Resep Roti Panada

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Resep Roti Panada – Panada is one of Manado’s special festivals. Some of those who have looked at its shape say that this delicious food is influenced by the Portuguese, because its shape really resembles a patty.

Panada cake is usually filled with pastel sea fish, such as cakalang, fish and others, which are seasoned with pampas.

Resep Roti Panada

Resep Roti Panada

Pampis sauce is fish cooked with shallots, thyme, red chili, onion leaves, and so on, while the fish is cut into pieces.

Cara Membuat Roti Panada

How to make panada cakes is not as complicated as you might think, if you want to try it, here are recommendations for a simple panada recipe that only takes a few steps.

Step 1, fill the filling: saute the ground spices until fragrant, add the lime leaves and lemon grass. Stir briefly, add coconut milk.

Step 2, add the fish: Stir until it boils, then add the fish alum. Add salt and sugar, taste correction.

Step 3, cook until the water is reduced: Stir until the water is reduced, add the basil leaves. And stir again until dry. Take it off and get ready.

Resep Panada Ayam, Gorengan Ringan Dan Bergizi

Step 4, make the bread: put everything in a bowl, except the salt. Blend until half smooth, adding salt. Until the need is purely elastic.

6, the dough: weigh the dough P. * 25, round and filling the dough weighted with fish. To close and make a shape like pastels, twist the edges. Let me finish.

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Step 7, Fry: After letting it sit for 10 minutes, it is ready to be fried. Fry over medium heat until cooked. Lift and serve.

Resep Roti Panada

2. When it is fried a little, make the tuna wrap so that it is really tight, if it is not fried right then I will break the bread dough.

Panada, Kue Lezat Peninggalan Bangsa Portugis Di Manado

3. Fry using medium oil tends to be small, because the bread cooks really fast. If the fire is too big, he is worried that the outside is burning, but the inside is still not cooked

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