Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani

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Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani – Pindang Serani is a typical food from the mainland of Java Island, to be precise, from the Central Java region. This dish, which uses fish as the main ingredient, has a fresh tangy taste that can make anyone who tries it addicted.

The following is a pindang serani recipe that uses milkfish as the main ingredient. However, you can also replace it with other types of fish that suit your individual taste. Instead of being curious, just look at the full recipe below, okay?

Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani

Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani

Wash the milkfish that has been cut into pieces. Then sprinkle with lime juice and salt. Leave for a while and then wash the fish again until it is completely clean.

Resep Bandeng Presto Dari @dapurbundaaleena

Then add the ground spices such as shallots, garlic, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, red bird’s eye chilies, large red chilies, and curly red chilies to the mixture.

Process until the spices become smooth. Then saute the mashed spices with lemongrass, bay leaves and galangal until you smell the fragrance and the spices start to wilt.

When the spices start to smell good, immediately pour the water into the mixing pot while continuing to stir until the spices are well mixed. Cook until the water begins to boil and is hot.

When the water starts to boil, add the fish that has been washed beforehand. Cook over medium heat until the fish is cooked and the spices seep into the fish. Do not turn it over and over too often so that the fish does not get crushed.

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Resep Kuah Pindang Bandeng Dari @annasupriyanto

For the last step, place the chopped green onions, celery and tomatoes in the pan. Then cook until the water is slightly reduced.

Don’t forget to adjust the flavor first! If it feels right, immediately turn off the stove and pour the food into the container that has been prepared. Now the milkfish pindang serani is ready to be enjoyed.

This typical Indonesian dish has a fresh and tasty gravy character, so it is perfect as an accompaniment to rice during the day. Good luck, huh!

Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani

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Resep Pindang Ikan Bandeng Enak Dan Mudah

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