Resep Sate Donat Mini

Resep Sate Donat Mini – Wow…the rainy season has set in, friends…since morning…it’s been cloudy…it’s dark…now it’s raining. You must take care of your health…so you don’t get sick easily…especially children. If it’s rainy season like lazy to go out of the’s more comfortable to just stay at home..cook delicious food..for the*’s not summer.. it raining..too lazy to go out.. if it’s not really important*. It’s like today…you know what, it’s already the middle of the day…I’ve been hanging out in the kitchen since morning. Morning..usual..after completing routine tasks..husband and children..have gone to work and school. The house is cleaned and tidied… The lady helped me… yes… finally… it’s fun to try new recipes in the kitchen… and at the same time prepare snacks for Yodha’s school lunch tomorrow… so you don’t to get up early. Today I made donuts again. Eh..but the donuts that I made this time..are super need to need to knead the dough hihi..just like making donuts normally…but..just stir carefully..and …bim ..salabim..make a soft and delicious doughnut..but you don’t need to use magic..want to know how..let’s see..step by step how to do it.

If you want to be practical and simpler… this donut dough can also be molded with a special donut mold, shaped like this… the resulting donut will be beautiful… a hole in the middle like a hand-shaped donut. I am selling this special and unique silk… you just need to spray it with a triangular bag of dough… then dip it in hot oil. If you want to order…email me at…or sms

Resep Sate Donat Mini

Resep Sate Donat Mini

089654712500 if you are serious about ordering direct you can… but for serious buyers only if you send an SMS… order direct how much and say where to send it. If you want to ask questions first by email…because I have limited time…Tq

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Variasi 7 Resep Donat Kentang Yang Cocok Untuk Teman Minum Teh

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