Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi

Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi – My friends, I missed the fried catties… because my papaya tree fell in the wind a few months ago… because it had too many fruits… lol. As a result, I rarely ate cats anymore. In fact, I often make it because I love this young papaya so much…spicy with anything cooked…not spicy, roasted cates with chili sauce, bronccos…and fried local. like…etc. Soybean and Semangite Tempeh Stir-Fried…really delicious, my friends. In my opinion, this old fashioned menu has become almost a daily menu in many homes. Why..? It’s cheap and cheerful…because you don’t have to buy the ingredients…just pick them from the garden. If they don’t have a catechu tree, people can ask their neighbors for free..hihi… because this papaya plant is easy to grow and you usually have it in your backyard. And Semarang had its own *tulan* tree (not planted) yesterday, but somehow it grows thick and doesn’t finish fruiting… not even dozens… because it’s a small type of papaya vegetable. Unfortunately, during the strong wind season yesterday, most of the fruit trees fell…huh…finally, now if you want to wash cateches or young papaya, you have to buy it from the market…hihi. .. 1 seed is two thousand.

My mom’s kind of vegetables are not grated like here in Semarang…but cut with a knife. How to do it… First, peel and wash a young papaya, then cut it straight with a knife to create a line. It doesn’t fall apart easily when cooked, but… if you don’t feel like cutting it, you can also shave it off… or cut it into sticks like chayote, friends. In addition to using soybean leaves, stir-fried kates are also delicious using melinjo skin or melinjo flowers… if you prefer. But what I use the most is soy leaves…that smell, you know…makes the fried noodles even more delicious. I also added a little bit of ebi for flavor to make it even tastier…and, yes, tastier.

Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi

Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi

Cooked Roasted Kates Ingredients: 1 medium-sized papaya/papaya 50 grams melingo leaves 1 piece Ebi semangit tempeh 1 tablespoon, soak in hot water until it blooms, 2 leaves 2 cm galangal, green 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar. chilies (to taste) How to make: Saute the breadcrumbs and garlic until cooked and fragrant, add chilies and ebi, and stir until chilies form. Add the papaya, blend until smooth, then add the other ingredients and spices. Cover tightly and cook until the spices are absorbed and the papaya is soft…stir occasionally and adjust the taste before the sauce reduces. Serve with warm rice, it’s been so hot lately folks. It’s hot in Java, I can’t imagine because of the forest fires outside of Java. Friends, I hope a solution will be found soon. Always hot and thirsty, always wanting a cold drink. Just don’t drink unless it’s cold… I’m a little worried if I drink too much ice, but since the weather is really hot, that’s enough…my mom can’t resist ice anyway…lol.

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Menu Buka Puasa Ini Praktis Dan Menyehatkan, Kamu Suka Yang Mana?

I was crazy to see fresh fruits in the market and I wanted to buy them all. I ended up buying some fruit, kolang kaling, black grass jelly, sticky rice tape, young coconut…and it was blended ice. This time, mixed ice Es Teler, Es Oyen and others. not mixed ice in style. But this time I made Ogoya-style ice cream… or the ice-cream style I made at my place in Ogoya. Ice cream like this is often sold at meatball and chicken deli stores. When the weather is this hot, the best thing to do is to eat fresh dumplings, topped with blended ice, and it makes you feel good… shower… so I miss home in the event. I miss the dumplings there. If you want mixed ice, you can make it yourself.

Oogya uses blended ice coconut milk and brown sugar sauce. A variety of fruits, young coconut, colan, kale, blackberry jelly, are placed on a plate, drizzled with coconut milk and brown sugar sauce, then topped with shaved ice and drizzled over melted sweetened condensed milk chocolate. No matter how you eat it, just mix it well and it will taste like nano-nano freshness, aka mixed flavors, but fresh. Coconut milk has a delicious flavor combined with brown sugar sauce and milk… mix it into a fresh and delicious sauce… plus the mixed flavors of different fruits and toppings add to the freshness of this blended ice cream. I already finished two…haha, I couldn’t stand lunch. Unfortunately ododha didn’t like it…just asked for iced tea…lol. Yodha doesn’t really like mixed fruit ice cream. As for the fruit, I chose to drink only the juice. Luckily, we had a handyman at home, so someone helped us finish the ice cream.

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The ingredients are easy, prepare young coconut boiled with a little sugar and food coloring, kolan kaling, black herb jelly, grated melon, pumpkin, avocado, sticky rice tape, etc. as Prepare enough ingredients according to your preferences and how many people you want.

Heat 100 grams of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 2 pandan leaves and 150 ml of water until it turns into a dark brown sugar sauce.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: 2019

Add shaved ice to fruit bowl and add coconut milk and sugar sauce to taste. Add enough sweetened condensed milk. Mix well…serve immediately. Sorry…so new…where..! : Remember when I was at the sweet market in Purwokerto, I bought a similar dish at Mbah2 (the original picture of what Mbah sells is in the last picture…the kind of small arrows). Then I asked what it was…she said Templek (you know if I didn’t hear wrong…her mother said it)

Tasty, different…tasty, sweet, fragrant, soft…for me who likes spicy and exotic food, I like it 🤭😘 Then I asked what it was made of? Grandmother pointed to the tofu drugstore, buy it on the corner, at the tofu vendor’s place… she said.

While I was eating this unique dish, I chatted with Mbah and asked him how to make it, and he told me how. Wow, it’s really easy, I ended up buying 1000 rupiah raw tofu dragee…just buy two packs and more 😄

Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi

No, you don’t need to think too deeply about it… what we have learned is that this is one of the traditional traditions in one region… so it needs to be spread more widely, right… as the culinary diversity of the archipelago 😃

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Kale Krispi

When I bought the tofu pulp, I immediately steamed it when I got home as suggested by the seller, then put it in the freezer… I made this Templek this morning.

They say that the cooked form is called Templek and the steam form is called Ranjem… Is this true by the people of Purwokerto? Recipe based on interview results with Dog Seller Mbahe, but measurements are my preference 🤣

Mbahe said that the taste is small, garlic, galangal, cayenne pepper, sugar, salt and to taste, you can add spring onion.

After summarizing the comments of my friends, there are different names, add whatever you want… so the name suits everyone… please choose:

Apa Saja Jenis Sambel Nusantara Yang Kamu Ketahui? Bagaimana Resep Membuatnya?

Kempong | Amprut | Check it out Demo | Gubeg | Temple | Location | Fruit | Apollo | Burette | Sekayu | Colony | Random | Ranjem | Pinwheel | Separate | Tolo | Laziness

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A few days ago, while passing through Temanggung, I was having breakfast at one of the food stalls called Tenda Biru. This home-style food shop is famous for its Temanggung food menu, one of my favorites when I dine there is Empis2.

Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi

Empis2 is different from other shops I have tried in Temanggung. There are different types of empis, friends, tempeh empis or tofu with skin cut into small pieces, fish empis, gizzard liver, etc. there is

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Es Campur Yogya

I tried Empis2 once in the green shop near Alun2, the style is different from the blue tent shop. So each shop has its own characteristics.

We used tempeh cake and soft white tofu at Tenda Biru yesterday. We didn’t fry the tofu first, so it had a unique mild taste and the spices were infused into the tofu.

Well, today I am cooking Empis2 tofu using white tofu from Tenda Biru store. Delicious, delicious…tastes just like the store.

The taste of Empis2 is sweet and slightly sweet, so don’t do it differently, friends and Lombok. Without Lombok, I put the recipe using Tetelan. Let’s focus on Empis2 Temanggung, shall we? 😂🤣 Another feature is that we use special tempeh to dip it…ie tempeh bungkil…from making chickpea oil. If I don’t have tempeh cake, I’ll just use semangit tempeh. Semanggit tempeh is made from black soybean tempeh bought in Purwokerto, and Empis2 Temanggung is delicious cooked by friends.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Bawal Goreng Sambal Dabu Dabu

Yesterday I made Pempek again…or Java, friends, that’s what they call it…Empek-Empek…here it is. Egg filled or did I say Submarine. It’s a favorite of Ododha and her father. I’ve shared recipes often, check them out here

Hello..hello..sory friends, long time no post here huhu. I was in Jakarta last week, then I came home after finishing this job… I didn’t seem to have enough time, so I gave up. He took the time to relaunch the website…huh.

But friends, if you don’t want to miss updates on my new recipes, don’t forget to follow me on IG, @bunda_didi… there are new posts every day. So I’ll try to stay organized and updated on the website, lol.

Resep Salad Buah Diah Didi

Oh yes, it’s still Chinese New Year, but it’s coming soon

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Terancam Versus Karedok

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