Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk

Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk – It’s been a long time since I bought Mpok Nur’s fried banana horns. The location is near Manggarai station and they don’t have branches elsewhere. These fried bananas now cost IDR 4000 per piece. This fried banana is a big horn banana, quite thick and about 20cm long. The fries are really crispy, the bananas are fresh, the texture is soft, the taste of the banana horns is not too sweet, it has a slightly sour taste like typical banana horns, in general it’s delicious, the taste is the same as before. The fries are not really very greasy, but you can use a kitchen towel to drain the oil.

Oh my goodness, banana lovers, you must try this! True, they only sell fried bananas, but these are fried banana croissants, which are very tasty at first bite. The outer layer is really crispy, the inside is even more delicious, the bananas are sweet, soft. Suerrr, you won’t regret it. Eat while it’s warm and don’t forget to drink coffee or tea. Very suitable as an afternoon snack. Cheap and cheerful, tasty and delicious ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk

Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk

I was brave enough to come here this morning because I didn’t know the opening hours. It turns out that in the morning it is already open and quiet. It’s 3k silver apiece and you immediately get hot fried bananas you just picked up.

Pisang Goreng Tanduk&gorbol /ubi Goreng

It turns out that the unit is also large, with a thin crispy flour coating the banana. It is tastier to eat hot if the texture of the flour becomes tough over time. But the winner is the banana horn, it’s really sweet.

Just one suggestion to the seller, pay more attention to the paper layer over the plastic. Because over time the paper actually sticks to the banana. Suck it up automatically so you don’t eat it.

For me, fried banana horns always bring back childhood memories. I remember when I was 5 years old and visited my grandmother’s house, every morning I always prepared croissants from ripe fried bananas and served them with a cup of sweet, warm tea.

In Jakarta, my favorite place to buy fried banana horns is “Mpok Nur” fried bananas in front of Manggarai station. I often stop by in the morning just to buy 2 or 3 fried bananas to eat when I have a cheat day. The bananas used are ripe bananas, so the bananas are soft and sweet. The flour is still crunchy and really crunchy to the bite. Well, if you love custard, then you can go for fried banana custards.

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Mantap! Pisang Goreng Tanduk Mpo Nur Berukuran Jumbo

Fried bananas. I couldn’t even look at this snack so I didn’t buy it to try it. It’s like fried bananas are “really me.” My favorite type and texture of banana is the uli banana, which is ripe, soft and sweet. Just eating fried bananas can make me feel really happy, I feel like it’s after payday and there’s a sale at the department store. perfect

Well, there’s a shop that sells fried bananas, which aren’t really my favorite kind of bananas in the Manggarai area, called Pisang Goreng Tanduk Mpo Nur. The location is right opposite Manggarai station, not far from the exit.

The concept is simply a stand with a small supply of bananas and large pans as the main display. Three large pans filled with plenty of oil continuously fry dozens of flour-coated banana horns.

Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk

The very process of making bananas is quite an exciting sight while waiting in line. Understandably, Mpo Nur Horn Fried Bananas is always busy, so sometimes shoppers get a queue number while waiting for their order to be completed.

Pisang Tanduk Gorengโœจ

One horn of fried banana costs only 2500 IDR. Banana slices are super big and long. But for me, as a big fan of fried bananas, eating one is still not enough. Hehehehe. The outer texture is very crispy, sweet and spicy. The taste of banana horns is usually not sweet and tends to be bland, but here the taste is very naturally sweet and mild. I like it a lot. You must try… You know the FRIED BANANA TANDUK that is viral right now is MPO Nur’s FRIED BANANA TANDUK in Manggarai which is always busy with buyers.

It’s super easy ๐Ÿ˜‹ and for those who haven’t had the chance to try the viral fried banana stand, you really can make it at home ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Resep Pisang Goreng Renyah Untuk Teman Ngeteh Atau Ngopi

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Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk

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Resep Pisang Goreng Super Renyah Dan Legit

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Pisang Goreng Tanduk Aduyy

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Resep Pisang Goreng Tanduk

Banana Smoothie Delicious Banana Smoothie! Ingredients: One banana and a glass of milk (of your choice). – Cinnamon is essential for flavor! ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ“’Notes: for milk I like to use almond milk ๐Ÿฅ›, really tasty and healthy for you. #smoothieideas #healthygroceryhaul #healthylifestyle2023 #recipesunder30m Nayeli 4 – There are many types of bananas in Indonesia. One type of banana that is often processed is the horn banana. In the island of Java, this banana is known as “banana byar” because its heart is not left when it blooms.

Pisang Goreng Tanduk Sukun Arty

Unlike other species, bananas with horns cannot be eaten directly. However, you can process horned bananas into a variety of delicious and addictive snacks and meals. One of the preparations is fried banana.

Because they are long and large, fried banana horns are more filling. So that the crunchy texture lasts for a long time, several

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