Resep Putu Ayu Ketan Hitam

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Resep Putu Ayu Ketan Hitam – This weekend has been very busy… since yesterday there were lots of things to do… until yesterday I didn’t post…hihi. And today too…before leaving…I still had time to post 1 new recipe…even if it’s not really new…just a modification…the recipe for black sticky rice cake for sakura which is economical on eggs. I made the putu ayu version…it’s even more delicious and flavorful because there’s extra grated coconut. I’ll try replacing the margarine with oil…it’s still delicious. But if you still like to use margarine, you can also use melted margarine, the amount is the same.

If you are using regular black glutinous rice flour that you buy from the supermarket or the tbk…stir it thoroughly…so that the beaten eggs don’t go down as usually the black glutinous rice flour on the market is still a bit rough, so the flour texture is a bit heavy. If you’re not careful… the beaten egg can go down. Unless you use the black sticky rice flour I bought. yes, as fine as wheat flour that’s it friends. So the black glutinous rice flour I sell is also drier and lasts longer.

Resep Putu Ayu Ketan Hitam

Resep Putu Ayu Ketan Hitam

Putu Ayu Black Glutinous Ingredients: 2 eggs Black glutinous rice flour 125 grams Sp 1/4 tsp Sugar 75 grams Instant coconut milk 50ml, Cooking oil 75 grams Salt 1/4 tsp, Vanilla liquid 1/4 teaspoon / vanilla / optional 100 gram grated coconut, mix with a little salt, then steam for a while. How to do: Heat the steam pan Grease the putu ayu mold with a little oil until smooth Put the steamed coconut on the bottom of the mold, compact it. Beat eggs, sp, salt and sugar until fluffy and thick with traces. Add the black glutinous rice flour by sifting it. Mix well with a spatula. Add coconut milk and oil, stir gently with a spatula until smooth. (do not stir too much…later the dough that has risen can come down and be compacted) Take the putu ayu mold that has been sprinkled with coconut.. fill it with dough to 3/4 of the height of the mold . Steam for 15 minutes over medium heat. Don’t forget to cover the lid with a tea towel… so that the water doesn’t drip onto the cake. Serve. Advice:

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Oh yeah…a few times I got emails from friends…when I made Putu Ayu, the black sticky rice turned a little yellow…well…tips for to prevent this from happening…use freshly grated coconut , folks…if you can buy it at the new tuch market at the coconut smith…ask for a long grater so this be beautiful, also peel off the outer skin of the coconut. When you get home, immediately steam it for a while with a little salt…or you can also put it in the freezer first so the coconut will stay fresh if you’re not using it right away. A good coconut for putu ayu nich is just mediocre…if it’s too young…it will be soft later…if it’s too old…the texture will be rough. So look for coconuts that when the coconut maker says it’s inconsistent…or something like that.

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