Resep Saus Padang Seafood

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Resep Saus Padang Seafood – Padang Sauce Crab Recipe – Big fan of seafood, especially crabs, it’s time to try this restaurant-style Padang Sauce Crab recipe at home.

Yes, crab cooked in padang sauce or padang crab is one of the most frequently ordered crab menu items. Spicy, sweet and spicy flavor makes the crab taste even more delicious and unique.

Resep Saus Padang Seafood

Resep Saus Padang Seafood

Although there are many delicious sauces that accompany crab meat, such as Oyster Sauce Crab, Sweet and Sour Crab, and Spicy Baked Crab, Padang Sauce Crab has always been a crowd favorite.

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The spicy taste of padang sauce comes from the use of crushed chilies. In addition, the sweet and savory taste comes from the sweet soy sauce combined with tomato sauce and oyster sauce. And of course other spices that make the Padang sauce even more delicious and full.

How to make delicious restaurant-style padang sauce crab is certainly not a difficult thing. Because the necessary ingredients are already in the kitchen. If it is not there, you can look for it in the nearest supermarket.

You need a lot of spices when making padang sauce seasoning. But trust me, it’s comparable to the taste of the Padang Sauce Crab that we later enjoyed with our family.

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To make the padang sauce crab recipe easier to prepare, first boil the crabs in boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. In addition to cooking the crayfish, this process can soften the shell so it cracks more easily when eaten.

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Leftover padang sauce can be reheated for stir-fried chicken, fried fish, grilled fish and egg seasoning.

Padang sauce can be made as good as it can be at a restaurant with this recipe for crab.

Actually, using lime leaves without bay leaves will taste better, Bun. So you can skip the bay leaf. Then if you have other seafood like prawns, squids and fish, you can mix them with this crab dish to make it even more delicious and tasty.

Resep Saus Padang Seafood

Anyway, be creative with the Padang Sauce Crab recipe above, don’t get hung up on the ingredients I’ve written. It is the same, and of course it is adapted to the stock of materials in each house.

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