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Resep Sate Kere Solo – Satay is a dish that is often found in Indonesia, many regions have their own special satay, such as Ponorogo satay, Madura satay, Padang satay, Lilit satay, Buntal satay and others.

In Sulu, there is a satay that is different from other areas, namely the kiri satay. This satay consists not only of beef, but also of anards and tempe gembus. This breakfast is very popular in Solo and the surrounding area, and has become a culinary destination when visiting Solo. So, what are the different types of this typical solo carry-on? Check out the article below!

Resep Sate Kere Solo

Resep Sate Kere Solo

In Javanese, it means poor or without money. It is during the Dutch occupation, the natives wanted to eat sata, but could not afford to buy meat, because meat was a luxury food that was only eaten by the colonists and colonists.

Sate Kere Kekayaan Kuliner Wisata Solo

From there, the creativity of the local people of Sulu emerged, they created satay using the ingredients they had. Finally, curry satay was born with tempeh gumbos, which are made with tofu or beef as a substitute for meat. Satay sprinkled with peanut sauce. Now Kari Sati can be enjoyed by all groups.

Like its origin, curry satay consists of tempe gembus and various offal. The use for curry satay can be different such as liver, tripe, intestine, or lung, some also add pieces of meat to make it more delicious.

Gambus tempeh is first seasoned with basim spices, before being grilled. Like satay in general, curry satay is served with a spicy, sweet and tangy peanut sauce.

First, the meat innards that are made into the satay are boiled until tender. After that, just cut it into pieces and put it inside. Meanwhile, tempeh gumbos are cut into cubes and then cooked with basim spices.

Lezatnya Sate Kere, Sajian Kuliner Di Resepsi Kahiyang Ayu

Basim spice consists of cumin, coriander, green tea, garlic, large red pepper, sugar, salt, ginger, brown sugar and tamarind. Roast the ground bay leaves until fragrant, then add the bay leaves, lemongrass and lime leaves and stir.

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After that, add the pieces of tempeh, add the coconut milk, and cook until it is cooked, the spices are absorbed and thickened. After that, the seasoned meat is skewered and ready for grilling. After eating all the satay ingredients, the satay is served with a delicious peanut sauce.

Curry satay can be served as a breakfast or as a side dish. A portion of the complete curry satay is a slice of rice cake, the curry satay is sprinkled with peanut sauce, then sprinkled with chopped shallots and chilies.

Resep Sate Kere Solo

The basim masala used to cook the tempeh gumbo makes the curry satay sweet and savory, along with the juicy and chewy meat. A portion is accompanied by a sweet and savory peanut sauce and fresh pieces of chili and shallots. It is even more filling when eaten with Luntong.

Bikin Nagih, Sate Jamur Ponorogo

Set curry is a very popular cooking dish in Solo, from street vendors to restaurants. There are many places to eat that you can visit to eat curry satay in Solo, such as:

A portion of curry sata, complete with rice cakes, green tea and chilies, can cost anywhere from ten thousand to thirty thousand. A plate full of delights!

So, those are five typical solo Carrie Sty songs. If one day you go solo, don’t forget to try the delicious curry satay!

IDN Times Community is a media outlet that provides a platform for writing. All written work is the sole responsibility of the author. Satay Curry is one of the typical delicacies of the city of Sulu that is very popular and a target for tourists from outside of Sulu. This culinary dish is made from tempeh gembus or by tempeh mold as a result of fermentation of tofu dragees.

Resep Sate Ayam Manis Ala Devina Hermawan, Praktis Dan Lezat Bisa Jadi Rekmendasi Untuk Menu Berbuka

Quoted from, Sat Keri refers to the Javanese word “keri” which means poor or incompetent. The name is based on the period of Dutch occupation where the original people who ate this stew came from a poor background.

Still quoted from, curry satay is a processed food that has been around since the Dutch colonial era. Sat Curry is the result of the creativity of the local people in using food items that were then carried by the white people or upper class people.

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This happened because at that time the raw material for making satay, such as meat, was very high, so the local people replaced the meat with tofu drag or tempe gembus.

Resep Sate Kere Solo

Although curry satay was once a food for the poor, now this processed satay has become a must-have food for tourists to the city of Sulu, because curry satay has a unique and unique taste at a popular price.

Resep Sate Kulit Ayam Gurih Minyak Wijen

For those of you who want to make curry sata easily and with cheap ingredients, check out the full recipe below, adapted from the Goyang Watchbook by Central Java: Nusantara Recipes (2021) by Indah Erish et al.

So, this is a curry satay recipe, a delicious solo specialty that you can make yourself. Good luck, daughter! Since last Friday we were in Yogya, there were 7 days of festive events for Mbah Kakungnya Yodha. Saturday afternoon I came home and stopped by Solo, I need to go around Yoda. So yesterday we tried one of Solo’s special culinary specialties, namely set curry. Sate Kere was originally Sate made from Tempe Gembus, you know, Tempe from tofu drags that are cheap, friends… maybe that’s why it’s called Sate Kere (Poor Sate).

Carrie Sati is widely sold, said a friend who is originally from Solo. However, since I’m not from Solo, I’m confused if I want to see what’s being sold around. Finally, we ate sat curry at a food stall that was already unusual… aka already famous. For example Sat Keri U Rebbe, which is in the area of ​​Srividari Solo, precisely on Jl. National Awakening No. 1-2, behind Thaman Sriveedari’s solo. The stall is lined with cheap bookstores, you know, friends… In every city there are definitely people who sell cheap bookstores or used books.

If you’re confused, just use Google Navigator, it’s easy now. All we have to do is type or speak our destination on our smart phone, then Miss Google will come with a sweet voice to guide us where to go and where to turn, we all have to follow, turn right, turn around know..Mary Google already said: “Your destination is on the right..!”..haha. It’s really easy… even Miss Google who speaks English can find the address of specific stalls like Sat U Rabi, haha… It’s really complicated nowadays, like before when we see it in movies. See, it turns out we can do it. So now when we go on kitchen tours, we never miss again.

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Order Online Sate Kere & Jerohan Sapi Yu Rebi

Set curry was originally set gumbs, but at a rebbe stall there is also set beef or a variety of jerohan. So you don’t need to order whole gambus, you can order mixed sty…hihi. So for Yoda who doesn’t like gumbos, it’s still safe, you can eat there. Actually, I like it, because there are a lot of soft Jirohan Stai. This curry set is actually pre-cooked, as it is coated with spices first, so the grilling time is just short. That is why the pleasant taste penetrates deep inside. This set solo tastes delicious and very sweet. The Gumbs temp set was also tested.

But what is a bit inappropriate in my opinion is that it is served with peanut sauce, so I don’t think it is suitable. It turns out that Yoda has the same taste as me, eating satay without the peanut sauce. Because the satay itself is deliciously sweet like the baseman, combined with the sweet fruit sauce… how can there be an abundance of sweetness. Maybe it would be more appropriate to eat it with hot rice and raw onion chili sauce or kosek chili sauce…hihi. But what I love the most is the original seat cover made of Gumbus Temp, it’s really unique and interesting to me… and of course very soft… hihi. Perfect for parents…! The price is very expensive, the cost of one part is 30 thousand. So it seems that most of the tourists eat there, not the locals. So when I went there yesterday the stall was not very busy.

Sometimes, if you go solo, you want to see the original version of the set carry that is sold all over… but where are you going… hihi. Well, there are still many kitchen covers in Solo that I will write about one by one, friends. Have a great cooking trip… I hope this bit of information is helpful. But sorry, yesterday I took more pictures using my cell phone… I didn’t bring the big camera because yesterday I intended to go to Misbah’s house… 😀

Resep Sate Kere Solo

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