Resep Risol Solo Isi Sayur

Resep Risol Solo Isi Sayur – How are you friends? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post last weekend. Yesterday I had a shoot in my kitchen with Medina products, a new product for really good kitchen trinkets. Later, when the video is ready, I will post it on the website. Plans to feature a recipe video on Medina’s V blog.

I like working with third parties, so I can learn a lot. I have filmed Kongbap, Primera Panko, Gulanas etc in the past, so I can be creative with many recipes and can also hone my videography skills. You can watch the video on my You Tube It’s just that when you make a professional video like this, it’s expensive to do it yourself haha… so you wait for outside collaborations to get sponsors…lol…!

Resep Risol Solo Isi Sayur

Resep Risol Solo Isi Sayur

Ok so one of the menu items that I made for yesterday’s video was the complete Timlo Solo Soup, well one of the contents of the Timlo Soup is Roasted Solo Sausage. This is a must-have feature of Solo Timlo soup. But since I had limited time yesterday, I made 6 recipes in the video, so I did not follow the process of the solo sausage in the video, but prepared it in advance.

Sosis Solo Isi Ayam

So I’ll just share it here, even though I actually have a lot of Solo Sausage recipes on my website, but I like to try different versions so I don’t get bored and adapt the feature. For example, yesterday, because to top off my Timlo Solo soup, I automatically need a strong outer shell to keep it from getting mushy. So, I’m going to readjust the skin mix again, my friends. If the filling is almost the same… 🙂

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Ok, let me share the recipe. Yes, if you want to cook the skin quickly and practically, use the Kewalik pan. Don’t have a Kewalik pan?…I have plenty in stock…lol…just call 089654712500…if interested. This is a recipe for a tough skin on Solo sausage, and you don’t have to coat it with egg when frying… but it’s still soft because you use a lot of egg.

Fried salty sausage Ingredients: 300 grams of wheat flour of medium protein 500 ml of water 4 medium-sized eggs 1/2 teaspoon of salt Ingredients for the filling: 300 grams of chicken breast, boiled and finely chopped. 5 cloves of red onion 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 teaspoon of ground pepper 1 teaspoon of chicken broth seasoning powder 1 – 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar (as sweet as you like) 50 ml of water How to prepare: mix all the ingredients for the skin, mix well, strain , until the mixture becomes homogeneous and does not curdle. Contents: puree shallots and garlic, saute until fragrant. Add the chicken. Mix thoroughly. Add water and other spices. Stir until the spices are absorbed and dry. Correction of taste. Cool. Make a thin omelette in a pan. Take a piece of sausage skin, fill it with a small amount of stuffing. They resemble spring rolls in shape…but smaller and longer. Cover the tip with egg white. Fry until brown-yellow.

The Solo sausage above can be stored as a frozen food, friends, the skin is tough, it doesn’t break easily. Store in a sealed container, later when you want to fry you can do it a little at a time, let it sit at room temperature first. It’s delicious…one dish is not enough…or two…or three…lol. If you want to reduce the amount of oil, this Solo Sausage can also be deep fried, you know… I do that a lot and it’s just as tasty. The Solo Sausage is a snack that can really be eaten while drinking tea or coffee with the family . This meal is known as a typical Solo snack that tastes great and fills you up. No need to worry about buying it, just try some of the following easy salted sausage recipes at home!

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Jual Risol Ayam

In addition to the fact that solo sausage can be used as snacks for the home, it is also suitable as an idea for sale. Let’s just learn the following recipes for making delicious solo sausages.

Usually, the filling for solo sausages is made from chicken meat. This is the complete recipe for Salted Chicken Stuffed Sausages.

For Sayurfriends who avoid oil, just try making wet salt sausages. Here is a recipe for wet salted sausage that you can try.

Resep Risol Solo Isi Sayur

The filling for solo sausage does not necessarily have to be meat, you can also use vegetables. We offer you a delicious recipe for salty sausage stuffed with pasta and vegetables.

Resep Risoles Bayam, Mudah Dibuat Untuk Jadi Ide Bisnis Menguntungkan

Tofu lovers can also make solo sausages filled with tofu. This is a delicious recipe for salty sausage stuffed with tofu.

Friends of Sayur can immediately try all the recipes at home. No need to worry about shopping, just buy the ingredients from Sayurbox. Just click on the required ingredients to go to the link to purchase.

Shopping at Sayurbox is very simple and practical. Sayurfriends simply shop from home and wait for all the ingredients to arrive.

You can try Solo’s sausage recipe one at a time. Besides being able to eat it yourself, you can also sell it and become a source of income! Come on, go shopping and follow the recipe!

Resep Sosis Solo Ayam

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Resep Risol Solo Isi Sayur

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