Resep Sambal Goreng Ayam

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Resep Sambal Goreng Ayam – – It has a delicious taste and is easy to prepare, making chicken the main base for daily meals. It is not wrong, if the processed chickens do not make you bored. The chicken itself can be processed in different ways, such as baking, roasting, or frying.

Well, one of the easiest and most common processed chicken recipes is fried chicken. Enjoy the taste of fried chicken even more delicious and that when they are served with different types of chili sauce. Each region must have its own special sauce. Like sambal matah from Bali, sambal dabu-dabu from Sulawesi, and many others.

Resep Sambal Goreng Ayam

Resep Sambal Goreng Ayam

Serving chili sauce as an accompaniment when enjoying fried chicken will definitely make your meal more delicious. You can be creative in making your own chili sauce at home because it doesn’t take much time to make. Your fried chicken and chili soup will definitely be good for serving on the dining table for Eid later or everyday.

Resep Ayam Geprek Sambal Pecak, Pedasnya Nampol Banget

Confused about serving fried chicken with what sauce? Come, work 15 easy recipes of easy fried chicken, compiled from different sources, Saturday (30/4).

1. Thinly slice all the ingredients, mix together fried shrimp, sugar and salt, pour hot oil, mix well. Add lime juice and taste test.

1. Prepare a pot for cooking, cook all the peppers, shallots, garlic and tomatoes until cooked, remove and set aside.

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