Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread – As I wrote before, one of my dreams is to have my own bakery. You know, I love all kinds of cakes and donuts. You can do it manually, but you don’t have the energy to do it most bro… The kneading process makes you very tired.

You can use a home blender like a Philips blender, but it’s still annoying because you have to hold it. Although the hook on my mixer broke because I used it too often to knead bread. Because of that, being a baker is my dream so I can make bread many times.

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

Unfortunately, the price of bread is very empty. My guess is the Kenwood and Panasonic brands, all above 3 million. Even Panasonic is above 5 million if I’m not mistaken. So, every time I explore the bread of OLS, I can’t help but bite my finger. Of stress and sadness because I don’t have the money to buy it 😥

Dapur Miranti: Roti Tawar Ala Re Bread

One day, when I went to Gramedia Matraman, I saw one selling Re-breadmakers. I wonder why Gramedia still sells kitchen appliances? But from there, I just started messing around with this Re-bread and it ended up being very frustrating. The problem is, there are many reviews that say Re-bread is good. Apart from being economical and very durable, this bread maker is equipped with a very thick recipe book written in Indonesian. That’s a plus for Indonesians, right?

In addition, the return programs are also written in Indonesian and the menu is based on local wisdom. So apart from the basic processes such as kneading, fermentation, etc., there are also programs for making yogurt, making fruit jam, stirring, making tape, making uli and making porridge . Yes, for me who is good with bakers, this makes it more delicious. I just want to pay in installments because at TOPED there is 0% support using a credit card.

Eeehh, before the change was done, the peak of love from ulam had arrived. My Barbie house is finally sold. Alhamdulillah! When the transaction was over, the first thing that popped into my head was, I have to buy Re-bread! I immediately canceled my payment plan all together because now I can buy cash, hahaha

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Just because I was busy with work, I finally had time to go to Gramedia Matraman to buy it after voting for the gubernatorial election last month.

Rb Bread Maker Rb250 C Wadah Keramik

Originally, because I wanted to save money, I wanted to buy the old bread for 1.9 million. The difference is around 500 thousand with the new version. According to the program, the old version does not have a program to make chicken porridge and peanut porridge, while the new one does. For me, this is not a problem, after all, to make porridge I have a slow cooker.

Uh, suddenly I was interested in the promo package to buy the new hot model Re-bread bread + Re-noodle (noodle making tool) at a special price. Finally bought that one. If my husband says, I’m like OKB, because I have money, I immediately buy everything. Even if it’s a lot of money, hahaha 😀

In the evening, I immediately tried to make Milk Bread, following the recipe in the book. The result is not bad, but for me, it is not good. The texture was not as good as I expected. In addition, because I don’t have a special knife for cutting bread, the white bread is brittle because it is cut with a regular knife. Hihihi..

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

But I didn’t give up. I continued with various experiments. Meanwhile, make the bread crumbs while still following the recipe in the book. The result, again, is not good for my picky taste. Luckily at home there is a husband who eats everything. So all the results of my experiments are always successful 😀

Jual Loyang Roti Tawar Cake Pan Bread Loaf Pan Loyang Roti Sobek Loyang Persegi Panjang

Racking my brain, I decided to use an old bread recipe that has always been my favorite, which is tangzhong bread, aka water roux. I made little unyil bread like that. The bread is only used for kneading and fermenting. The rest, shaping, filling and baking, I do manually. Well, this is just one success.

I love making bread and donuts using this bread. Potato donuts, success. Sweet potato bread, too. Also, I also tried to make pineapple jam, following the recipe in the book and it worked. It’s very tasty and it’s not difficult. I like it!

For white bread, the service varies according to the brand. Starting from plain white bread, soft bread, milk bread, bread can be used for oatmeal bread. Then there is also a kneading program to help us knead the dough. This is perfect for those who want to make all kinds of sandwiches, pancakes, donuts and more but don’t want to be tired, like me 😀

Then there is a fermentation program for proofing the dough, as well as a baking program for baking the bread directly in the bread maker so you don’t have to bake it in the oven.

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Rebread Pembuat Roti Rb250, Kitchen & Appliances Di Carousell

For non-bakers, there is a stir and bake for quick roasting, a jam program for fruit jam, a tape for making sticky tape, a uli program for sticky noodles, a yogurt program for making yogurt, a cake program for making cake, a porridge program for making porridge, and so on.

For a non-bread recipe, I just tried making pineapple jam and the results were great. It’s not like pineapple jam for pineapple, but real pineapple jam like a bottle.

When I bought it, apart from getting the bread and mixer, I also got a 130-page recipe with many recipes for bread, cakes, etc., in addition to the tips and advice and explanations about Re-bread maker. Then, there are electric scales (complete with batteries), measuring cups, measuring spoons, mittens (oven mitts) and heat-resistant cups.

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

So it’s really done, right? It just so happens that I don’t have electricity to measure. So far I have only used the book, the series of which seems to be wrong. So I’m very happy that I finally have a clear electricity meter, it’s free too 😀

Rebread Rb250 C Wadah Keramik

In this case, all kinds of bread making bread is really possible, right? As advertised, make bread with 1 inch. So just weigh it, enter according to the instructions, then press the program. So that’s it.

But please don’t be dishonest like my husband. When he wants, this bread can make cakes and cookies immediately. Just put in the ingredients, then the donuts and buns will come out.

Yes Mz, if you make bread and donuts you still have to make them, fill them and bake/fry them one by one. People who don’t need anything difficult just make bread if you use a bread machine, mah. KZL, I didn’t know his wife stayed up late making bread and donuts, zzzz… -_-

For this, I think it is relative. In the Re-bread guide, there is a comparison table of homemade bread vs bought bread. It is said that homemade bread is cheaper than buying bread.

Pembuat Roti Otomatis Re Bread Breadmaker

Well, in my opinion, this is not a lie. Moreover, if we make it ourselves, we like to use selected ingredients that come at a normal price, not the wholesale price. Like me, when I make bread, I usually replace all the water with milk to make it delicious and soft. Then don’t use plastic bags. As for sales, it’s that hard, isn’t it?

Well, this is very true. Because I make it myself, I can choose the ingredients I want to use for my homemade cakes. Everything is made without chemicals such as tenderizers, preservatives, etc. So it’s all natural.

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The ingredients are also adjusted to taste. The important thing is that he has chocolate for Nadira. So far I have tried to make it with cheese, milk, sausage, pizza, etc.

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

* torn bread with chocolate, milk cheese and pizza, a solution for people who are not good at making bread like me 😝*

Re Bread Rb 250 —

According to the manual, this Re-bread is energy efficient. Electric power is equal to a rice cooker/kettle if I’m not mistaken. (see picture description)

I have not proven this. I need to look at the electricity bill first, whether it has increased because I have bread or whether it is normal.

So far, I am satisfied with this bread. The image is also compact, does not use a lot of space. For after-sales service, he said, you can take it directly to the location of Artha Gading Mall, North Jakarta. Not far from home, go for a walk, hehehe…

What I think should be taken into account most are the recipes in the book. I have tried several bread recipes, but none of them suit my taste. The soft recipe is a little better, but I’m still updating it to make it better. I think I just have to follow my favorite recipes 😀

Resep Roti Tawar Homemade Bahan Tepung Segitiga Biru Enak Dan Mudah

If you are asked to compare it with other types of bread, sorry Shay, I can’t. Hey, this is my first bread. So I don’t know how different it is from other bakers. To be sure, I’m just happy with the results.

Oh yes, if you want something cheaper, my friend just bought Lejel brand yesterday. But I don’t know if the bread is good or not because I haven’t tried it yet. Krisbow also has a bread machine for 1 million but I’m not sure if it saves electricity.

That’s it for now, my review of the Re-bread breadmaker. I hope it lasts a long time because even though it’s only been a month, I’ve already used it a lot hahaha…

Resep Roti Tawar Rebread

For recipes that I have tried, just take a look at my Instagram. The thing is, I post a lot of food regularly. That’s all and thanks, ciao!

Review: Re Bread Bread Maker

* sweet potato pie, very delicious. Please give me confidence and time to start taking orders hahaha 😄*

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