Resep Sate Padang

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Resep Sate Padang – Padang Sate Recipe – Indonesian Wikipedia Padang Sate is the name given to three varieties of satay in West Sumatra, namely Padang satay, Padang Panjang satay and Pariaman satay.

Long Padang satay stands out for its yellow satay sauce, while Padang Pariaman satay has red sauce. The taste of these two types of satay is also different. Padang satay, meanwhile, has a variety of flavors, a combination of two variations of satay.

Resep Sate Padang

Resep Sate Padang

For authentic Padang satay, beef, tongue or offal such as heart, intestines and tetelan are usually used. However, there are now Padang satay recipes that use chunks of chicken and mutton.

Sate Padang Empuk Enak Praktis Istimewa

The specialty of this satay is its thick peanut sauce. The texture is similar to porridge and when served, you can add a lot of chopped chillies for a spicy taste.

You can find satay Padang at RM Padang around the house. But unfortunately, not all Padang RMs provide Padang satay. So instead of getting confused looking for Padang satay, it’s better to try to make it yourself at home. The production process is quite simple!

Namely, boiling fresh meat twice until the meat becomes soft and tender, then slicing it and covering it with herbs and spices. Meanwhile, the water used to cook the meat can be used as stock, which is an ingredient for making satay sauce.

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If you have a good stock, simply enhance it with 19 types of ground spices such as shallots, garlic, turmeric, ginger and lemongrass mixed with different types of chilies.

Barkat Sate Padang Bubuk 250 Gram Harga 1 Pcs 100% Rempah Asli Sejak 1939

Meanwhile, for satay, just grill it normally using coconut shell charcoal or you can use Teflon or non-stick pan for homemade Padang satay to make it easier and more practical.

Padang satay is best eaten while still warm, usually with the addition of typical Minang balado chips that are spicy, sweet and salty for a complete Padang satay dish in the style of Mak Syukur Padang Panjang satay, Dangung-Dangung satay and KMS satay.

You can make Padang satay with thick authentic Minang sauce mixed with selected spices at home by following the Padang satay recipe below.

Resep Sate Padang

I used beef here, if you want to use beef tongue or offal, first cook the inside of the beef halfway, then discard the water so that the offal doesn’t smell fishy. The offal can then be prepared by following the step-by-step instructions for the Padang Satay recipe above.

Sate Padang Ajo Ramon Yang Melegenda Di Jakarta

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