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Resep Pepes Usus – If you currently have a supply of chicken innards in the form of intestines, you should immediately process them for cooking. This is because offal does not last long, rots easily and often emits an unpleasant smell.

One of the dishes you can make with chicken intestines is intestinal pepes. Besides being able to be used as a side dish with rice, this menu can be used as a commercial enterprise. How to make it is very easy, see the following recipe for chicken intestines pepes.

Resep Pepes Usus

Resep Pepes Usus

Next, boil the chicken intestines once again. When the texture of the chicken intestines is soft, then remove and drain. Cut to size according to taste.

Resep Usus Ayam Goreng Lengkuas, Makin Lengkap Disajikan Dengan Sambal

Pour some cooking oil in a pan, then heat it. Add ground spices, then stir-fry. Add the lemongrass and lime leaves, then stir until fragrant.

After that, add the boiled intestines to the stir fry. Stir briefly until all spices are evenly mixed, remove immediately when cooked.

Take a piece of banana leaf that has been cleaned. Scoop out the stir-fried intestines using a spoon. Add banana leaves to taste.

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Arrange the intestines neatly on the banana leaves. Then, add a slice of lemon leaves. Make the banana leaves similar to the lantong wrapper, pin the ends together using a stick. Make sure you wrap it tightly.

Resep Pepes Cumi Kemangi, Lauk Enak Dan Praktis Untuk Bekal Ke Kantor

Place the cormorant in the oven. Then, pour the water and heat until the water boils. Place the chicken intestine pepes in the steamer, steam for about 60 minutes. If it is cooked, remove it immediately after it is done.

Next step, heat the grill over hot coals. Arrange the peppers on top. Bake the peps until the wrapping leaves are slightly dry and a fragrant aroma comes out. Remove and the chicken intestine sauce is ready to serve.

As you know, offal, like intestines, has a very strong natural smell. Therefore, you must ensure that the hoses used are really clean.

Resep Pepes Usus

An unclean bowel can certainly destroy the taste of the food you prepare. So, don’t let your cooking fail this time.

Usus Ayam Daun KemangišŸ”

Chicken Intestines Peppas is guaranteed to be hearty even for those of you who don’t like processed offal. You can make it as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Good luck!

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written work created is the sole responsibility of the author. The recipe and method for making yellow seasoned beef intestines at home is simple, tasty and practical for family meals. /

DIY News- Following is a simple, tasty and practical way to make yellow spiced beef intestines at home.

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One preparation that you can make at home is a recipe for yellow spiced beef intestines. Apart from being delicious, this dish is very practical to make.

Resep Olahan Usus Enak, Sederhana, Dan Menggugah Selera

There are things that more or less influence the flavor quality of yellow spiced beef intestines, first from the type of ingredients, then the selection of fresh ingredients in the way they are processed and served.

Check out the recipe and how to make yellow spiced beef intestines at home that you can practice at home to become a family dish below.

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Resep Pepes Usus

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Resep Olahan Usus Ayam Yang Lezat Dan Mudah Dibuat, Bikin Ketagihan!

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Resep Pepes Usus

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