Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah

Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah – Let’s try some simple cooking today… Spicy vegetables with coconut milk, like fried chili sauce, but this is fresher, because even though it looks red, there is only a little chili in it. For fried chili sauce there needs to be a lot of chili. They are normal spicy vegetables, because they do not contain too much chili and the taste is mild.

Why is it that the sauce in this case still turns red even though there is a little chili in it? Yes, you can… don’t tell me the secret, friends… use curly red peppers. Choose small curls, not large ones. The problem is that there are a lot of curly peppers nowadays, but the curly peppers are quite large, so that is the color when they are cooked, they turn orange and not red in the sauce.

Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah

Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah

I always choose peppers with small curls, and even then I buy them from regular spice makers. Mbah-Mbah sells them like this, but they sell very well… even though they are like stalls in the market. Well, he sells all kinds of things, including herbs and vegetables. The one selling it is an older couple… they are so harmonious, it’s nice to see old people who are old enough to still work and work together. That’s why it’s actually a blessing for his business, maybe a lot of people buy it every day…lol.

Resep Sayur Buncis Super Yang Enak, Praktis, Dan Sederhana

So if you buy chili peppers there, you already know my taste. Grandma gave me curly chili peppers that usually become brighter in color when cooked in dishes with coconut milk. His grandmother also said that many of his customers were in themaatgan stalls, so he complained when the peppers did not turn red during cooking. So for sellers of cooked processed food, it can certainly be economical, if you use just a little chili, the color of the food will be red.

So for this Spicy Vegetables recipe, I only used 6 seeds, but it still looks beautiful, my friends… yes, that’s because I used small curly red chilies. So even though it is not too spicy, the color of the sauce is still beautiful.

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Okay, I’m just sharing my husband’s favorite vegetable recipe. The side dish is also this man’s favorite… Pindang Kemul. As for Yodha, he still can’t get past Ayam Bacem Pandan, as I posted yesterday. Today I made it again, Yodha ate it twice, didn’t change the side dish he wanted, the chicken continued… it grew… lol. Because he loves the Chicken Bacem… it’s really delicious, he says.

Beans & Tempeh Vegetables Ingredients: 200 grams Beans, chopped to taste ½ plate of Tempeh, diced (I used the one that smelled a bit, it was two days old after the finished Tempeh) 2 bay leaves 2 cm galangal 1 tablespoon of dried shrimp, soaked in hot water 1 tablespoon brown sugar (to taste) 1 teaspoon beef stock / and or salt to taste 8 shallots, thinly sliced ​​4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced ​​6 curly red peppers, crushed Method: Fry the shallots and garlic until soft be cooked and fragrant. Add the ground chili peppers. Cook until the chilies are tender and the aroma is fragrant. Add the coconut milk, galangal and bay leaves. Bring to boil. Add the tempeh and other herbs. Cook until the tempeh is done. almost done Finally add the beans, cooking until they are absorbed but the beans are still nice and crunchy. Adjust seasoning. Serve warm

Resep Tumis Buncis Dan Ayam Yang Sederhana Dan Pedas Gurih Rasanya

For the Pindang Kemul side dish it’s simple, I use the mendoan flour that I sell… which is practical, you just need to add water… lol. So around 12 noon, the other side dishes were already done, all you had to do was take a pack of Mendoan Flour, add some water and then make the fried pindang. Practical and fast, so you can have lunch at 12:30.

Those who want to try the various practical flours that I sell including potato flour, Kremes flour, Mendoan flour, crispy flour, cireng, aci, etc., WA or text to 089654712500.

Pindang kemul Ingredients: 3 Baskets of Pindang Fish (capacity 3 each) 1 pack of MENDOAN FLOWER 350 ml water (to taste, do not make it too thick) Preparation: Mix water and flour, stir well. Heat plenty of oil. Immerse the fish in the flour mixture and fry. until done Tips: To make the fish cooked and nicely covered with flour, use a little more oil and do not heat it too high. If there is little oil, the flour layer will burn quickly and the fish will not be fried properly. Even though the Pindang fish is already cooked, if you fry it, it will not be cooked enough either. It tastes a bit fishy. Remove the waste from the fish and wash it in running water, because the inside of the Pindang Fish is usually not cleaned when making Pindang Fish. If you want to be practical, remove the bones and spines, and the head will be safe for children to eat. Good luck… if you like it, friends… it’s easy. Heat a little oil, fry the ground herbs, season with salt, pepper and stock powder. Cook until cooked and fragrant.

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Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah

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Resep Sayur Lodeh Kuah Kuning

My current lunch fix!! This shrimp bowl is SO good and super flexible!! I always like to alternate it with different proteins! This bowl contains: – Shrimp – White rice – Cucumber – Mango – Avocado – Spicy Mayo Really so tasty and easy! Lmk if you try 🤍 #hellolemon8 #lunchrecipes #shrimp #fo meghan mello 157 likes

Meal Prep My dear friend spent 2 hours yesterday making several meals that we can eat throughout the week to reduce our takeout costs #mealideas #mealplan #prep #mealpreplife Lexy Sherryl 4 likes

Children’s Lunch I pride myself on taking the time to prepare a healthy and delicious lunch for my children! Today they had: Mortadella on sourdough Kiwiberries Cara cara orange Cucumbers Onion dip 😋 #kidunch #kidslunches #kidapproved #kideats #healthyeats #yummy Mimi 7 likes

Lunch Timeeeee Not sure if it counts as a Quesadilla? It was delicious. #homemadefood #hellolemon8 #food @Naa Adzaa Naa Adzaa 5 likes

Resep Sayur Tahu Buncis Labu

Lunchtime Delicious salad for lunch! On Sundays I like to prepare all my salad pieces in small containers: Ingredients: 🥗Sweet and crunchy salad bag (Asda) 🫑Red pepper 🌽Sweet corn (I used frozen and then thawed in water) 🍅Cherry tomatoes 🥒Cucumber (I bought a half from Asda) 🧅Red Onion 🫙Asda Caesar Dr. Louise Mclean 16 likes

Vegetables Delicious vegetarian dinner served with homemade mashed potatoes!! #lemon8diary #fyp #healthylifestyle2023 #trending Kimberley John 3 likes

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A healthy and quick lunch The Gut Makeover is going well so far, now that I’m on my 2nd day of it. Time will tell if I can make it to the duration, but for now I’m trying to keep my meals as simple as possible. So for this one we have minced turkey with taco mix on a bed of lettuce. Ingredients: 300 g turkey yvieansari 18 likes

Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah

Always make Sunday dinner with meSunday salmon! Salmon: Add lemon juice, Italian seasoning Air fry at 390 for 15 minutes Broccoli: I leave it in boiling water for the time it all cooks Rice: A rice cooker is a life saver! #lemon8review #cook #cookingvideos #cookingtips HK 0 likes

Resep Sayur Sop Yang Praktis Dibuat Di Rumah Untuk Keluarga

LUNCH TIME! Random thoughts 💭 What’s on my mind: I love food!! Current mood: full!! ⭐Price: 10/10 Angelica Trigo 3 likes, Jakarta Green beans in coconut milk sauce is a dish that has become part of various Indonesian culinary traditions. With fresh chickpeas that provide fiber and important nutrients, and a rich and delicious coconut milk sauce, this dish is a crowd favorite.

Green beans in coconut milk sauce are perfect for a family lunch. So if you’re interested in making it, here’s a recipe you can try.

Who says green beans are just an additional ingredient on a plate? You may not know it, but this vegetable has many extraordinary benefits for the body. Come on, find out why you shouldn’t miss green beans in your daily diet.

Bean vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which is good for the body. In one serving you get fiber intake, which is important for healthy digestion. Fiber helps the digestive process run smoothly and keeps the stomach comfortable. So you no longer have to feel bloated or constipated.

Resep Buncis Menjadi Masakan Yang Sedap

Don’t underestimate the small size of green beans, because this green vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Green beans contain vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A. So this vegetable can help maintain strong bones and healthy skin and improve the immune system.

Are you following a diet program? Beans are your faithful friend. These vegetables are low in calories and contain no bad fats. In addition, the fiber content ensures that you feel full for longer, making it difficult to eat unhealthy snacks.

So, don’t hesitate to eat green beans considering the above benefits. Naturally, this provides many benefits for the health of the body.

Resep Sayur Buncis Kuah

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