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Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan – When I go out of town for office work, I obviously can’t choose food for free. So you could say going out of town for work was the time when I ((set kendo)) had a health problem. It’s not that I don’t want to try to find healthy food while I’m at work. When I work, I usually go with my team, so yes, find a place to eat and vote. It’s also a loss if you go to a new area but I always try the local specialties, which are usually woooooooooooooo big 😀

Lunch and dinner can be free, but my principle is that no matter how bad my menu is, breakfast must be a solid meal. By chance when I work, I always have breakfast in the hotel with different menus and I can choose the best menu among others.

Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan

Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan

But….even so, the carbohydrates served are rice, hahahaha. It’s not that I’m against rice, you already know that. But I can’t eat rice for breakfast, my stomach will be full and I will sleep easily. The solution is that I carry oats whenever I work. But it is different from the corn that I always make at home, the corn that I bring when I am at work is the most delicious corn.

Manfaat Oatmeal Untuk Asam Lambung Yang Perlu Diketahui

Quaker Oats Banana & Honey Flavor and Chocolate Flavor are my go-to cereal when I’m working out of town. All you have to do is ask for hot water at the hotel restaurant and do it yourself! Is it lazy if for example bring plain oats? At home, it’s delicious because you can change the flavor freely, but when you’re outside the country, it’s sak anane, bebqu.

From a nutritional standpoint, the difference between Banana & Honey Instant Quaker Oats and the chocolate flavor is the amount of sugar. You can see in the picture above that the Banana & Honey flavor has 5 grams of sugar, while the picture below shows that the Chocolate flavor has 8 grams of sugar. Both have less than 10 grams of sugar, which in my opinion is still good.

Note: according to the Ministry of Health, the limit for sugar consumption per day is not more than 50 grams (4 days).

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For calories and macro-nutrients content of protein and fat, Banana & Honey flavor and Chocolate flavor are usually the same amount, which is 120 kcal.

Cara Membuat Oatmeal Untuk Sarapan Yang Enak Dan Sehat

Even though the sugar content in the Banana & Honey flavor is less, in my opinion, the Banana & Honey flavor tastes better than the Chocolate flavor. I think it’s because the chocolate flavor has a bit of cocoa powder that tastes bitter, so it “takes out” the sweetness a bit. In terms of taste, I like them all because I like banana and chocolate. I was thinking of mixing these two flavors together. What do you really do?

Recipe for Instant Quaker Oats Honey Banana Flavor For breakfast at the hotel, I usually eat this Instant Quaker Oats on the side with 2 fried eggs for extra protein and to make it complete. FYI, if you only eat one sachet for breakfast, you still won’t be satisfied because it has very little protein, only 3 grams. Therefore, it will not be able to hold hunger for a long time.

For those who want to try this Quaker Oats recipe at home, I will give you a modified recipe using Banana & Honey Diamond Quaker Oats to make it more delicious and filling.

Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan

Btw, I tried making Instant Quaker Oats into banana oat pancakes. And it’s delicious! Makes pancakes taste better than bananas 😀

Cara Buat Oatmeal Untuk Sarapan Enak & Sehat💛

I really like the name oats. One of the meals is returned every month. Besides being useful, it can be created in different menus. It is important to be natural with oats, because the taste is flat. In my opinion, Quaker Oats Instant, as delicious as this one, is another option for those who are lazy to eat cereal because it is delicious, but also lazy. ? This will often happen, especially if you have to travel early in the morning to go to work. In fact, breakfast is an important food for the body that should not be neglected. The reason is, breakfast is useful for adding the energy you need to do your activities throughout the day. According to many studies, breakfast is also beneficial for improving brain performance. Good news for those of you who often have trouble preparing breakfast, you can make a healthy breakfast with oatmeal. Come and see this ready-made oatmeal for breakfast that is useful and quick to cook.

Some people do not like to eat oatmeal because it tastes sweet. To work with this, you can mix oatmeal with other different ingredients as a flavor enhancer.

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If you like sweet food, you can add chocochips to oatmeal. To make your oatmeal breakfast menu healthy, add banana slices. The combination of oatmeal, banana and chocochips creates a delicious and really filling breakfast.

For those who do not have much time to prepare breakfast, you can try to cook delicious oatmeal porridge. The cooking process is simple, you just need to mix oatmeal directly with hot water. After that, stir until the texture of oatmeal is like mush.

Quaker Oatmeal Instan Sarapan Sereal Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Oat Cut Steel, Apple, Makanan, Resep Png

After that, mix oatmeal porridge with honey to taste. Then add almonds and delicious almond porridge to your home. It’s easy isn’t it? In less than 10 minutes, you can make oatmeal for this healthy breakfast.

Another healthy breakfast you can try is oatmeal pancakes. This oatmeal preparation is perfect for those who don’t like the soft texture of oatmeal like porridge. To make these oatmeal pancakes it’s easy, you need to prepare oatmeal, flour, liquid milk, unsalted butter (melted), and eggs.

First, mix all the required ingredients until it becomes a dough. After that, fry the dough as you make pancakes. Once cooked, serve oatmeal pancakes with honey and dried fruit.

Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan

Want to try a healthy breakfast menu but don’t want to bother? You can try this prepared oatmeal. The way to make it is almost the same as how to make oatmeal porridge in general, that is, to cook oatmeal in water until it is cooked and its texture is thick.

Manfaat Oatmeal Untuk Kesehatan Jantung Halaman All

After that, put oatmeal porridge in a bowl. Mix in fresh blueberries and chopped almonds. Serve this blueberry almond oatmeal while it’s warm, and it tastes even better.

Apart from using it as food, you can also prepare oatmeal as a drink. Oatmeal is not a filling breakfast, you know. How to make this oatmeal smoothie is also easy and useful.

To make it, mix oatmeal, milk and fresh fruit in a blender. You can mix it with any fruit. However, if you like a refreshing taste, you can mix it with banana, mango and pineapple. Then, mix all the spices and mix it with the flavor. After that, have an oatmeal smoothie for breakfast.

Want to try the above processed oatmeal? Come, buy oatmeal at Sayurbox and use the coupon code below.

Instant Oatmeal Maple And Brown Sugar

Who said oatmeal can only be sweetened? Oatmeal is also delicious served sweet, you know. Try making chicken porridge with oatmeal.

To do it, first boil the oatmeal in water until the texture is soft and runs a little like mush. After cooking, use ingredients like chicken porridge in general, such as shredded chicken, roasted peanuts, celery leaves, and crackers.

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Do you often feel unsatisfied if you only eat a vegetable salad? To make it more filling, you can add oatmeal to your salad menu. Just boil the oatmeal in hot water, after it is cooked, add the oatmeal to your favorite vegetable filling.

Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan

Besides being used as porridge, oatmeal is also delicious for frying, you know. How to do it is also effective and does not take much time. The materials needed are also easily available, you probably already have them at home.

Sarapan Tanpa Repot Dengan Resep Oatmeal Pisang Dan Selai Kacang Yang Nendang

Mix the oatmeal with eggs, sprinkle a little salt and pepper to make it more delicious, mix it with blue green onion and sausage. Then, stir everything until it is well mixed. After that, heat the Teflon using enough oil. Then add the eggs to the oatmeal mixture, and stir. Once cooked, remove and serve the broken oatmeal until warm.

In the morning it will be very appropriate to eat hot soup. Try making ready-made oatmeal for breakfast that can warm your body at the same time. First, start by sauteing the onions in olive oil until soft.

After that, add the fragrant spring onions and sweet corn. Mix all the ingredients until combined. Then pour the dish with milk, bring to a boil. Finally add oatmeal and cook until done. If you want a smoother texture, you can mix it with boiled soup. Make homemade cream soup while it’s hot.

For those who like chocolate and sweets, you will love this oatmeal for breakfast. Not only is it delicious and very tasty, how to make oatmeal chocochips is also easy. First, dissolve the oatmeal in hot water or milk until it becomes a mush. Then sprinkle with chocochips as taste. To make it more delicious, you can also add raisins as a supplement.

Oat So Simple

So, what prepared oatmeal do you want to try for breakfast tomorrow? Come, buy oatmeal at Sayurbox and use the voucher code below to get an extra discount.

Sayurbox Freshtival has extended! In the series of the 6th anniversary of sayurbox! There will be a fun challenge for those who like you … Now we can also find instant oatmeal that is worth planning. However, be warned that many instant oatmeal brands include sweeteners or sweeteners, so be sure to read the label carefully and make sure the product is sugar-free.

According to the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, these grains refer specifically to wheat grains that can be eaten and prepared in various dishes, including breakfast.

Resep Quaker Oat Untuk Sarapan

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Cara Membuat Oatmeal Untuk Sarapan, Mudah Dan Praktis

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