Resep Sayur Godog Pepaya Betawi

Resep Sayur Godog Pepaya Betawi – The recipe is the result of watching my late husband’s grandfather. He is an excellent cook. Although I try her recipes many times, only a few match the taste. The word, different hands, different taste is used here. Time is really a matter of experience and flying hours. Using fresh ingredients that are processed by hand gives a different taste. Try to match the ground and mixed ingredients. Of course it is different. In theory, ground spices produce a better aroma because the aroma is stronger when ground. In a blender, just grind it until smooth with a blender knife and sometimes even add water to make it easier to blend. Be different. The heart of those who do it is also sincere and sincere, grinding seabrek abrek ingredients until smooth, and raw coconut grated by hand compared to modern cooking that wants everything to be simple, mashed with a blender and instant coconut milk, the result is clearly different. Anyway, say hello to our elders.

Here is the recipe, the result of making the recipe of sis … there is the addition of dry rebon instead of shrimp paste. When vegetables are still fresh, they have a lot of flavor. But as it ripens and withers, the volume decreases. So don’t be tempted to add too much water/coconut milk. It will reduce the taste of spices.

Resep Sayur Godog Pepaya Betawi

Resep Sayur Godog Pepaya Betawi

Assalamualaikum Good day of Sadaqa friends, may our worship and our alms be accepted by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. …It’s been a long time since I cooked papaya. There is one tree at home, but the tree is very tall so it is difficult to pick young papayas, because they are tall. Yesterday, luckily there was a worker cleaning the yard, so he didn’t tell me to take the young papayas. So the harvest of young papaya. Yes, that’s enough..let’s come back tomorrow..hihi.

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Warisan Budaya Takbenda

So…I only use it to cook various processed young papayas. It would be a shame if it wasn’t used. Unfortunately, I also like papaya vegetables. My husband also likes it … although he prefers anything. In my opinion, papaya is delicious, the texture is different from anything else. With the childhood memory of eating papaya many times… It’s my turn to move to Semarang, where people rarely cook papaya vegetables… especially Siam Pumpkin Vegetables. So, if you don’t have a processed papaya, you have to cook it yourself…as well as grow it yourself, because those who sell young papaya are rare.

Yesterday I wanted to cook the usual Jowo-style Papaya Vegetable, but I thought I wanted a different dish. Finally the choice fell on Betawi style papaya vegetable called Sayur Godog. I used to cook Godog vegetables too, but the version uses anything. So… this time I want to cook a version using papaya. Both are delicious … but different only in texture and taste. I like both, but I prefer young papaya. If you stay overnight, it tastes really good, add more spices to the recipe.

Yesterday morning, I was about to have breakfast and I thought about the benefits of making Betawi-style Lontong Sayur using Sayur Godog. It would be better if you used Ketupat. But getting ketupat is also difficult, if it’s not Eid..hihi.. so I switched to Lontong, so it was Betawi style Lontong Sayur for breakfast yesterday. very tasty and perfect to enjoy as a breakfast menu in the morning.

To make it better, I also made Betawi-style Semur yesterday, but I didn’t use meat, just eggs and tofu, thank God it’s still delicious for Lontong vegetarian friends. Betawi Semur is also different from Javanese style Semur. This Betawi stew is more spiced and spiced. Although I am from Central Java, I also like this Betawi-style Semur menu, in my opinion it is very tasty. Hahah..what’s not good…! 😀

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Resep Ketupat Sayur Ala Rumahan

OK, let’s go straight to the recipe, friends…enjoy trying…if you like…I will write the complete recipe, okay? Delicious menu doesn’t have to be expensive.. .have a passion to cook in Sapur for family your favorite

Add tofu, eggs and water. Add tomatoes, ground nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, sweet soy sauce and salt. Cook the seasonings and sauce to thicken. Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions.. 30 Eid al-Adha Beef and Goat Recipes.

This young Betawi papaya vegetable makes the lontong vegetable even more delicious. This tasty vegetable is also a complement to ketupat for Eid and Eid al-Adha. It has a spicy taste.

Resep Sayur Godog Pepaya Betawi

Sweet vegetables or vegetable godog are vegetables made with coconut milk that are usually served as an accompaniment to vegetable lontong. Each region has a different combination of vegetables. If in Central Java everything is used, in Medan long beans are used, and in Jakarta young papayas are used.

Resep Olahan Sayur Pepaya Muda Berkuah, Enak Dan Sederhana

The young papaya fruit, which is hard and does not break easily when repeatedly heated, is delicious when cooked with coconut milk and whole spices. As a flavor, apart from spices, small shrimp are sometimes used which are tasty and fragrant.

If you don’t have it, you can use ebi or dried shrimp which is also delicious. Red bird’s eye chilies are also added for those who like a spicy taste. If you want to prepare godog vegetables for friends to eat ketupat and rendang or goat gulau, follow the recipe and tips below.

Eid Vegetables Eid Vegetables Young papaya vegetables recipe how to make young papaya vegetables ketupat delicious vegetable recipes ketupat Eid Vegetables young papaya vegetables tasty vegetables Eid al-Adha 2021 papaya vegetable recipes eid vegetable jam recipe godog Eid vegetable recipe This is yesterday’s menu… see lontong is still lying in the fridge, dear. Finally I just want to eat vegetable rice cake. The choice fell on Lontong Sayur Papaya Muda,..because the ingredients are in front of the house..just choose..hihi. Unfortunately, in Budhe Vegetable there are young long beans too…they are perfect.

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For the seasoning, because I used lontong, I chose a full seasoning… so it’s similar to Betawi ketupat… apart from the main ingredients of shallots, garlic and pepper, I also used ginger and turmeric. So the color of the soup is better and it looks *mlekoh like that.

Resep Sayur Ketupat Lebaran Berbagai Varian Yang Enak Dan Ekonomis!

To make it tastier..use extra ebi’s makes the sauce very tasty. Yodha eats stew meat and eggs. But really just using vegetables is already delicious, you know. The only thing missing is crackers … yesterday they ran out of stock of crackers.

To keep long beans with good color, don’t put them with papaya, friends. Papaya needs time to soften and absorb the spices. When half cooked, then add long beans. So long beans are still good and uncooked. But if you reheat the vegetables the next day…even if the long beans are soft, they’re still delicious…hmm.

If it’s hard to find a young papaya… using anything is also delicious, friends. Good luck trying it…if you like it. Serve this Lontong vegetable with stewed eggs, tofu, meat or something else…hemm…so delicious. Here is the recipe:

Resep Sayur Godog Pepaya Betawi

Young Lontong Papaya Vegetables Ingredients: 300 grams thick papaya, cut into matchsticks 10 long beans, cut into pieces 800 ml coconut milk 2 bay leaves 2 cm galangal 1 lemongrass, bruised 1/2 teaspoon sugar of brown 1 tablespoon of beef and salt to taste 1 tablespoon of ebi, soak in hot water until it blooms Ground spices: 10 red peppers, crushed, remove the seeds if you want them to be unspiced 6 3 cloves of garlic 1 cm ginger 1 cm yellow Method: Cook the ground ingredients until they are firm. fragrant and ripe Add coconut milk, ebi and all other ingredients Boil Add papaya Mask until the papaya is dry and half cooked Add long beans Cook again until the beans are cooked Check the taste.

Lontong Sayur Betawi Jadi Menu Sarapan Favorit Warga Jakarta, Ini 4 Lauk Khasnya

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