Resep Roti Tawar Bandung

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Resep Roti Tawar Bandung – Bandung toast is very famous and known to many people. Not only in Bandung area, Bandung toast is also famous in different regions of Indonesia. Bandung toast is also easy to find in many places. In addition, toasts are also often found in various coffee shops and are used as a tasty accompaniment to coffee.

Bandung toast is said to have existed since ancient times, when the people of Bandung were introduced to wheat flour brought by the Dutch. To this day, Bandung toast still exists and is often a favorite food or snack for people. Bandung toast usually uses long-shaped white bread filled with a variety of fillings from sweet to salty or savory.

Resep Roti Tawar Bandung

Resep Roti Tawar Bandung

The texture of the toast, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, is very pleasant to the touch. It’s no wonder that Bandung toast appeals to a diverse group of people, from children to adults. The bread is usually eaten for breakfast in the morning, but Bandung toast is often sold in the afternoon and evening as a companion for relaxation.

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Jual Kue Tawar Terbaru

Now you can also get creative with toasts that are definitely easy to make at home. Making toast at home can also boost creativity and make toast to your liking. Below are various Bandung toast recipes collected from various sources.

Of course, it’s not complete if you haven’t tried making Bandung toast, which is familiar and widely sold. It turns out that it is quite easy to prepare and no less than the toasts that are sold in carts and stores. Below is a recipe for homemade Bandung toast from the Instagram account

Mix all ingredients except margarine and salt, mix until smooth, then add margarine and salt, mix again until smooth and elastic, check the glass.

Let the dough rest for 20 minutes, then deflate it, roll it out and place it in a white loaf tin with a lid greased with margarine along with the inside of the lid.

Mau Usaha Roti Bakar? Berikut Modal & Rincian Keuntungannya

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius, top and bottom heat or adjust according to each oven, bake for 25 minutes

After the bread is ready, cut the bread and stuff it to taste, spread with margarine and bake on Teflon until golden brown.

Toasts are also delicious, made from whole grain bread. Using whole grain bread will also make the toast smell more aromatic. Plus, whole grain bread can keep you full longer than white bread. Bandung wheat bread can be filled with various fillings. Below is a recipe for Bandung Style White Wheat Bread from Instagram account @mariskatracy.

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Resep Roti Tawar Bandung

Punch down the dough, then place it in a Bandung toast tin greased with margarine and let it rise until it rises, wait until there is 1cm left under the lid.

Roti Bakar Viral Di Bandung, Ada Yang Legendaris Sejak 1958!

Grease the lid with margarine, cover on top and bake in an oven heated to 180 degrees for 40 minutes until ready.

You can also make toast with packaged white bread. It will definitely be simpler, more practical and more economical. You can fill it with sweet Javanese sugar with a fragrant aroma. Toast recipe with Javanese sugar sauce from the Instagram account @sarongsarie below.

Another creation of Bandung toasts is banana leaf toasts. The use of banana leaves will definitely make the croutons fragrant and tasty, and even tastier. This innovative toast can be prepared at home! Below is the banana leaf toast recipe shared by Instagram account @aniktriwina.

Spread margarine on the bread, then put 1 slice of cheese, then put 1 slice of bread, add mayonnaise and minced meat, cover with 1 more slice of bread

Kreasi Resep Roti Tawar Utuk Ide Sarapan Dan Bekal, Cobain Roti Krim Kopi Yang Viral Di Tiktok

For the banana filling, spread 1 slice of bread with margarine, add nutella and spread banana on top, cover it with bread, put banana and nutella again, then spread bread, wrap in banana leaf that has been wiped. greased with margarine

This chocolate and cheese toast seems to have become a staple when making or buying toast. Many Bandung toast vendors also sell this menu. Check out the recipe for Chocolate Cheesecake Toast from Instagram account @guziezzt below.

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Take 1 piece of white bread, then spread the top with a little margin, spread it in a thin layer, then sprinkle the chocolate sprinkles on top of the margarine until evenly distributed, then place the grated cheese on top of the sprinkles.

Resep Roti Tawar Bandung

Heat the Teflon, then bake the white bread, spread margarine on the top of the white bread that has not been exposed to margarine

Olahan Roti Tawar Ini Cuma Diaduk, Hasilnya Enak Dan Cantik, Bisa Kamu Jadikan Isian Snack Box Ide Usaha Kamu

Prepare a serving plate, cut white bread in two, sprinkle with cheese and top with condensed milk.

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