Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

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Resep Sate Taichan Bakar – The recipe for Sate Taichan Senayan – Sate Taichan from a few months ago has indeed become one of the most popular snack trends in Jakarta. Especially in the Sanyan area.

As far as I know, the first time he was at Sati Taichen was only at Sanayan Restaurant. So it is no longer strange that this bright white chicken satay has the nickname Senayan satay.

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

At first I thought Sate Taichan Senayan was the same as yakitori, meaning Japanese chicken satay, kalatak satay and Balinese nightly satay. Oh, that’s different. The difference lies in the seasoning and the way of serving.

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

In my opinion, this recipe for Sateen Taichen by Sanyan is a type of chicken satay that is easy and very practical to make. Why is that, because satay taichen doesn’t use peanut sauce a la sat padang, chicken satay and fire goat which are loaded with seasonings. Usually, satay is grilled with sweet soy sauce and peanut sauce.

It’s different from this satay taichen sanyani recipe because satay taichen doesn’t use peanut sauce and soy sauce at all. But for chicken marinade it is enough to use a little vegetable oil, a drizzle of lime juice and seasoning or chicken powder and beef stock. Stir and let stand for a few moments until the spices blend, then sear it until cooked over hot coals, Teflon or happy.

If you want a milder seasoning, you can add 1 clove of crushed garlic and ground pepper to taste. For me, I want the satay to have a mild flavor, but for a stronger flavor, it’s more fun with the super hot chili taichen sauce. The Chili Taichen sauce can be adjusted according to taste, for me I like it super spicy. You can say the level of the devil.

Chicken meat is different from beef, goat and seafood such as crabs and squid which can be consumed uncooked. If chicken meat must be fully cooked, it should not be consumed uncooked or almost cooked.

Sate Taichan Bintang 5

Because uncooked chicken meat contains a lot of bacteria that can cause stomach aches and even serious diarrhea. Therefore it is suggested, mother must burn or grill the satay taichen meat until it is completely cooked.

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If you want, now there is also a creation of fried satay taichen that is no less delicious than the original grilled satay taichen at all – satay taichen is indeed loved by young people today, since the advent of the celebrity business owned by Rachel and Nanya, it Synonymous with its hot and spicy chili sauce. Right on the tongue.

This satay made of chicken meat without sauce has a delicious taste, because satay taichen does not go through a long roasting process like satay at all. The meat used for satay taichen is usually grilled for a short time to tenderize the meat and then fried.

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

For Sata Taichen, one serving can be as much as 20,000 rupees. However, making fried satay taichen is easy, you know. You can even make your own at home.

Resep Sate Taichan Ala Restoran

3. Prepare the seasoning for soaking the chicken: grind the garlic, squeeze the key oranges and add salt and pepper, mix with your hands while pressing lightly so that the flavors exchange. Be quiet for 15-30 minutes.

4. While waiting for the chicken to marinate, prepare the chili sauce. Sambal: Boil tomatoes, chilies and onions for a while to get rid of the unpleasant smell, then stir.

5. Heat a little oil for frying, add chili sauce, salt, sugar and pepper. Mix until fragrant. After boiling, take out and give the key orange juice.

6. Heat a pan/teflon with a little oil, add the marinated chicken. Mix until the water comes out. Discard the water, add a little more oil, mix until the color is yellowish white.

Sate Taichan Senayan Yang Bikin Ketagihan Yogya

8. If you want to grill it, just throw away the water and wait for it to cool, then poke the skewer and then burn, so that the level of doneness is just right, the meat is not too dry. The satay is usually brown in color because of the peanut sauce or soy sauce, satay taichen is pale white in color because it is only served with onion sauce or matchstick sauce. You can say that the Satin Taichen recipe is very simple because in the Satin Taichen recipe, before grilling, the chicken is seasoned only with garlic, salt and other simple spices.

Sate Taichan started to become popular in Jakarta in 2016. This dish was created by Amir located in Senyan area, Central Jakarta. Many say this food was originally created when a couple of Japanese tourists ordered chicken satay. He was surprised by the unique taste of satay because it was covered in peanut sauce on the outside.

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So next, this person asked for the satay to be just plain grilled with no peanut sauce and just a sprinkle of salt and lime. And this is where the recipe for satay taichen was created.

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

Satay taichen usually contains skinless grilled chicken and is served without peanut sauce. However, now there are different variations of the content of taichen satay other than chicken meat, namely the chicken skin and intestines.

Resep Sate Ayam Taichan Yang Lezat

The presentation is the same, meaning no peanut sauce. Satay Taichen only comes with red chili sauce, lime and micin or flavorings, all served separately.

This is a distinct characteristic of satay taichen that differentiates it from satay madura, satay padang or other types of satay that are usually served with spices.

Sata Taichen has varying prices, depending on the portion and in which region it is sold. Usually satay taichen is set at IDR 20,000.00 – IDR 30,000.00 for 10 skewers + rice cake or rice. This price also includes accessories such as mikin and lime spices.

The price of Sata Taichen also depends on the content. Satay taichen with skin and intestines usually has a lower price than satay taichen with chicken meat. Meanwhile, satay taichen mixed with meat and skin has a higher price compared to satay meat taichen.

Sate Taichan Nyot2, Grogol

Sata Taichen is prepared using the technique of grilling on coals or grilling on a griddle. So if the time and searing process are correct, you can be sure that the Taichen satay meat is cooked and safe to eat.

The same goes for the skin and intestines which are another alternative menu to Satay Taichen. Thus, Diazens no longer need to be afraid of eating Taichen skewers.

The halal status of a food product depends on the brand or store that sells the product, as well as Sata Taichen. However, judging by the ingredients, satay taichen made from chicken meat can be classified as halal food. The complementary seasoning does not contain arak or alcohol.

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

Sate Taichan Senayan itself, became the first Sate Taichan brand to receive a Halal certificate from the MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council). For other sati taichen, you can ask the owner or employee of the sati taichen about its halal status.

Sate Ayam Madura Lengkap Dan Praktis

So, so that you don’t doubt the halal status and maturity of the satay taichen you are eating, it is better to prepare it yourself. This time I will give you a recipe for Taichen skewers that you can cook at home! With only a small capital, you are guaranteed to be able to produce dozens of Taichen skewers that could cost many times more if you sell them in a store. Are you sure you don’t want to try?

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On his YouTube channel, Wilgoz tells you how to prepare the recipe for Squirrel Style Satay Taichen. These are the ingredients you need to make:

9 delicious chicken rendang recipes, soft and economical with an infusion of spices, no less delicious than beef

The tip for the Satay Taichen recipe for making satay with soft and juicy meat is not to grill the satay for too long. Also, don’t cut the meat too thin.

Sate Taichan Nyot2 Puri

You only need a chicken breast and skewers and also some spices that are sure to be at home and a simple process, you can prepare a delicious and abundant dinner or snack menu.

With only 300 grams of chicken breast fillet, you can get several servings of satay taichen, which if you buy it, the price will be many times that.

The taste of satay taichen which tends to be sought after but soft, is perfect to eat with melted mozzarella cheese which is creamy and delicious in the mouth.

Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

There is no need to bother making peanut sauce, you can enjoy satay taichen with a simple chili sauce. It tastes just as good as the peanut sauce satay.

Satai Taichan, Satai Ala Jepang Dengan Bumbu Praktis Dan Lezat

With chicken breast and additional kitchen spices for seasoning, you can eat satay taichen grilled with the family. Simple and delicious!

Not only grilled and grilled, you can also fry satay taichen. It’s perfect for those of you who love fried food and crunchy textures.

This satay taichen can be a simple food alternative for diners to try to make at home and it is sure to fail. Let’s try to make using the recipe below!

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Resep Sate Taichan Bakar

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