long to roast.

9. Many versions for polishing. There is egg yolk mixed with liquid milk, mixed with sweetened condensed milk, mixed with water, mixed with honey, mixed with yellow food coloring, or mixed with cookie frosting. But for me personally I only use egg yolks or mix with a little liquid milk to make it thinner and not too thick

Enak Banget Moist Dan Wangi Bolu Lapis Nanas By Murniasri Sarifudin

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