Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual

Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual – Some time ago, a friend of mine asked me how to make Pontianak fried banana. Wow..I’ve never had one…lol. Well, no one is selling here. Pontianak has a long way to go. Then I asked what the description was. Friend said it was like fried banana cream, very crunchy. Oh…banana crepes…I eat this often…but it’s homemade…hihi.

Out of curiosity, I tried searching for Pontianak Fried Bananas on the internet. And after seeing how it was made and what it looked like, it looked exactly like fried banana cream. The only difference is that the bananas are thinly sliced, so they are fan-shaped. When I usually make creamy bananas, I just twist and wrap them. Finally, I just tried it out of curiosity. Coincidentally…somehow there are still craftsmen at home, one person helping me to finish, there are kepok bananas sent by my in-laws, ripe, fried banana cream flour, ready…ready to use…hihi.

Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual

Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual

So it doesn’t take long to enjoy crispy, creamy fried bananas…delicious and delicious because the bananas are really ripe. I gave it to the master… wow, it was sold… in an instant. I also finished 2 pieces…lol. The ending is delicious. I don’t want to eat lunch until I’m full. So it turns out…after the banana was split and enlarged, the fried banana got bigger. The result…it’s big and nice, the bananas are creamy because the bananas expand…lol. So if you want to sell this match…it looks great…even if you both use a banana.

Aneka Olahan Pisang Untuk Usaha Yang Bisa Kamu Coba

To make Pontianak-style Banana Kremes, I used 150 grams of ready-to-use Kremes Flour, it’s practical and just mix it with water, add about 250 ml of water, 1 egg yolk and a little fine brown sugar (1 tablespoon). , and a little extra salt, 1/8 teaspoon). I like to add fine brown sugar, the fried banana cream is stickier and the color is nice rather than pale.

Frying creamy bananas isn’t as complicated as you might think, friends. The process is also fast. As for the cream flour that I sell, it dries quickly and hardens when placed in heated oil, so it is easy to fry. When half cooked, collect the crepes so that they stick together, then add the chopped bananas in wide fan shapes.

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The key to frying it so it dries quickly is that the oil gets really hot and then the cream goes in, so it can expand like this cream right away. Remember, before pouring the cream mixture, stir first so that the flour does not settle at the bottom.

After the Kremesan has risen as shown in the picture above, collect the edges by pushing them slightly towards the middle with a spatula, dip the banana into the Kremesan mixture, its function is binding so that the Kremesan sticks. Place on top of semi-dry cream. Fold it, then fry it a little, it dries quickly. Use ripe bananas so they are juicier and cook faster when fried. Thus, the process of frying bananas with cream can dry out and cook faster.

Resep Pisang Goreng Keriting Yang Kriuk Renyahnya Nagih

Yes, to fry banana creams or other crepes, use a thick pan and do not be stingy with oil. I love using a concave pan like my old cast iron pan, it’s easier to shape and remove the custard because the pan is concave.

Drain the creamed bananas in a slotted sieve/wire ladle to let excess oil drip off. Finally, drain it on a kitchen towel so that the creamy banana is not greasy when you enjoy it. So, frying creamy fried bananas is not difficult, friends, if you know the above tips. And for example, for the creamy banana business, it will not take much time to fry it, it is the same as making other fritters. But since the process is different from regular fried food, there’s no harm in charging a little higher if you want to sell it. Or if you want to push the price even further, try selling sections with different toppings like chocolate, cheese or ice cream…it can still go well with that creamy banana.

OK… I hope these are useful tips for making Pontianak Fried Bananas, friends. Those who want to order Kremesan flour pls text 089654712500 or WA or you can use another Kremesan recipe, there are many on the internet…just practice with the tips above, good luck… Pontianak Fried Banana Kremes style. crisp, crunchy and staying crisp even in the cold. – This sweet and crunchy snack is often chosen as a snack because it tastes delicious and is quite easy to prepare. There are many banana crisps that you can make at home. Only fried, crispy bananas can also be processed with a roasting process that requires less oil.

Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual

As for the type of banana used, you can use different uli bananas, plantains, horn bananas or others according to your taste. Not only are they delicious, but the cost of bananas is quite economical, which makes processed fruit a suitable business idea.

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Pisang Goreng Susu Uht, Camilan Sehat Untuk Keluarga

This crunchy banana can also be used as a modern snack, which is popular with many people. On the other hand, how to do it is also quite easy and simple. For those who want to start a business in the culinary sector, this modern crispy banana is very suitable to try as a sales ingredient, okay?

3. Cut the dough sheet according to the width and length of the mold. Put it in the form, squeeze until a mold is formed. Cut the excess dough neatly.

1. Cut the bananas lengthwise, heat the butter, then fry the bananas until 1/2 cooked (don’t take too long, they won’t be soft). The purpose of cooking it with butter first is to avoid the risk of undercooking when fried in a banana roll.

3. Then take it out, let it cool a little. Just roll the banana with a spring roll, brush the ends with plain water. Do this until the bananas are done, fry them in hot oil on medium heat.

Pantas Bisa Kriuk Walau Dijual Di Pinggir Jalan, Rahasia Pedagang Bikin Pisang Goreng Crispy Ternyata Ada Di 1 Bahan Ini

1. Crab ingredients: prepare a bowl, mix cornstarch, whole egg and egg yolk, beat with a fork until dissolved. Stack aside. Prepare a pan, heat liquid milk, liquid cream and granulated sugar (warm). Pour some milk into the container, stir gently, then pour it back into the pan. Continue mixing with a whisk until it thickens and explodes. Elevator. Add butter, mix briefly. Stack aside. Leave to cool.

4. Bake for 30 minutes at a low temperature of 200 degrees (until browned), then cook at a high temperature of 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes until browned (cooking time depends on each oven).

3. Heat the oil (the oil should be very hot and plentiful), pour 1 tablespoon of cremesa into the hot oil (the mixture will spread in the pan), gently spread the cremesa with a spatula, make half. circle.

Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual

4. Add the dipped bananas to the dipping mixture, arrange in the middle of the cream. Cover bananas with cream, fry briefly, remove from heat.

Pisang Goreng Jadi Camilan Goreng Terenak Dunia, Memang Enak!

1. Mix flour, rice flour, sugar, salt and vanilla, mix well. Divide into 2 parts. One part is given ice water for dipping, the other part is left to dry for coating

2. Dip the banana in the dipping agent, then roll it onto the cling film while pinching. Fried in plenty of oil (deep fried).

1. Mix wheat flour, chicken egg, sugar powder and enough water in a bowl and knead the dough until it becomes smooth. A few days ago I tried the Banyumasan Style Fried Banana sold in roadside carts. They only sell bananas…no other fried food. The unique thing is that Fried Bananas are always served hot and sold at 8k per box, you get about 6 Fried Bananas. At first I was curious, how come so many people always buy… I was also surprised because they only sell fried bananas. I used to think it was a Pontianak style Fried Banana using Panko Flour, but it turns out it’s different and the cart says Banyumas Typical Fried Banana.

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But after I tasted it, Fried Banana was really different and delicious. The skin is sweet, tasty and crispy. So it is different from the Fried Banana style of the usual fried food vendors. The bananas used then are king bananas, not kepok bananas as people usually sell fried bananas. Thus, the taste and aroma become more legitimate. What might be more interesting for customers is that the fried bananas are topped with grated cheese and sweetened condensed milk. If you eat it hot, it is definitely delicious.

Pisang Goreng Khas Pontianak Dinikmati Sambil Ngopi, Asli Enak

See, that’s why this might be a business idea, folks. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re focused and serious, it pays off. For example, a box of 6 seeds costs 8k, although the fried bananas are thin, you know… so of course the profit is pretty good too. Out of curiosity, I tried making my own Banyumasan style fried bananas yesterday, and the results were good… just like the original… tastier… because I used the very ripe banana kings Grandma Yodha sent. It turns out tasty and fragrant fried banana. It is crunchy when eaten warm..really delicious. Yodha wants to eat too, although she likes the edges with more flour…haha. The banana his father gave him. Not bad, he usually doesn’t want to eat fried bananas.

I have already shared various fried banana recipes, this is a new version so I am posting new recipes guys. Good luck, if you like other versions of the fried banana recipe, I have them on my site. There are Fan Fried Bananas that are crispy and delicious. There are chocolate-filled fried banana custards, even a Manado-style recipe for fried bananas with Sambal, you know. I like different variations of fried banana, so I have posted many recipes on my website.

Banyumasan Fried Banana Ingredients: 5 plantains, 4-5 thinly sliced ​​depending on the size of the banana. Crust Dough: 150 grams of low-protein wheat flour 60 grams of rice flour 250 ml of water 50 grams of sugar/22 teaspoons of salt 1 small packet of vanilla powder (1/4 teaspoon) Mix all the dip ingredients well Preparation method: Heat oil Dip the banana slices in the dip mixture.Fry until cooked and crispy on the outside.If you want you can. sprinkle with grated cheese and condensed milk.

Resep Pisang Goreng Untuk Di Jual

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