Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

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Resep Saus Kacang Cilok – Bandung has several typical foods that spoil the language. Cilok is one of the most popular. This starch-based snack feels messy and really tickles the tongue.

The pleasure is doubled when smothered in legit peanut sauce. So, if you want to cook it yourself at home, we will see the recipe for making cilok with coconut sauce below!

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Before mixing all the ingredients, grind the garlic first by grinding it. If so, set aside in a container first. Coarsely chop the green onions.

Resep Cilok Empuk Saat Dingin Dengan Saus Kacang Yang Gurih Pedas

Next, add tapioca flour and wheat flour into the bowl. Pour hot water into it and stir until it forms a lump of dough. Add the finely chopped garlic, chives, pepper and salt, then stir again until smooth.

After the dough is ready, leave it for 15 minutes to make it denser. Then, take a tablespoon of dough and shape it into a ball. Cook until done and set aside in a container.

Next, prepare a pan on the stove and pour enough oil in it. Heat until it boils, then boil cilok one by one until cooked. If it’s floating, pick up and worry immediately.

While you wait for the chilok to warm up a little, prepare the coconut sauce. First grind the fried nuts with garlic, red chili, sugar and salt.

Ria Buchari: Cilok Ayam Saus Kacang Sambal Andaliman

Pour hot water into the mixture of ingredients while still stirring until evenly distributed. Pour the seasoning into the pot and bring to the boil. Add the sweet soy sauce, stir again until it thickens.

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After that, arrange the cilok on a plate or you can also stab it with a skewer. Pour the peanut sauce evenly over it. Peanut sauce cilok is ready to enjoy.

That is a simple peanut sauce cilok recipe at home and how to make it. If you have this, you don’t have to go all the way to Bandung to get it. Good luck! – Cilok, just hearing the name, you immediately think of its chewy, soft and delicious taste. Yes, every group likes the snacks that are usually sold in front of schools or on the sides of the road. The price is also cheap, it is not wrong if this food is a mandatory snack.

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

This dish, which originated from Bandung, is made from tapioca flour called aci in Sundanese. Well, the name cilok is said to come from the word aci, because when we eat cilok, we usually use a skewer to stick it.

Resep Cilok Saus Kacang

This snack looks like meatballs, round but the texture is a bit chewy and soft. It is different from the meatballs, which contain more meat than the tapioca flour, while cilok has only a little meat. That’s the difference between cilok and meatballs. The presentation method also usually uses coconut sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce and sauce.

There are many variations of cilok itself, not only cilok with egg filling, grilled cilok, gravy cilok and many others. For those who love cilok, you can try making cilok at home.

Here summarizes from various sources the recipe for cilok and coconut sauce that is delicious, tender and easy to make, Saturday (28/9) It’s easy to make, you know .

Form the dough in small dots while the water is boiling, so make dots and put them directly into the pan until the mixture runs out.

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Resep Cilok Daging Sapi Bumbu Kacang

Prepare a container, add tapioca flour, wheat flour, garlic powder, chopped scallions, salt and mushroom broth to taste. Gradually add hot water, while stirring and smoothing. put aside

Make the dough for the filling, saute the chopped garlic until it is fragrant, add the slices of slices, until they are a little brown and add the meatballs. Add mushroom broth, pepper and water. Cook until dry and ready to fill.

Put the clean claws in boiling water, boil for a while, drain the water, boil again with fresh water. put aside.

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Add the stir-fried spices to the boiled claws, add salt, mushroom broth and a little sugar. Cook again until the claws are tender and the spices are absorbed, correct the taste

Resep Cilok Bumbu Kacang Anti Gagal, Nikmat, Gurih, Kenyal, Simpel Banget Buatnya Dijamin Maknyuuussss

Mix the two types of flour, scallions and chicken meat, add salt, sugar, ground pepper, and powdered chicken stock.

Then pour the hot water little by little while stirring with a wooden spoon, and add the green onions, stir again until they are smooth.

Add salt, sugar, brown sugar, taste, sweet soy sauce and then pour a little water. Add the cilok, cook on low heat until the flavors melt.

Prepare a container, add flour, starch and chopped green onions. Then, mix well, pour hot water that is mixed with finely chopped garlic, salt, sugar, pepper and broth powder.

Resep Cilok Saus Kacang Kenyal Yang Bikin Ketagihan

Mix well with a spoon, until the dough is formed and not sticky. Do not move too far, so it is not difficult.

Heat the spices until they are fragrant, add cilok, soy sauce, chili salt, salt, sugar and a little water, stir until smooth, cook until the water is reduced.

Mix all cilok ingredients except water, mix well. Add boiling water, stir until smooth and ready to be dispersed.

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Pour the green chili sauce, pepper, mushroom broth and water, cook until it boils. Add the cilok cheese, cook again until it boils.

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Resep Cilok Bumbu Kacang Nikamat Dan Anti Gagal!

Put it in a container of tapioca flour, flour, salt and ground pepper. Then boil the water, add the crushed garlic and chives.

Mix tapioca flour, wheat flour, pepper, sugar, stock powder, salt and garlic. Mix well and then add hot water little by little until the dough is cracked and formed.

Combine in a bowl of flour and starch, add the boiled water gradually, then the thinly sliced ​​green onions and the celery leaves. Stir the dough until it is smooth and even.

Bring water to a boil. Shape the cellar longer, then boil the cylinder until it floats.

Resep Cilok Bumbu Kacang Dan Cara Membuatnya Yang Enak

Little by little pour the hot water into the flour mixture, mixing well with a wooden spoon. Don’t get it too soft, so it can move around.

After the water boils, put the round cilok into the pot and wait for the cilok to float, remove and drain.

Mix flour, chives, ground spices. Slowly pour the boiling water, mix well. Don’t be soft. Stop adding water when the dough becomes clean.

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Mix tapioca, flour, ground spices, scallions, salt and taste. Gradually add hot water, stirring with a spatula.

Resep Cilok Bumbu Kacang Enak Dan Mudah

Mix the sago flour and wheat flour well and then pour into the hot water while stirring. When it is mixed well, add the fish meat, salt, pepper, sugar and broth powder.

Make the filling first by chopping the onions until they are fragrant, add to the minced meat. Cook until it changes color. Season and taste correction.

Cook until it boils, add the green onions, pour the boiled water into the flour mixture while stirring until it is well mixed. Blend until smooth.

Prepare a separate container, mix the flour and the starch and then add the fried onions to taste, add the crushed spices.

Resep Cilok Empuk Untuk Teman Ngemil Sore Hari

Boil with boiling water and strain. Then skewer it with a skewer, add soy sauce, salt and oil and then burn it.

Mix the spices, and mix all the ingredients in the same bowl: flour, tapioca and seasoning. Do not overdo it with ground spices

Add the tapioca to the mixture and mix gently with your hands until it is smooth, but you don’t have to knead it too hard so that the cilok doesn’t become hard.

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Resep saus kacang

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