Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado – – The menu of yellow pickles is often found in food stalls such as This food supplement with a pleasant and sour taste is often served with processed gourami fish and boiled rice.

The way to prepare yellow pickles is quite simple even with simple ingredients like cucumbers, carrots, hot peppers and vinegar. Well, but not everyone can consume vinegar. But you don’t need to worry because yellow pickles can be made without vinegar, you know. In fact, this will make the yellow pickles healthier without reducing the taste of the pickles themselves.

Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

How to make yellow pickles without vinegar was shared by YouTube account owner Sajian Bunda. In this video, the owner of the YouTube channel shares the recipe and shows each step during the preparation of yellow pickles.

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Reporting from YouTube Serving Mother, first prepare the ingredients, namely 5 cucumbers, 2 carrots, 3 lime leaves, 10 cayenne pepper, 1 lime, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/2 salt, 2 teaspoons ground pepper, 1/2 tablespoon mushroom juice, and enough water.

Then peel the cucumber and carrots and then wash them clean. Then we divide the cucumber into two parts, then we remove the seeds of the cucumber and cut it lengthwise. Then we cut the carrots into matchsticks. Leave it aside.

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Next, grind the spices using a mortar, namely 3 cloves, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 segment of turmeric and 1 segment of ginger. Leave it aside.

Then heat enough oil for frying. Then add the ground spices and fry until fragrant. Once fragrant, add the lemon leaves, then stir until fragrant and cooked, then add some water.

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Next step, add cayenne pepper and carrots. Then add salt, mushroom juice, granulated sugar and ground pepper. Mix until it’s evenly mixed, okay?

The video caught the attention of many netizens. This is proven by the fact that this video has been viewed 11,000 times with 33 comments and has been liked by 114 other YouTube channels. Instead of being curious, just watch and serve this Manado yellow pickle recipe as a side dish to you know how delicious it is.

4. Saute the ground spices until fragrant. Add red pepper mixture. We stir them well. Add the bamboo shoots and chickpea mixture. We stir them well.

Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

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Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

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#how to scent a room #fruit net #tabloid service #silver or gold paper #hole under the sink faucet #curved #chocolate wrappers #how to make an itch remedy from turmeric #feng shui #white clothes Pickles are a a type of food made from various vegetables served with vinegar and salt water which is often served at large events such as weddings, birthdays, thanksgiving events, etc. Usually the vegetables used in making pickles include cucumber, red chilies, shallots, carrots and some other ingredients. These pickled vegetables are often consumed as an accompaniment to the food that has been served.

In addition to being a friend to eat, it turns out that pickles have many good benefits for the body. Reporting from, pickles are believed to have a refreshing effect, treat diabetes, maintain cholesterol levels in the body, are able to control blood pressure, prevent constipation, are good for digestive health, maintain the immune system of the body, eliminate toxins from the body, eliminate toxins in the body and many other benefits.

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Each region of course has its own unique way of managing food. It is certainly adapted to the traditions and culture of each region. Likewise with pickles. An example of pickles that are quite interesting and tasty is from Manado. What makes this pickle different from other pickles is the use of coconut milk and yellow sauce, as well as the unusual filling like bamboo shoots. Wow, this is unique

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Well, you are probably now curious about how this typical Manado pickle tastes, especially for lovers of bamboo fiber vegetables, which are rich in benefits. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to Manado to experience or enjoy it. Come, make it yourself and follow the recipe for making typical Manado pickles as below.

This is the recipe and way to make typical Manado pickles. The consumption of pickles is not only possible during big events, of course you can also consume them at home. Please try and enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

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