Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo – By eating various processed duck foods. Although not familiar with the Duck menu compared to the Chicken menu. Duck is said to be delicious (for those who like it).

“I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart when I imagine eating duck, it smells fishy. The thing that sticks out in my memory the most is eating it with the sound of squealing in my ears….oh no..!!”

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

Convincing yourself that the duck menu is a must-try and a must-try, it’s a tough challenge to throw away the taste buds. Kopdar Blogger was at Jakarta Baby Kaleyo Bandung when I had the chance to be with my Blogger friends. Skeptical and worried because I’ve never eaten duck before.

Resep Bebek Goreng Khas Surabaya Gurih Dan Special

Bebek Kaleyo, right at the intersection of Pasirkaliki and Pasteur Bandung. For friends who live in Bandung, you probably know this place (Paradise in Bali). Strategically located at the junction of Pasteur and Pasirkaliki streets, easy to reach for out-of-town or domestic tourists and very easy to find.

This is one of the delicious and cheap places to eat in Bandung. Hendri Prabowo, Paulus, Rini Kahyanti and Fenty Puspitasari, who came from two families, eventually opened a business in the field of roast duck food, which is now flourishing.

” itself is Kale (two) and Yo (let’s go). Javanese at first glance, yes (pretend to know). Kaleyo can conclude “let’s take 2” or “let’s come again”.

Kalio Duck has a vision and a mission. Vision: To become an icon of affordable Indonesian cuisine for all groups. Mission: To be a blessing to many.

Bebek Kaleyo, Pasir Kaliki, Bandung

Bebek Kalyo in Bandung is the 14th outlet opened on January 30, 2015. And you know?

The biggest news moment for bloggers in Jakarta and Bandung was my silent witness to eating duck.

There is a saying that if your stomach is full, you will definitely be happy and content doing whatever you are doing. There are 4 steps to a happy meal at Kaleyo Duck:

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

Therefore, for friends who love to eat delicious food, it is a very comfortable and cozy place to hang out here, and the surrounding duck decoration makes you feel at home. It is very convenient to get together with family, friends, relatives and colleagues and have harmony.

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There is a wide variety of duck dishes and a variety of new and traditional drink menu options. If you go to Bandung, don’t forget to try the menu at Bebek Kaleyo. Make kaleyo with duck

Magic of Nature The Lodge Maribaya Fun Campground Magic of Nature The Lodge Maribaya Fun Campground in Bandung….The meat is soft and tender, not hard/hard, the pan is also perfect, not too dry, the grill is spicy. combined flavors. It’s delicious with cream and chili sauce!! Uduk rice is also delicious, overall delicious!!!

Prices are still reasonable, really nice place, family friendly, but full, dirty dishes on the table will take a while if not immediately lol

But seriously, if you like duck and spicy chili sauce, you have to try this! The duck is really tasty and the portion is big! The sauce is a real winner! The flavor is just right, really spicy and the chili is still fresh. Love it!!😍❤️

Makanan Khas Bali: Perjalanan Kuliner

If you order a regular roast duck, this is what you’ll get. It also makes it tastier😍 Another menu favorite is green chilies. The green chili sauce is also really tasty, but it’s not spicy enough for me. Unfortunately if you get green chili sauce you don’t get kremesan☹️ Although I ate the roast duck with kremesan, the chili sauce uses original chili sauce on green chili sauce, they are perfect!🥹🤤 The rating is ⭐️1000/5, lol I really like it😄

The package includes white rice, ½ roasted young duck, cremzan, fried alligator, anchovies, lalap and chili sauce 👅 The duck here is really tender 🤤💯 #NoAlotAlot, duck meat flavor and not much tasteless fat, most importantly no fishy smell ❤️, fried the seasoning penetrates deep into the duck meat, deliciously salty and delicious KkK👍, crispy is good for adding crunch, stir-fried crocodile leaves with cabbage + slightly spicy, not too spicy, papaya flower, duck, anchovies are great. In our opinion, peanuts don’t taste strong enough, and anchovies don’t taste salty enough hihi☺️✌🏻, so we give them a hot pepper sauce, it’s called Madurese black pepper sauce, it’s delicious, a little sweet, but there is also a delicious, salty and very spicy sweet onion pepper sauce on the table🔥

Use tempeh tofu as a delicious side dish, yes tempeh and SNI tofu lol but tofu is so soft and delicious👏

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

As for the environment, the place is big, but it seems to be a smoking place (?), so it seems a bit annoying for those of us who don’t like cigarette smoke🥵

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Resep Sambal Tongkol Pedas Enak Dan Mudah

The flavor of the fried chicken is delicious, sweet and tender, and the cream is delicious and crunchy. The puffed rice has only a little chili sauce

I come here after coming home from work and it is always very busy and never empty of visitors. With its strategic location and ample parking space, it is also a convenient place for gatherings.

This time, try the Baby Ayam, which consists of 3 meat-dominant parts, crispy, very tender, and especially refreshing and delicious with a spicy chili sauce… Orange Coconut Ice Drink My absolute favorite, the sweet and sour taste of orange and coconut is so refreshing. restores. .

One of the duck eating places in Bandung with quite a large capacity. I ordered the budget package. The chili sauce is really spicy and is served in a jar of chili sauce. Really like the chili sauce. Duck is dry fried, not fish. It’s just that when Rika tasted it from her duck friend, it still tasted like duck fish.

Daftar Delivery Makanan Bandung Terbaru (september 2021)

G is bigger than before, because half of it is Korean restaurant Sagye, not as big as before, but with many seats, but comfortable for gathering.

I was craving for chicken, so I tried the Kampung Chicken with Green Chili and Red Rice, it has thigh top and it’s relatively small in size, crispy, the meat itself is just right, the green chili is sweet but tasty. not spicy, the free onion chili sauce is more flavorful and spicy, but there is plenty of it, so you can get whatever you like. The tastiest is the duck, to be honest… The sweet coconut orange coconut ice cream is really good, the orange sour is also available, it’s so fresh!

I was at work and confused about what to buy for lunch, so I stopped at Kaleyo (next to the office).

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

Mixed Rice with Duck (39.5k): Most interesting on the menu, this mixed rice includes rice, vegetables, satay, crispy fried duck, dry anchovies and salted egg. This time, the person who ate it, the fried duck tumbe was soft, the skin was crispy, and the duck satay was also soft. The price for the portion is worth it for me.The story is not in my mood… I don’t know why but what can I do if it doesn’t taste good… Ok. I feel like eating is what makes me feel better. That’s it, non negotiable, usually much better later..

Makan Bebek Enak Dan Melepas Rindu

Naa.., this eatery has super spicy korek chili sauce and what else but Slamet roast duck.. So that afternoon I went straight to the Jagakarsa branch because it was close to home..

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It was still 11am when we got there, so there weren’t many visitors, but it was even better because it was less crowded… I really like this branch of Jagakarsa because it’s cool and has a choice. sit on the floor or sit on a regular chair… I just sat on a chair because I happened to be wearing a skirt lol..

Unfortunately, the only option here is roast duck, try the roast duck, of course it’s tastier… But the only option is roast, so just order it…

At first I was confused as to why breasts cost thousands more than thighs…but actually they look bigger (valves are just a bit different lol…) but taste the same. ..

Rekomendasi Tempat Bukber Di Jakarta, Banyak Pilihan Menu

Actually, I didn’t like duck meat before, it smelled really bad when I ate it, but after eating Kaleyo duck, I really liked it because of the note that it doesn’t smell like duck… Well, this Slamet duck doesn’t smell like duck, so it’s delicious… The duck is crispy inside. .the meat is moist on the outside but I don’t eat the skin.. I’m just tickled lol… But each branch seems to taste different because I ate at the branch in Casablanca where the duck is really lean and fried , and too dry, so I feel like you. duck chips are very dry to eat… But the best is you eat Slamet duck on Jl. Colombo Jogja, this one tastes so good, add some chili and it’s off the hook, yay!!

Oh my gosh.., this chili sauce is so delicious because it’s so spicy… It’s actually devil’s chili mixed with garlic+salt, then drizzled in the hot oil used for duck.., so delicious, maybe. Because the oil is flavored with duck flavor, right?

Luckily, my dining partner doesn’t like spicy food, so 2 servings of chili sauce is mine…hohohoho… *devil’s laugh* :p In fact, if I add chili sauce, I want chili sauce, poor stomach, so 2 plates of chili sauce is enough. … Besides, I like to eat rice when I’m here, so 1 serving of rice… so don’t use too much chili sauce, the resin will make you taste better, hahaha..

Resep Sambal Merah Bebek Kaleyo

Well, it’s not bad to eat here, it’s tasty, but it won’t drain your wallet too much… 2 ducks, 2 white rice, 1 sweet iced tea, 1 orange ice, 3 white cookies = 55K Hello Lovers! Mimin wants to tell you the secret to making delicious duck pancakes, here it is! ?????????️ eiitss, but if it’s taking too long to cook, it’s better to go straight to it! Duck, a great choice for your taste buds. ??????

Frozen Bebek Kaleyo Depo Bogor, Gedong Sawah

Hello lovers, you know that Babek has opened its 45th branch at Jalan Sumatra Bandung, so let’s enjoy the excitement of having a delicious meal with your loved ones only at Babek.

Spreading goodness in a cup with every bundle purchase

Resep sambal

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