Resep Saus Kacang Batagor

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Resep Saus Kacang Batagor – Indonesian cuisine seems incomplete without peanut sauce. Peanut sauce or also known as peanut sauce and peanut chili sauce (if spicy) is a condiment made from roasted ground peanuts with the addition of various ingredients.

Not only in Indonesia, peanut sauce is also part of the culinary delights of other countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Africa. However, Indonesian peanut sauce definitely has its own unique taste that will make your tongue wag!

Resep Saus Kacang Batagor

Resep Saus Kacang Batagor

In Indonesia, peanut sauce is usually prepared with sweet soy sauce, garlic, onion, chili pepper and other spices. This sweet and savory spice complements various typical Indonesian dishes, from gado-gado, satay, dumplings, pecel, to fried ‘dip’ foods.

Riwayat Bumbu Kacang Sebagai Saus Khas Nusantara

Although the title is the same, each peanut sauce has its own characteristics in different dishes. You can even make it yourself, you know, at home! Come on, check out the 6 peanut sauce recipes below.

The first peanut sauce recipe is gado-gado. Usually, the typical gado-gado peanut sauce uses coconut milk to make it taste better. Come, try the recipe right away!

This peanut sauce recipe is really suitable for dumpling dishes or batagor dishes. If you want it more spicy, you can add chili according to your taste. Come on, try the recipe below!

Who likes chocolate snacks? You can definitely make your own chiloquy at home, right? To make it more complete, let’s make peanut sauce at the same time! You can also add chili sauce and soy sauce to taste.

Resep Batagor Bandung Asli Enak Dan Mudah

At home but want to do something more special? Just make peanut sauce, come on! This peanut sauce recipe is typical of Madura Sate. The taste is guaranteed to be addictive and not inferior to that in Abang Sate!

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Eating fried food feels incomplete without peanut sauce! It is even more delicious if we make our own peanut sauce at home. Come on, use the recipe below!

Peanut sauce for pecel has its own characteristics, namely using kencur. This special taste makes pecel dishes feel even more special! Come on, check out the recipe below.

Resep Saus Kacang Batagor

These are 6 recipes for spicy sauce that you can make at home. What food do you usually like to eat with peanut sauce? Come on, comment below!

Batagor Siomay Bumbu Kacang Isi 10

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A passionate SEO content writer with a journalism background. He has been putting words together for different content for years and intends to continue learning all about SEO and copywriting. We usually find peanut sauce in Indonesian cuisine. Peanut sauce is added to dishes to make the dish taste more delicious and give it flavor. Actually, isn’t it easy to make a delicious peanut sauce recipe (can be used for cilok, noodles, batagor, satay? The answer is very easy, mom. But before we get to the recipe, let’s know first base the ingredients of the sauce. especially if they are not peanuts.

Resep Rahasia Bumbu Kacang Ala Abang Abang Sate Madura Untuk Berbagai Hidangan, Super Awet Dan Gurih

The first time peanuts came from South America. And it started to enter Indonesia and became a sauce or seasoning which is quite popular in some Indonesian dishes. Even in non-Asian countries, peanut sauce is sometimes served with fries or baked dishes. For Indonesian cuisine, peanut sauce is synonymous with sweet and spicy flavor, which comes from chili peppers and palm sugar. Peanut plants can thrive in Indonesia in areas that have a tropical climate. There are many areas in Indonesia that cultivate peanut plants.

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To get peanuts, it is very easy. Just go to the local market or shop. Definitely provide peanuts. The price is also quite cheap. So you’re curious about this delicious peanut sauce recipe (can it be used for cilok, siomay, batagor, satay? Don’t worry mom, below is a recipe that’s guaranteed to be easy to make at home and not complicated Let’s check the recipe.

1. Roast the peanuts… Do not let them burn or they will turn bitter. Drain them and then puree them… I use a blender, you can use a chopper

Resep Saus Kacang Batagor

2. Heat the oil, saute the ground spices until fragrant, add the lemon leaves, granulated sugar, soy sauce and salt. Add a little water. Boil until it thickens a little

Resep Bumbu Kacang

3. Add the beans and water. Cook on low heat until the oil comes out and the peanut sauce thickens. Enjoy the taste. Customize according to your taste..

4. Finish it..😉 The result is quite large, it is enough to make a stock of different types of dips. Can you store it in a sealed container? We wish you to try it

Isn’t it easy for you to make this delicious peanut sauce recipe (can be used for cilok, noodles, batagor, satay)? Besides being easy, this sauce recipe is also very cheap to make. It can also be stored for later by placing it in a sealed container and storing it in the refrigerator. In addition, you can adjust the homemade peanut sauce according to your spicy taste. Simply increase or decrease the amount of chilies in the recipe. Moms can also make peanut butter for your little one without adding chili. So what are you waiting for, let’s try this recipe in your kitchen, turns out this peanut sauce is the secret 👍🏻👍🏻 Basically, if you add peanut sauce to any food, it will become delicious and taste even more delicious 😋😋

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Resep Sambal Kacang Batagor Dan Siomay Super Mantap

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Resep Saus Kacang Batagor

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Cara Membuat Siomay Bumbu Kacang, Empuk Dan Lezat

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Resep Batagor Rumahan Simpel, Cocok Untuk Teman Santai Saat Week End

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Resep saus kacang

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