Resep Pisang Lumer

Resep Pisang Lumer – Kapanlagi – various interesting processed creations made from bananas are very popular with their delicious taste. One of them is chocolate banana with spring roll skin, chocolate and banana. These chocolate bananas are delicious even as a sweet and savory snack. How to make chocolate bananas is apparently not as difficult as you might imagine with cheap ingredients.

Chocolate banana is a snack that is very popular and easy to find in street vendors and cafes. This chocolate banana has a sweet, sticky, crunchy taste and melts in your mouth with a very attractive presentation. It is made on the basis of bananas and is popular even with different groups, both small children and adults, and is offered at an affordable price.

Resep Pisang Lumer

Resep Pisang Lumer

The chocolate banana shape is almost like spring rolls but with a sweet taste and soft banana filling. The chocolate banana presentation is even more appealing, so it’s no surprise that this light snack is perfect for those of you who like sweet but light food. Interestingly, how to make chocolate bananas is apparently very easy to practice at home using cheap ingredients.

Resep Piscok Pisang Coklat Renyah Pratis Murah Meriah

Various types of bananas that taste like chocolate banana treats from kepok, ambon, sang, plantain or jackfruit. However, to make chocolate bananas in general, bananas are often given as kepok bananas. Because kapok bananas have a delicious taste for frying, especially when combined with chocolate or cheese. The following recipes and methods for making chocolate bananas are summarized from various sources.

How to make chocolate banana with the following recipe is very easy to practice at home. The bananas used are the kapok banana variety. Kapok bananas themselves are often used in various fried banana preparations with their delicious taste. Here’s how to make chocolate bananas, reported by @suciamalinaa2.

After that, prepare the spring roll skin and place the banana on top. Add plenty of Misses chocolate, then add a little water and flatten and wrap the banana.

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As the name suggests, the melted chocolate banana will melt in your mouth with the first bite and is very delicious. You can also make your own melted chocolate bananas with the following recipe reported by @indrabudiia.

Bola Pisang Isi Coklat Lumer

The combination of cheese and chocolate makes this sweet snack truly addictive. Here’s the recipe and recipe for Chocolate Bananas, reported by @rhiena_anthie.

This Chocolate Caramel Banana is so sweet and delicious. Caramel, made from granulated sugar, even sticks to a large portion of the chocolate banana spring roll skin, giving it a sweet and sticky flavor. Below is the recipe and method for making Chocolate Caramel Bananas, reported by @betty_cenn.

First prepare the spring roll skin then take a sheet. Fill a piece of banana, add 1 tablespoon of mace until it is evenly distributed, and then cover it with water.

Resep Pisang Lumer

If previously chocolate bananas were made by adding caramelized granulated sugar, this time chocolate bananas can also be combined with palm sugar. The recipe and method for making Palm Sugar Chocolate Banana is as follows, reported from @elpida_kitchen.

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The combination of banana and jackfruit gives a delicious taste and makes you addicted. In addition, the aroma of these two ingredients really excites the taste of the drinker. You can also make your own light and sweet snack from chocolate bananas filled with jackfruit, reported

Powdered milk can also be combined with chocolate banana which is easy to practice. This powdered milk will cook when heated in hot oil that wraps the banana in a spring roll wrapper. Below is the recipe and method for making Milo Melted Chocolate Bananas, reported by @masakalamarimar.

A simple chocolate banana using only three ingredients can be your next choice to enjoy a sweet and delicious chocolate banana bread. The recipe and method for making simple banana chocolate is as follows, taken from

Nutella Chocolate Banana is no less delicious and addictive than the previous recipe. Here’s how to make Nutella Chocolate Bananas, as reported by

Resep Nugget Pisang Coklat Lumer, Manisnya Pas, Gurih, Dan Super Crispy, Yuk Recook!

Not only fried, through the cooking process, chocolate bananas are also delicious to eat. Here’s the recipe and recipe for Baked Chocolate Bananas, adapted from Have plenty of bananas at home but tired of making baked bananas all the time? Come on, try to make these mashed bananas. It’s really simple, guys, because it only uses 3 ingredients. When it’s done cooking, it’s really hot, don’t ask, you both eat it right away, little baby, because it melts in your mouth right away 😍

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To make it, simply cut a banana in half and sprinkle with brown sugar (or cinnamon powder) and a chocolate chip topping. If you like other toppings, such as chocolate spread or peanut butter, that’s fine. So, after that, put it in the air for 8 minutes at 200 degrees. Very easy, right? Let’s make it too ✨ #Lemon8Leaderboard #lemon8indonesia #Simple recipe #easyrecipe #chocolate banana #airfryerrecipe

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Resep Pisang Lumer

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Resep Pisang Cokelat Lumer Untuk Takjil Buka Puasa Nanti

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For someone who’s got their measuring wings tied up, this easy banana smoothie recipe isn’t bad. πŸ˜… Who knows where a few of them went so I kept an eye on them. πŸ‘€ I will post the recipe below. You can’t screw it up, but if you need help feel free to ask! Side note: I love using @kingarthurbaking flour when it comes to baking! Note flortrevino 7 likes

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Resep Pisang Lumer

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are a delicious and delicious afternoon snack. Made with simple ingredients you likely already have on hand, a batch of these incredible muffins is just 30 minutes away. Printable Recipe: LoveFromTheOven 63 Likes

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Resep Pisang Cokelat Lumer Di Dalam Renyah Di Luar, Bikin Nagih

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