Resep Roti India

Resep Roti India – If you like Indian food, you are of course very familiar with roti canai or commonly known as roti maryam.

If you have ever visited Malaysia or Singapore, you will usually often see roti canai, which is sometimes popularly known as roti paratha.

Resep Roti India

Resep Roti India

Quoted from The Sprice Eats, apparently unleavened roti canai is eaten in other South Asian countries and parts of the Caribbean and Africa.

Resep Roti Maryam Yang Bisa Distok Kala Malas Memasak

To make roti canai, the roti dough is brushed with ghee (butter), rolled out thinly, sprinkled with more ghee, folded like a paper fan, rolled into a thin roll, and baked on an oiled pan called a tawa.

In Southeast Asia, this bread dough is flipped and spun in the air, then pounded on an oiled table surface until it’s paper-thin.

Regardless of the preparation, this bread is a bread that is baked in layers, flaky on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.

Did mothers know that we can fill roti rolls according to taste, for example roti rolls with cheese or roti rolls with chocolate?

Cara Membuat Roti Cane Dan Kari Sendiri Dengan Mudah

Wow, looks like this cheese bun recipe could be another home business plan idea that moms want to implement, right?

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The beautiful, versatile cook who graduated from Master Chef Indonesia, Devina Hermawan, also shared her favorite roti canai recipe.

Apart from that Chef Devina through her personal Twitter or YouTube account very clearly shares the details or steps to make this roti canai.

Resep Roti India

Traditional roti canai or the original from India looks complicated to prepare. So this recipe is simple homemade roti canai by mom Fridajoincofee.

Resep Halwa, Hidangan Penutup Khas India Yang Mendunia

To make softer roti rolls, the dough, rolled into small pieces, must be smeared or soaked in cow oil (ghee).

If moms are looking for a snack with coffee or tea during the day, then this recipe will be very suitable for moms.

Mom Siti’s chocolate roti canai tastes very delicious and will surely be liked by mom’s kids at home, most of whom are chocolate lovers.

If you frequent Indian restaurants, you will surely be familiar with roti canai or paratha, which is eaten with chicken curry, meat curry or goat curry.

Roti Cane Ibu Gandhi, Jajanan Khas India Paling Rame Di Pasar Lama Tangerang

So this last recipe is Moms Shintya’s Roti Canai Chicken Curry which can be used not only as a snack but a complete menu for family events.

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