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Resep Roti Garut – It’s been a year, I first heard the words “soluble flour”. At that time, after my follow-up wedding party in Malang, I stayed at my in-laws’ house for two weeks, if I’m not mistaken. With Mr. Until one afternoon, Mas drove his car towards Lawang. There we stopped by the house of Mba’ Yayuk’s mother (the wife of the first Mas *hihihi*, Mas Bambang). I really like the atmosphere of the house, it’s cool and very comfortable. One of the goodies on the table was a syringe cake which I initially thought was a rose cake. Once tasted…byaaarrr…it immediately melts in your mouth. I didn’t feel it (I’m the only one who didn’t feel it, what I saw was that I really wanted it…lol) I ate a lot of cake. Sis, who saw me continuously chewing, immediately said loudly, “Ooh… That’s delicious, Lia? Do you like it?” while laughing… woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooord to just be shy!!!

Ms. Yayuk’s mother just smiled, then told her little son to take another cake from inside to take home. Because I was angry, I refused (in my heart I was happy…lol). I was surprised to see why the cake they gave me was so well packed and the same size, as if I had bought it somewhere. It turns out that the syringe cake was made by myself to trust several shops. They have been in this solvent syringe business for a long time. Wow….I’m even happier because I met a syringe cake expert firsthand who quickly became my favorite. From Ms. Yayuk’s mother, I was told that this is called Dissolved Flour Syringe Cake. I just realized what instant flour is. I insisted that it could be sago tani which is usually also made in syringes. I didn’t know, soluble flour is different from tani sago because it comes from soluble tubers/arrowroot. Some also say arrowroot flour.

Resep Roti Garut

Resep Roti Garut

Arriving at Lawang’s house, when I got home I immediately asked Ms. Yayuk. Thank God, it turns out that Mrs. Yayuk can also make a syringe that dissolves (yes, that’s right, she often helps her mother). Mba’ Yayuk immediately mentioned the ingredients and how to make it, all of which I kept in my blackberry. A few days later, I had time to buy soluble flour in a supermarket in Malang which was not that hard to find. In addition, Ms. Yayuk said, there are also many in traditional markets. The plan is that I want to invite Ms. Yayuk to make a syringe and learn at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time, I was in a hurry to get back to Jakarta. I’ll just take the flour with me, so I can make it myself later. In short, until a few months ago, the flour had been doing rounds at home in Jakarta, until I took it to Jambi, it had not yet been made. Finally, with a heavy heart, I threw it away, it expired…ugh!! (it’s been a year already!).

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Naaah…before our first anniversary (duileee…), I thought I’d try to make this syringe cake. Also, when my brother went home from Malang, he ordered this syringe cake from Mrs. Yayuk and my father really liked it, it sold out when I put it in front of the TV in his room. I asked in several shops in Jambi, no one knew about soluble flour. So when I went to Jakarta, I walked to the Sogo dining room. Eeeh… instead I found soluble flour (arrowroot). The packaging is more exclusive and the price is also exclusive. In fact, if you buy it at Singosari market (Mas village) the price will not reach tens of thousands. Maybe because this one is made from organic ingredients. Since I was desperate to do it, I just bought it. Until yesterday, the flour was just sitting in the cupboard. Until a few days ago on the mailing list someone was asking about this syringe of soluble flour (it turns out that this flour is good for digestion, it has many benefits, you know!). I remember Mrs. Yayuk’s recipe again. So yesterday I just forced myself to do it. Coincidentally, after having lunch at our usual nasi lemak stall (if you’re in Jambi, try the one next to Ria cinema, the nasi lemak is unique, using shredded chicken in the soup… my family has been eating there since I was in primary school) with Mas, Sis Ika n’ Riri, let’s keep shopping at Kebun Handil market. Sis Ika bought shrimp, I bought coconut milk to make always.

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After trying it, I understood why Mrs. Yayuk said it’s best to prepare the coconut milk and flour the day before you make it. Turns out it really took a long time….. luckily my brother was there to accompany me, I took a long time, waiting for it to cool down also took quite a while. First, cook the coconut milk. I just use a low heat (because Ms. Yayuk said, simmer for 1 hour). After that, roast the flour, this time I also use low heat so it doesn’t stick. Once everything has cooled (room temperature), it can be used to make things. Oh yeah, what’s different about this recipe is that it uses coconut milk that has been cooked until golden (until it almost turns into oil). In my opinion, this is what makes it unique and its taste is really delicious and fragrant. I used to think that the brown spots on the syringes that Mrs. Yayuk’s mother used to make came from grated coconut (like I used to make resurrected jehe cakes). Apparently it comes from cooked coconut milk.

After the dough was ready, I couldn’t wait to start “dusting” the dough as I tried various syringes to get the shape I liked. I myself forgot that the shape of Mrs. Yayuk’s mother’s syringe was in the shape of the letter “S” or the number “8”. Initially he was sure it was shaped like the letter “S” so he hesitated when the boss said it looked like the number “8”. In the end, it still made it look like the letter “S”, short for the word “Semprit”….hahahahaha…*acts to connect*. After I cooked it, I told you to try it, it tasted similar to Mrs. Yayuk’s syringe (just the taste, don’t ask about the shape, mine is more like a bun than the letter “S” or the number “8”) …hihihi… .). But he immediately gave it a good thumbs up and said it was perfect, Baraq soon came by and said it was delicious. This is great, this will be one of the cakes I make for Eid. Humm… first you have to call Mrs. Yayuk and ask her to send the flour to Jambi.

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The way I do it is a little different than Ms. Yayuk explained, but it works for me. So adjust what suits you best. You can reduce the sugar if you don’t like it sweet, as can the amount of coconut milk. When I first cook the coconut milk (it’s still a little runny), I set aside about half a glass. The point was that since I was crying one at a time, and I had limited molds, the mixture was waiting to harden on its own so it was difficult to harden, so I just added the coconut milk that was reserved before, until it could fit the mixture again.

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Godog thick coconut milk until it almost becomes oil, 1 coconut can be used for 2 recipes (for me, 450 ml of thick coconut milk, heated, when it starts to ripen, I set aside 1/2 cup, the rest is cooked until brown and oily (just use low heat, stirring occasionally).

PS: The coconut milk that was reserved earlier, is used when the mixture hardens (hard to harden), add the coconut milk little by little to the mixture, stir until you get the desired texture (easy to mix).

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